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Doing research on what Chainlink is proposing to be, it sounds like a good investment based on the tech alone. But is it really worth $5 a token at this time? The oracle solution in a way is a necessary tool for collecting data off the blockchain from traditional markets and bringing that data onto the blockchain. I completely see value in the tech. Is that happening now? Are there companies all over looking to stake tokens right now? I just don't see the price of Link equal to what it actually does at this moment in time. Almost 3 years since the ICO and what do they have to show for it besides a number of partnerships and constant meetups and presentations? Where did all that money go that they raised and are they really using it?

If someone at the comfort of their home can start coding and they launch a github with a working product, do you really need funds to create a network? Over a billion dollars in marketcap. It's not the only project that has millions or billions tied into it.

Bitcoin works. You can send money all over the planet by just needing miners to mine the blocks and confirm transactions in real time. Link is still just an erc20 token and a proposed network that I still have yet to see why it's worth $5 a token.

Any logical thoughts are welcome.

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Flush yourself down the toilet.

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poo poo pee pee

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I'm asking for civil discussion on Link, no trolls please. Not talking about why you all hodl Link just because it will make you rich. What has changed since the ICO that would bring real value to the the blockchain space? What is Sergey going to do with the 650,000,000 tokens not in circulation? Can we trust Chainlink to do what they set out to do? Or is a true scam that is capitalizing on speculation?

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I feel like biz is and was an actualized version of "if you put 1000 monkeys in a room with typewriters, they'll eventually write Shakespeare." But instead of Shakespeare, it was Link FUD. There's literally no new FUD concept we haven't seen before.

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Chainlink is worthless garbage like pretty much all cryptos
I mean they've been in "business" for 3 years or so now and I don't think they have a single customer for their oracle smart contract network or whatever you call it.
Besides, no one cares about the tech, we all knownall cryptos are scams. We ride on those scams simply to generate real fiat money

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this is an especially weak and stupid attempt at FUD. ugh i miss stealth mode.

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>Asking questions of my cult is FUD
>If you do not build statues in his sir gay's name and bend your knee.... FUD

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If you want an actual discussion, you need to do a better job of concealing the fact you're a fucking retard.

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Why is it you that hold your fucking tokens always think someone is "FUDing" it. I want serious answers as to why it's $5 a token other than 100,000 people buying it and holding it. Speculation is one thing and real product value is another. What does LINK do that makes it worth $5 a token? I don't see a legitimate network being used by thousands of people. I see thousands of people just buying and selling it or shilling it with amazing memes. I mean the memes are awesome.
I believe this. So many tokens or altcoins that are created to make you think they will create something useful in the world when they never deliver anything. You got whales that buy and try to get you to FOMO in. I've made money off doing the same thing, but I'm over the making money part. Where is the useful dapps and innovation at? For that, I call bullshit on most of this blockchain shit.

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> Paid shills 24-7 on biz
> Paid shills meming low IQ normies
> oversold partnerships
> meme breadcrumbs

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unironical brainlet here. since link is an erc token, couldn't they just use eth instead of link for collateral, node rewards, fees etc?

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Who are these shills that started this whole thing? How did they come together and why did they choose Chainlink to shill and pump the price? Yeah you're smart for investing in it and lucky that it made you money. But there's still barely a network being used if at all, by anyone. They needed millions of dollars upfront for what? If all it takes is coding the network and launching it, then what are you using the money for? It's got scam written across the board.

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They could. Make a dapp that brings together data from traditional markets to Ethereum's blockchain without using Chainlink to do it. Create an Ethereum dapp, not a Chainlink dapp. I'm not an expert on the programming language so someone with coding expertise can answer that. ERC20 tokens are starting to look more like chuckie cheese tokens. Tokenized payment and software tools are nice in theory, but where the fuck are they and why aren't they being used? I see the main goal of everyone in crypto is not a new financial system that is decentralized or about the tech. It's about making money and cashing out when you hit your goal of being a millionaire. Then what the fuck is the point of crypto? That's just as bad as money laundering with " real" dollars.

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who'd bring that data though? you'd need third party nodes to have a decentralized network of data feed.

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yeah you better wait until link's decentralized oracle system is fully complete and being used by big companies all over the world. that'll be a good time to buy. you seem smart, anon :^).

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Create a dapp that can authorize smartcontracts like a checks and balances system. Why do you need Chainlink tokens? You can create a plain Ethereum application like a Metamask just for analyzing and aggregating data.

