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Any other /biz/raelis at the LINK conference at Durham University? I am there now

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I couldn’t attend although I wanted to, how is it fren?

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Doesn't start til 1 fren

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>going up NORF

no thanks.

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Was a fair drive

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I'm standing behind you op watching you typing that shit. I'm wearing a white shirt

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See you at the post talk klute party mate

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Fucking Durrrham right guy? A woman in a red dress whose arms bend back right? She whispered the name of the killer to me but I woke up.
Anyway op I'm stalking you now you might not notice me now I've changed my shirt

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I’m starting to be glad I did not attend this event lmao

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Also as this is an event attending bizrelli event, anyone holding more than 10k link?

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I have 2k, nu linker scum i know

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Brilliant idea to risk the health and wellbeing of Wolpert and Linkpool Jonny.

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>tfw wen no big macs

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I am devastated, is he even coming??

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if only toastertecc was there licking the door handles

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Ahem brother we'll be glad if we survived this event. Thomas told us in slack Sergey personally invited member of the Korean Death Cult to spite discord trannies. Sergey praises their decentralized corona virus that has crumbled the global economy in ways he couldn't have done.

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>Chainlink conference starts the exact minute the stock market opens

what did sergey mean by this

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Shhh. Keep LINK a secret for now

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It's called a pump and dump kid. Do you need the pasta? Fucking hell kikes and such

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Im here. 52k. Ico & ED

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They say he has to lie down to pee because that's the only way he can get it in his mouth.

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Muh stealth faggot. Kys and back to discord magic numbers. Sergey has the korean death cult now and they have personally infected the korean government and now they will reap havoc in Durrrrham

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I'm sorry bro, maybe when link moons you can get it fixed

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If I beat you in an arm wrestle you have to give me half, only fair>>17659683

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at least he knows his audience
fucking NEETville

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Post shoe on head or else we will donate linkies if and only if you put a sharpie in pooper

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nah man the good stuff isn't till the end
>1715 - 1800: Ian Keane and Joost Volker from Oracle

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Do not barter with me, gypsy.

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Before that there's the talk about the Baseline protocol (Microsoft, EY, AMD, ...) and there's a guy from Digital Asset too.

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I work nights at the morgue I have to get some sleep.

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Looks like a bart down to Oblivion just like the rest of this bs. Buy toilet paper because arseholes need wiping a mutts arseholes burn if they touch water

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Wtf is wrong with bong faggots? I don't understand any of the shit you are saying and it's not offensive at all.

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Digital asshats will just try and sell you shares in a ponzi scheme guaranteed

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You can't even hear the Big Ben from Durham wtf how do I tell the time?

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Keeps dafty foreigners from knowing what we're nattering on about, like you know?

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For the love of god will someone tackle that korean gentleman licking all the door knobs????

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>1440 - 1500: Mainnet 2020: The Magic Bus is Rolling by John Wolpert from ConsenSys

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BREAKING: Authorities in Durham UK have released a CCTV still of a man they say entered China’s National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan during the early hours of 29th Dec and are seeking to identify him

Sources are naming him as a wanted Mongolian separatist, Sa Mu-Hai.

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He can't keep getting away with it.

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Is this going to be good for Link? Is this the same talk he’s given for forever?

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I just know someone on stage will coof slightly, and biz will use it for the next round of fud, starring carona Sergey.

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>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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>you had 3 years
>rank 11 during a bear market
>google and amd partnered
>can't answer this fud, mainnet is still a testnet
>you posted this shit in another thread today
Sorry swing linker, the price isn't going back down for you!

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>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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conference stream link?

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Lol where is that pleb Timo i wanna cough on him

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Dude we're all here being anti social just shit posting. One guy is just pretending to be Adelyn by pushing the sides of his eyes out (shit was soo cash)

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Three (3) years to buy in.

>> No.17661695

There's one guy running around going reeeeeeee at everything. We call him running man for short

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>3 years
>0 users
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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Lol LINK has abusers not users. Even the fud is bullish for women's rights

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> $ 4 बिलियन मार्केटकैप
> 0 उपयोगकर्ता
> 0 विकेन्द्रीकृत oracles
> लिंकर्स: यह तेजी है!

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nothing ever happens

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did anyone hear that guy from Oracle?

>roastie: So does Oracle own chainlink?
>Oracle Guy: No, we have integrated .. are going to integrate chainlink into our Oracle blockchain

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lmfao that woman is so dumb

>> No.17662276

I'd go, but I'm cooking chicken, which I'm going to eat, after it's cooked

>> No.17662308

women are lower iq than men confirmed

>> No.17662323

>does oracle own this (oracle) network

if you know nothing about oracles it might be a legit question

>> No.17662349

why is she even there lmfao
women are just there for face value its so embarassing

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Death spiral now guys I think I took too much lsd and the time lines are converging. I'll be here in the bathroom stall if anyone wants a chainlink shirt. I left the door unlocked but just knock and I'll pass it under the stall of I'm still conscious

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2.85 EOD

>> No.17662449

Ummm she's one of the key speakers. What colour is her shirt?

