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Please need a hit of that hopium

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*spins the wheel of kek*

2.5 more years til 1k, thanks for playing

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Ill take it

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We just had Oracle, then Microsoft, Ernst&Young, AMD, and in two days there's a Chainlink conference with Digital Asset.
And still we just dumped into a pile of shit.

Nothing can pump Chainlink.

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Hold on there, it will come

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It's because of all of the tokens that aren't accounted for

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don't fud my coin bro.
chainlink >>>>>> eth > btc

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not much longer

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yeah, that must be it

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We're like 12% from ATH, demoralisation tranny.

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Not much longer; LINK $1,000 end of year.

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>off by 7
Let's try that again....


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>ends in 7

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Kek is communicating.

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>if dubs then link $1000 by end of 2022

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These digits confirm LINK will hit $10 during this year (2020).

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Good. I'm still accumulating.

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AMD? What?

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We ask for too much hopium; Kek rewards us with pain as LINK bleeds down below $3 to shake out weak hands.

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>The Baseline Protocol has already brought together more than a dozen companies and organizations that will form its technical steering committee (TSC), including ConsenSys, EY, Microsoft, AMD, ChainLink, Core Convergence, Duke University, Envision Blockchain, MakerDAO, Neocova, Splunk, Unibright, Provide, and W3BCLOUD.

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Missed that, my reading comprehension is shit. Thanks anon

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It has become clear that this is an amazing project and will change the financial world. The problem is the token is simply not needed. Sergey will become a very rich man, and we need to invest in smartcontract, not chainlink.

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A lot of people missed it.
It's crazy how this announcement keeps flying under the radar.

>The problem is the token is simply not needed.
You need a crypto, and a proprietary token makes the most sense since its price and supply are the least affected by external influences.

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2 years

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It's over, anon.

LINK has a partnership with Google, Microsoft, EY, Swift, Oracle and Gartner and didn't hit $1000.
Why do you think it would hit now?

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ATH was $6 so no, we aren't.

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Once I get this last big buy in and rank up to Captain, we can go to the moon.

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You guys dont get it do you?
Fuck the graphs, this is microsoft, oracle and ey getting together and telling sergey they will not be using chainlink ever.
And then sergey going out of his way to help them like a cuck.
Im not fudding.
I dont own any chainlink tokens and nor do i plan to.
Its over. Its heading right back to zero.

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>Microsoft and EY join an enterprise oracle project with Chainlink
>"they will not be using Chainlink"

Imagine trying this hard.

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they will not be using the chainlink token.
They hired another oracle solution and theyve asked sergey for guidance.

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>Microsoft and EY join an enterprise oracle project with Chainlink
>"they hired another oracle solution"

lmao you retard

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no matter how many times you say this won't make it true

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I think it’s fatigue, you can only process so much bullish information at one time

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This. Same thing that happened to pic related. Token not needed. Project tanked and will never recover

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It's because you fucking idiots don't realize that crypto is all based on TA. There's a lot of TA garbage out there but it's not that difficult to find people who know what they are talking about.

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5-10 years, according to the fat man.

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If digits Link 1000$ EOM November 2020

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Kek has spoken.
Praise be Jesus.

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Its okay fren. Anytime you feel sad remember you're not a retard who bought XRP, a coin that is never going over $.40 ever again.

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Please be true...

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this is unironically the top for Link

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good lord

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you unironically will keep saying this year after year

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hes one of the discord faggots spreading anti-LINK FUD to try and bait people to switch to NuLINK.

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He'll be right year after year, too.

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I am the oracle now

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Script fag fuck off

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No script, I swear.

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he hasn't been right so far, he said top was .30 .40 .50 .60 .70 all the way up to now, stay poor

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