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>Bear Trap

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It's literally over. That fucking piece of shit boomer killing virus is going to fuck everything. I fucking hate boomers so god damned much.

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that's a bear trap

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>he fell for the bull trap

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8760 and then Moon

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not a chance. I'm so confident in this being the bottom that I'm going to say there's no chance.

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You mean the Chinese? They lied to everyone, they refused to close down their borders and stop all travel.

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Share your TA

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BTW what's the name of this bull. I only know Bobo the Bear

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I won't argue with those digits

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>a pandemic is a bear trap

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Also why 8760? Because it would bring us back to where the current Bart started?

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Here's your chance bud

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SPY 420c 4/20

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We're retesting support at $8500 then poo pee

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The line just broke :(

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I still stand by my 8760 assessment based on the 3 month chart

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If 8760 doesn't hold, then we're truly fucked

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holy shit this couldn't have aged any worse really perfect timing

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>blaming boomers for dying

wow boomers really can't win

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just want it to be known i called this


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impressive most of the calls I make on biz are ruined by whales

shhhhhhhhhhhhhh anyone feeling sleepy?

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this is now a 7k waiting room

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I called it when it was 8900

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What did you use to predict this?

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3 month chart. Basic trend line.

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the bottom is 8200, then bull starts

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A fitting end for those arrogant pieces of shit

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Share your TA

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You've been visited by the Boomer Coin of 3 transactions per second.

Bitcoin will die and be buried forever, but only if you reply to this post with

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FUCK YOU. Cope harder nocoiner.

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The irony is that it is. How else could the masses be deceived?

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FUCK YOU. Cope harder nocoiner.

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Shouldn't it be renamed to Corona-chan's trap ?
She did all the work and deserves some recognition !

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>tfw just bought link and xrp earlier today

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Buy stocks retards

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pic is last week. bottom is around 7800~8200 depending on when it hits the support line

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