>> No.17662488

Woman in front of TIMO

>> No.17662528

it's called diversity
the same reason why this woman is speaking right now which is still stuck on the token narrativ when the whole point of chainlink is literally moving away from tokens

>> No.17662574

I'm still in the bathroom but the colours here are popping mad

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What the fuck did you mean by this?

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I swear Sergey should wear a mask guys no threats but if I cough... Could be trouble

>> No.17662627

Stream here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1nAKEdnnMVyxL

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when are Jonny and John presenting?

>> No.17662683

New stream link here: https://www.pscp.tv/DLTPandu/1nAKEdnnQRexL

>> No.17662715

John is next, Jonny is in an hour

>> No.17662726

Sell the news.

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very nice

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Why did he change streams?
Did he run out of tape lol?

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who is this woman?

>> No.17662910

Send pics TheLinkMarine!

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>> No.17662919

I'm coming to offer you a joint, not just because I want a shirt

>> No.17662927

Joost fuck my shit up.

>> No.17662929

Stream is down on my end.

>> No.17662935

>sergey is literally losing millions of dollars while he's in england

no no no noooooo

>> No.17662959

fucking kek

>> No.17662980

dubs and sergey catches corona in the next 2 weeks

>> No.17662999

Wolpert is streaming in

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same it just went down for me

>> No.17663025

Chainlink can't even fill up a classroom. This is supposed to be the key to the future? I should've shorted.

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:] you should sell immediately bro..

>> No.17663198

When stream come back

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bring back the stream, someone pls

>> No.17663230

the 2nd most important speaker and it goes down, gg

>> No.17663247

>the 2nd most important speaker

>> No.17663248

It's over. LINK had a good run but this is the end. Sell immediately or regret it forever.

>> No.17663249

He wasn't going to speak for about 15 minutes when it ended.

>> No.17663274

I'm here anon. just wandering about until the technical issues are fixed

>> No.17663315

>I'm here anon. just wandering about until the technical issues are fixed
thanks timo...

>> No.17663424

Circuit breaker. linkers were too bullish

>> No.17663425


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>> No.17663464

nothings happening rn, we're taking a break until they fix "technical issues"

>> No.17663495

They really haven't fixed them in 20 minutes?

>> No.17663496

Mossad strikes aye gain!

>> No.17663520

Thanks timo

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who is that cutie on the right?

>> No.17663620

Daily reminder that fatty Timo swung his stack and got rekt.

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Wolpert has hard stop coming up

>> No.17663731

anyone else doing 7 hearts

>> No.17663774

What else is there to do on the Draco Harvester ship?

>> No.17663858

Sergey has already made it many times over. The dude was cloud mining while most people were CPU mining drug money.

>> No.17663868

Is the stream not live anymore? I just wanna watch the oracle presentation

>> No.17663876

Thanks Thomas

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>> No.17663890

>Sergey has already made it many times over. The dude was cloud mining while most people were CPU mining drug money.

sergey has been worth over 100 million
he's here for a reason
hes a driven autistic fuck
and we love him

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based Draco

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>> No.17664005

It's only white on the front
(standing behind formerly white shirt guy)

>> No.17664157

>the absolute state of british 'cuties'

>> No.17664217

Look to the upper left of Aristarchus.

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pic related is all I've been seeing

>> No.17664277

Classiest nightclub in the world
Does it have functioning sinks yet?

>> No.17664282

use this instead

>> No.17664301

Have to go to the arnison for bigmacs, fren

>> No.17664304

Lmao Wolperts stream just cut off

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thanks for the alternate but it's still hanging on connected status
still surprises me how hard it is to get live video streams set up without issues

>> No.17664323

wolpert mic cut right as he was talking about why he warmed up to chainlink. You can't make this shit up

>> No.17664325

>Wolpert starts shilling chainlink
>stream gets cut

its all so tiresome

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Sell sell sell

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fucking shit lol
I can't even jack into the livestream
what's going on here

>> No.17664360

Horse rimmer is up next

>> No.17664363

Overall a very cut and dry contributino by Wolpert, devoid of needless hype.

I really like Wolpert's answers these past minutes, showing how IBM had to get over some skepticism about blockchain and ETH, but in the end decided to try to make a contribution.

I particularly liked it when Wolpert said he "took a long time to warm up to Chainlink".
Shows he isn't a mindless shill jumping on bandwagons.