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>they don't know
read the archives like the rest of the newlinkers

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All the oldfags are too tired to discuss this now. You won’t find quality discussion here anymore. If you really want to know. Browse the archives.

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Why is a necessary tool worth five bucks? You tell me, retard.

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What makes it so necessary when no one is using it now? Don't tell me people are using Chainlink on a big scale? I don't see it being talked about or used by top 100 or 1000 companies in the world. They will just create their version of an oracle system. Just like their is permissioned blockchains being created instead of people or companies using Bitcoin. Centralized or decentralized doesn't matter as much as security and ease of use.

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I was just reading the assblaster archives and forgot for a second that I wasn’t anymore while I read this thread lol. OP you are officially more than two years behind my guy.

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Like xrp, it climbs from all the hype then it will fall back into the 50c ish.

Be careful

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the biggest blackpill about chainlink is simply that it's useless. it cant be used for anything yet, and it never will. it's a shitty erc-20 token, the likes of which have all completely disappeared from the market. LINK was kept afloat by hopium and memes - a copious mix i'll grant you - but if you really look at it from a truly dispassionate perspective, you can see that it is nothing. it's worse than vaporware.

i'm glad some of you, including myself, have made money from it up till now, but there's no way this project is ever going to do anything practical in the real world. the sooner you realize that, the better.

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>you had 2 years

These meme implies theres no more money to be made if people invest now

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serious question here >>17615236
been holding since before the 2017 bullrun but i am too retarded

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>I want
Nobody cares what you want

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I don't care about being late to the party. Crypto is not my day job. It's like an extra thing to make passive income off of and just maybe, somehow investments pay off in 10 years. I have time unlike a lot of biz/ members who can't stop looking at their blockfolio every 5 minutes to see if they're rich yet.

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People are using it, though. A bunch of DeFi products are using Chainlink 24/7. Synthetix, DeFi Money Market (DMM), and RealT. Synthetix is a finance platform, DMM is tokenizing physical assets on the blockchain (automobiles in the first phase,) and RealT is tokenizing real estate. As far as security is concerned, Chainlink is far and away the best in its industry. And there's absolutely no value in every company having their own oracle system because companies don't want their competitors to know they're accessing their API; the entire value proposition of an oracle network is in its neutrality.

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Speculation gives it its value right now. Ripple the company and XRP the token are 2 different things. What gives xrp it's price? It doesn't have anything to do with ripple's company technology. Link's at 1.5 b cap.... how much is xrp at?

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they are using the oracle network, but currently no one is using the token for anything, other than the team paying the nodes.

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I'm happy for those that put money in and they made out with thousands of dollars too. That's fucking cool. Transfer of wealth.

Trading tokens back and forth can't be the only use case for crypto. That's all it looks like to me. Buying a token, waiting for the next man up to buy his bag, and repeat that x1000 and what do you know? The $100 I invested is now worth $100,000. Cash out into fiat.

That's crypto in a nutshell.

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Introducing the business model at this point might stall the growth of the network, which is very clearly what the team is focusing on.

Tokenization is a primarily back of house technology, so I doubt it's ever going to be "sexy" or anything. But every time we've invented a new way to keep records, there's been a massive surge in economic activity as people are freed from recordkeeping as a job.

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I supposed that is good to hear and see. It'd make more sense if the tokens were distributed more fairly and they had a working oracle system already on the ground the day they launched the ICO. It's taken them two years for mainet and staking to sort of materialize. That's a red flag.
The Ripple tech is awesome. It's more convenient and faster than Bitcoin. Convert fiat into XRP tokens and send the tokens through the tech to someone in a matter of second. Great for remittances.

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>shilling XRP

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Ah, a ripple bagholder. What Garlinghouse did to your people is a tragedy.

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The automation and digitization of real world assets probably is the next big revolution. Faster record keeping, transfer of assets including property, and much more. See where it's going. In some ways, it's moving faster than we ever thought possible. But is it secure and can you trust it?

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You won't get a real answer except memes and hope

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I own ETH, BTC, LTC, XMR, XLM, and some NIM.

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I'm disagreeing with you. There no sure thing in the world. $5/token is a speculative price. Nobody knows if it's too high or too low of a valuation. Until we get staking, still all going to be speculative. All the projects using the oracle network are using it for free. It's the team that's paying the nodes. The token (not the tech/marketplace) isn't been used for much of anything right now.

