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You leave your basements in 4 hours.

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tell me more. it's dark down here

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Spill it or be branded janie

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jokes on you

im never leaving. even at 1k.

check em

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It’s not even a question, I can piss into my own mouth. But I have to have my own consent. I won’t do it unless I know I want it.

But I always want it

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This is the first baseless larp I believe since Sergey told us he was working for SWIFT

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Insider here, this anon is larping
nothing is happening tonight

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Is this a real rare serg, What's the context?

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> Tonight

Eat shit you camel cumguzzler

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5 hours* get it right OP

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Sergey had a mental breakdown after getting picked up by SWIFT and fucked off to Thailand until Ari activated an assassination smartcontract. That's why he's so fat now. He always planned Link to be a scam like his previous project but accidentally got pressured into ushering in the 4thIR.

Half because of Ari's Pythagorean cult half because of weaponized neets.

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>Is this a real rare serg,
no, you're just a newfag

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Now this is a real man. A decision maker.

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If larp, continue on your merry way. If not larp, provide a hint.

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See you on the moon

Check em

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This post aged really well

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