>> No.17664418

Seriously. He starts saying how skeptical he was of ChainLink and got warmed up to them and realized how great they are and boom, no attempt to make the rest of the convo happen....I literally said “we’re in a clown world” out loud

>> No.17664446

lol, that desktop widget showing sysinfo

I suffer from the same kind of autism

>> No.17664456

did he even explain what is chainlinks role in baseline protocol?

>> No.17664457

We're bleeding boys

>> No.17664477

Why did they cut John wolperts stream just as he was about to talk about chainlink? Wtf

>> No.17664480

>Sergey praises their decentralized corona virus that has crumbled the global economy in ways he couldn't have done
have a kek sir

>> No.17664499

The whole market is. LINK is one of the few that has any resistance

>> No.17664501
File: 18 KB, 289x289, 1561927986704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its crashing

>> No.17664505

Baseline protocol is a system that opens up ETH to enterprises.
These enterprises need external data on-chain, so Chainlink provides the oracles for that.
There was no real need to explain that, we've known this for a long time.

>> No.17664555

If only I was actually there, man
Instead all I can do is imagine the qt chinese students walking around wearing masks

>> No.17664568


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>qt chinese students

>> No.17664802

Durham is prestigious for some reason, there's some actual qt's come here

>> No.17664862

Go to Klute and fuck them all after. The club is no more than a free brothel.

>> No.17664899

There's a college there called Ustinov, which has to be 90% asian. Go wild my fellow yellow fever brahs.

Yeh top five in the UK (think it's been higher at times).

>> No.17665163

Why is chainlink slowly dumping prior to this meetup? Tons of fud right now too.. it’s making me rock hard.

>> No.17665238

ask him about swift integration

>> No.17665280

It dumped before because the whole market did. It's dumping now because it happens half the time when a conferences is on aka sell the news.

>> No.17665293

It just pumped

>> No.17665699

ayyy lmao

>> No.17665719


>> No.17665753


>> No.17665774


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Can you keep the price oracle out of this thread?

>> No.17665787


>> No.17665819


>> No.17665839

What happened at the conference?

>> No.17665870


Still going fren https://www.pscp.tv/w/1eaKbQwwgLBxX

>> No.17665872

Big fucking nothingburger, same check’s in the mail can kicking

>> No.17665910

See you at $5 in a couple hours.

>> No.17666020

I was told by the guy running it there's big things going on in May and at the meet in Ireland

>> No.17666073

how long til' Joost talks? I wanna shower but I don't want to miss it

>> No.17666102

Dumped to $3.60 and now back to $4.10. What the hell is going on today?

>> No.17666158

nobody knows
it's quite frustrating

>> No.17666173

Good, I was just explaining what the market does during conferences. I never said what's been happening the last few, like this one

>> No.17666221

Depends on what oracle has to say

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File: 133 KB, 744x728, tea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Break time. Time for a quick cuppa tea lads. Anyone fancy a biccy?

>> No.17666303

I can't watch the stream. What did digital asset guy say?

>> No.17666426

Yorkshire tea with a splash of milk, no sugar, and a custard cream please lad

>> No.17666428

Everyone single one of those Cayman lads is absolutely based beyond belief. Imagine unironically funding Israel.

>> No.17666453

Halftime fap sesh anyone?

>> No.17666506

LINK $8 EOW, cap this

>> No.17666508

>Bongs really talk like this

>> No.17666533
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>> No.17666830

Ok yankoid

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File: 1009 KB, 400x300, 1583109516234.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17666947

Whens the Ireland meet up?

>> No.17667008
File: 195 KB, 444x464, tea and biccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go m8
tugging out a cheeky one sounds good lad, relieve the stress of this old dump 'eh?

>> No.17667032

Stream please

>> No.17667045

Why is this happening?

>> No.17667046


>> No.17667047

Ahhh magic, top cuppa mate

>> No.17667102

No wonder all your teeth are rotten yellow nubs, filthy gammon eating freaks!

>> No.17667257

Sorry m8, couldn't hear you over the diabetes and bible thumping

>> No.17667477
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"Does DAML leverage chainlink at any point"

"No DAML has nothing to do with chainlink"

>> No.17667490

So wtf did Oracle say? Any updates?

>> No.17667520

It’s over. I’m selling everything.

>> No.17667540


They're up next, like in a couple minutes.

>> No.17667565

Why are we still here? JUST to suffer?

>> No.17667603

DAML is a programming language, dummies.

>> No.17667607

"DAML has nothing to do with Chainlink"

should i kill myself guys???

>> No.17667636

see >>17667603

>> No.17667916

and i sold

>> No.17667990

Hahaha why

>> No.17668052

A selfless sacrifice to the gods.