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It implies you had 2 years to accumulate and do research and your dumb faggot ass is priced out

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Well, blockchains are not tamper-proof, but they are very hard to tamper with once they reach a certain size. So the point of failure becomes the things which feed data to the blockchain. This is the heart of the oracle problem: Blockchains are decentralized which makes them hard to defraud, but oracles are centralized which introduces a security flaw.

Chainlink purports to make a network of oracles that is itself difficult to tamper with. Instead of pulling data about something - say the price of cheese in Wisconsin - from a singular source (in this case a cheese shop) the oracle network pulls the price of cheese from *all* cheese shops in Wisconsin. Certainly it's possible to defraud data coming from Jack's Cheese Shop, but is it possible to defraud all of those shops? at what point does that network become outrageously expensive to break into?

As far as security on the oracles is concerned, Chainlink is ahead of the curve in all respects. Mixicles and DECO are mathematical proofs of intense security for both consumer and enterprise-grade needs.

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Agree with you on all points. But his question was what gives the token a value of $5 today (not when network is fully up and running). The answer is still speculation.

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That was his initial question. In the post I replied to, his question was:

>But is it secure and can you trust it?

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So Chainlink network of oracles collecting data becomes tamper proof when there's tons of nodes being staked? That's where the decentralization comes in on there end? Those nodes collect data from not just that one cheese shop where they are getting data from, but each node staking Link has the data from all the cheese shops. False data is almost 0% going to be executed and sent in a smart contract between two parties.

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That's the idea of it. It's worked out pretty well for the networks that are currently up and running.

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Then the answer is, you pay for the level security and trust you need for your contract.

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Speculation in a market usually works itself out. We could see Link tokens go to $50, but still the network is hardly used by anyone to send and receive data. Speculation is great for investors because if you buy in early and the memes and all that work enough to get 100,000 more to buy in, you're rich. At some point, we have to move past speculation. People are banking on Chainlink executing this oracle solution and network. It may end up not coming to fruition. Can't just be Chainlink that is the only company trying to do this. Google has done their research and I bet they're gonna make their own oracle network. It's just like one company that makes shoes, eventually there's going to be hundreds that make their own shoes.

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Unless you know what chainlink is trying to do, saying you can choose your level of trust and security doesn't have any context. Though you're right that you'd be able to expand your contract to being run by as many or as few nodes as you want to pay for.

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Straight from Jesus' mouth during OceanProtocol meet up. Of course, he's always free to change his mind.

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Chainlink is not the only company trying to do this. But Chainlink is the only one with a working product so far, in any expression of that term. And a few companies which have tried to make their own oracle networks ended up using Chainlink after their own networks were defrauded, Synthetix in particular.

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I don't wish it to fail. There could be extremely potential benefits of what Chainlink is doing for the world. Trusting data not to be false and to get the correct information into the palms of your hand. Like government documents and real time sports scores, and all kinds of data. It's providing a fraud proof network of genuine information being sent and received. That's the one thing I can gather from blockchain is it sets out to destroy fraud and prevent corruption.

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Chainlink is a scam. These idiots gave sirgay over 60 million dollars for flannels, big macs and underlings that mix up AG and AU. They also bought him a nice house in San Fransisco where he can walk outside and shit right on the street like the scammer he is.

All these brainlets telling anyone to check the archives don't have the brain capacity to refute anything and they'll be long gone from this thread by the time you do search and see that most of these concerned have never been answered in the first place.

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> Trusting data not to be false and to get the correct information into the palms of your hand.

Not just that. If it works, it provides contract execution without needing a functioning government, only an internet connection. Maybe not so useful in places with functioning governments, but probably very useful if you live in a place without a functioning government.

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Now you have NuLink which is a total scam. I can buy into Chainlink first and foremost for being the ones to execute this network and it actually works. Am I mad I didn't buy a suicide stack at $0.15? I guess. It's nice when you can turn $1,000 into a million. I'd be more happy to see that isn't a scam and it works for the world in positive ways. Like if you need health insurance and quotes on how much it will cost, you can use Chainlink to send and secure data from 100 health insurance providers and see which ones would be best for you.

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That is a positive aspect of automation that people I think don't understand. They see automation taking jobs away. In some ways, that does happen and it sucks. But it's about immediate need for data without human error. If machines and AI can correct human error at a fraction of the cost, it's worth it.

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I'm pretty sure Chainlink is a steal at $5. It's a speculative play, but one with a huge upside if the token model pans out.

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DYOR! You don't have to be an expert in blockchain, let alone IT to be able to understand the service it provides and the bennies it gives to businesses. No one spoon fed me or anyone else in 2017 when /biz/ was balls deep in LINK thread. Either buy your suicide stack now or shut up and set aside a razor blade for the day you take your last warm bath.

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Do you think $1000 EOY are real?
Not accounting which year.

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>suicide stack
Still 1000 LINK?

>> No.17616165

>if the token model pans out.
Now that is the $1k eoy question of the day. They're doing great work, hope the token involvement catches up.

>> No.17616192

Disregarding the year I think 1k EOY is conservative. The network has to carry a ton of value, and that value is achieved by locking up tokens in nodes, which decreases supply.

>> No.17616225

When staking is live, LINK will be used as collateral for the largest financial market ever in existence. We aren't joking when we say LINK will be $1000.

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Fck they just cancelled SXSW. At this rate, smartcon0 might not happen.

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If they can get people that switch to getting data through their oracle network as well as speculation driving up the price, the price can go up a lot more. Bitcoin still works similar to how it did in 2010. Not a lot has changed besides the amount of coins in circulation and growth of mining operations that has improved the security of Bitcoin's network. They said it would be dead so many times over, but it still goes on. As long as Link doesn't suffer any critical errors or scenarios in the code or a government intervening for suspicious activity, Chainlink is still a good buy at $5. It could be worth $100 per token in the next bullrun if and when that were to happen.

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that was the original suicide stack. Since then it's been revised down to 1,000 now that most newfags are priced out of a 10K stack. Time's running out before smartcontracts become the industry standard. Buy the dips while you can and try to accumulate whatever stack you can. You may not make it to Lamboland, but you could at at least live a comfy wagie life with a nice nestegg and/or be able to buy a house in cash in a major metropolitan area.

>> No.17616317


Considering that Chainlink started as a proof of concept for the biggest financial firms on the planet, I have to wonder whether the switch will be the hard part, or if they're just waiting for the network to become sufficiently robust.

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way too many new people here giving this lazy normie information that he should be getting himself (but is incapable of because it would require research). on the upside it's great that he'd priced out of making it anyway

t. 25k at 0.25

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coinbase takes too much.. can anyone recommend the cheapest safe place to buy CL?

>> No.17616519

It's much appreciated. Why do we have to be assholes about helping each other out? Shouldn't be a cost on passing along information and different perspectives. I'm honestly not regretting not buying a stack of it. Such is life that you miss out on so many things and most of them you stay unaware of anyways.
Boomers are retiring and passing on their business to younger generational shareholders and executives. Eventually cryptocurrency and blockchain tech will take over in some capacity because we are moving into a trustlessness type of society. Things humans have to take time to do will be handed over to advanced AI. Just have to prepare for it and make sure the AI doesn't have negative side effects or irreversible consequences that cause harm to how we live. Shit is about to get real in the next century.

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650 million tokens
>breathes in

BTC has 21 million coins, ETH has 20 million tokens and CL has 650M. GTFOH

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The price of the token and the amount of tokens won't matter if the demand for using the network exceeds the supply. People complain, well I can't buy one whole bitcoin I am priced out. Bitcoin is divided into 0.00000000 decimals. It looks ugly holding 0.00001500 bitcoins, but we can get used to it like we do anything else that takes time to accept.

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>It's much appreciated. Why do we have to be assholes about helping each other out? Shouldn't be a cost on passing along information and different perspectives. I'm honestly not regretting not buying a stack of it. Such is life that you miss out on so many things and most of them you stay unaware of anyways.

Because us oldfags did the research, followed the breadcrumbs and put our money down during the ico and when binance was the only viable option to buy a sizable stack. No one spoon fed newfags on BTC or ETH before it mooned. Why should we do the same? In time you spent arguing and replying back to posts on this thread, you could have read the archives and got all the answers you needed. Follow >>17616413 this instructions and fucking read!

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>he didnt buy on etherdelta

>> No.17616756

You don't have to spoonfeed anyone. I'm not asking to be spoonfed, I'm simply asking firsthand opinions about Chainlink's network and overall valuation. I know to use Google and forums. It's nice every now and then to have an active thread that isn't about the memes and the price going up or down. The second half of this thread is one of the better threads I've seen in a minute. It's nonstop moonboys and shilling of tokens threads everyday. Like the Kleros threads and now NuLink.