>> No.17668089

"daml has nothing to do with chainlink"

>> No.17668142

Why didn't I trade for usdt it was so obvious

>> No.17668193

DAML is a programming language you ape.
The apps built using DAML will leverage Chainlink, not DAML itself.

>> No.17668197

Why didn't he ask if digital asset has anything to do with chainlink

>> No.17668313

Durham link meetup when ??

>> No.17668470

Someone take a pic of that slide

>> No.17668701

it's all literal whos

>> No.17668703

Who has pics of the slides?

>> No.17668776
File: 2.73 MB, 4656x3492, 1583776173423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>General Electric, LG, Volvo, Beretta, ...
>literal whos

>> No.17668821
File: 122 KB, 720x720, 20200309_141433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am devastatingly disappointed...

>> No.17668850

This oracle guy is holding a fat stack of link

>> No.17668899

am I blind or something? Don't see any of those names

>> No.17668908


they wishd, thank god i sold @ 4.6, will rebuy ~3

>> No.17668914

>am I blind

And checked.

>> No.17668934

Yes, those are examples of companies using Oracle Blockchain.

He mentioned Chainlink maybe once so far, copelet.

>> No.17668939

Logos, brainlet

>> No.17669045

This confirms Chainlink as the industry standard right? How are we not at 100 dollars at the very least?

>> No.17669108

>How are we not at 100 dollars at the very least?
Because very few people have heard this news, and only a tiny percentage of those who did hear the news actually understand the very basic fact that Chainlink will be providing oracles to Microsoft, EY, AMD, Splunk, ...

>> No.17669177

Are we dumping to oblivion now?

>> No.17669182

Sounded like Ford just got confirmed for using one of the oracle startups

>> No.17669233

forgot Google, Oracle, SWIFT, ISDA

at this point god himself may as well use chainlink oracles to report sins accurately to st. peter

>> No.17669284

The whole world can use Chainlink and ot still wont moon. Fucking bullshit man

>> No.17669310

Time to start accumulating ubt as well?

>> No.17669390

I want to go to the Brooklyn conference in may but im worried Corona-chan tour will be in full swing

>> No.17669635

Do you see Chainlink anywhere on that picture?

>> No.17669759


>> No.17669769

If this were 2017 we’d be at least $40

>> No.17669883

It only kills chinks and boomers, better to get the first iteration to build immunity before some Africans fuck monkeys and it mutates into sarsaidsrona...and if you're one of the two groups you deserve it.

>> No.17670241

literally priced in retard.

>> No.17670666

>Link isn't even top 10
> Microsoft, EY, AMD are priced in

Pick absolutely one and only one.

>> No.17670788

We’d be bigger than ETH because even ETH didn’t have this shit, so >$100 at the peak. This market is dead. 10 year hold minimum.

>> No.17670823

Why is Sergey doing conferences as if there was no accidentally release bio weapon in the world ?
Is he insane or did he use a quantum immortality smart contract ?

>> No.17671189

i'd say we will hit $5 in about 20 years
hold the line marines!!!!!!1

>> No.17672472

Link is in top 10 if you count the 650 000 000 circulating tokens in Sergey's wallet.

AND it has 0 users.

Imagine thinking a top 5 coin with $4billion marketcap, that also has literally ZERO users is not priced in.

How low is your IQ? And most importantly, will you kill yourself when Sergey starts unloading his 650 000 000 tokens or when people realize Chainlink is KYC oracles with 0 users and all the partnerships announced 1 year ago have been confirmed fake?

>> No.17672717

>Link is in top 10 if you count the 650 000 000 circulating tokens in Sergey's wallet.
Then you have to count all the uncirculating coins and tokens.

>it has 0 users.
Repeating it a dozen times in every single thread doesn't make it true.
Just makes you desperate.

>> No.17672924

Probably got dragged down by the overall dumping of the markets, then bounced back. Chainlink has reached undumpable status

>> No.17672970
File: 197 KB, 680x1073, 1571450672377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I took a nap.
What did the boys from Oracle have to say?

>> No.17673044

see >>17668776

That's one of his slides showing some examples of companies that use Oracle Blockchain.
He also mentioned smart insurance.
These are the things Oracle is integrating Chainlink for.

>> No.17673074

Then by extension it means all those companies are going to use Chainlink by proxy correct? This is huge news.

>> No.17673134

Yes. Via Oracle.

Same as how Microsoft, EY, AMD will be using Chainlink via Baseline.

>> No.17673158

Damn...link should be mid double digits at the very least by now.

>> No.17673219

>one of the attendees is infected with Corona-chan
>Sergey's fatass contracts it and dies
>LINK crashes

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