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You do realize that The amount of demand would have to exceed the value of the entire crypto industry and then some more. Keep being delusional. Investing in a mortgage and a 401k is a safer and better use of your money.

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Give me one reason why I should spoonfeed your entitled ass. I bought my first linkies right before the SIBOS 2017 dump and saw it fall to 1000 sats. Why in the everloving fuck should I answer question asked by some dumb ignorant newfag who can't even browse the archives? Get lost faggot and buy Nano

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My dearest friend, it is with immense pleasure that I inform you that your letter has found safe travel to my destination and landed in my hands. However, this pleasure was fated to remain short lived and bittersweet, for I must also admit to you, regardless of what distress it may cause to you, even knowing you went to great trouble to pen it and deliver it to me, that I in fact declined to open it and refused to read the message contained within. Surmising your intentions, I have no doubt in my heart that you sincerely care about my financial well being, but indeed your attempts to convince me to modify my trading strategies shall remain futile, as my stubbornness in this matter has been sealed irrevocably and no other voice shall rock its imperturbable foundations. Allow me then to reiterate my will once more, and do your best to forever remember it for no change with follow: I shan't part ways with my beloved asset for it is my utmost belief that I have invested wisely and foresee infinite potential in its future, and therefore no other possession in this world shall change my decision, not even a mountain of gold! For my possessed asset is indeed fated to be worth more than any other riches in the world. We shan't speak of this no more. Sincerely yours, your beloved friend.

>> No.17616882

Thank you, I'll look into both. Just in case either of you know, which is better/cheaper/safer for UK?

>> No.17616900

Ask I specific question and I will do my best to answer.
>t. 2017 holder

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>The automation and digitization of real world assets probably is the next big revolution. Faster record keeping, transfer of assets including property, and much more. See where it's going. In some ways, it's moving faster than we ever thought possible. But is it secure and can you trust it?
Imagine being this close and still not making the connection. I thought OP was a midwit Reddit incel but it's actually looking like he is a 90 iq Dunning Kruger retard. Sad.

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>> No.17617000


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midwit curse strong with this one

>> No.17617373

you just need to go back to plebbit. look how much time you've spent here writing out 'nicely' formed paragraphs that manage to both convey a hint of condescension and yet miss vital fundamentals of the project

that time could have been put into actually _doing the work_ - reading and researching. but you can't do that, you don't want to do that and you've never done that

it's far better for you to go back and wait for opinion gatekeepers to tell you what to do and follow that in due time

>> No.17617932

> It's nice every now and then to have an active thread that isn't about the memes and the price going up or down.
we had those threads already. we're bored and waiting for the singularity.

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It's a fucking meme scam, don't get sucked into this.

>> No.17618390

I literally do not care.

I am no linker right now (I own a straight 4.27 link) and am a poorfag from a third world country.

I just hope LINK explodes and changes the face of crypto forever.
In the meantime... I wish an anon with a large ChainLink stack could donate a few chainlinks to me... even just a couple USD worth could be enough to feed me for a few days..


its my address...
Well thanks anons and good luck to chainlink

>> No.17618476

Nah faggot, I remember you. Some dude in a different thread sent you 1 link a few days ago because you said you were starving or some shit. That 1 link is still sitting in your wallet. Fuck you pajeet.

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Have you seen this OP?


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>fudding chainlink this hard

>> No.17618976

It will only go up 200x from here instead of 10000x you could have gotten
for your boomer ass that is 1000000%
You had 2 years

>> No.17619088

So $1000 is the literal top?

>> No.17620486

It amazes me that as companies like Microsoft and Visa interact with Chainlink because they see the potential future value of the tech that FUD like this still genuinely exists.

>> No.17621323

ah.. sympathy scams. a staple of India.

>> No.17621343

i only read your title and not your post but i can agree that the price is confusing it should be way more

>> No.17621424

did you need a reason for XRP to hit $3 or ETH to hit $1400? What about TSLA?

The most you chase reasons, the further you get from the truth: Markets don't always need fundamentals to behave the way they do. The narratives comes AFTER price.

Does LINK have a strong narrative? Yes. Does it currently have the best chart in all of crypto? Yes.

I'm not gonna pretend to know what will happen, but "smart" guys like yourself (redditors) love to obsess over fundamentals/news as if it'll help them predict future price and give them an edge. Scared investors love to sit on the sidelines and miss out when the answer is right on the chart..

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I'm not sure what you said because I can't read, but I have a lot of stinky linkies and go fuck yourself.

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I don't give a fuck I'm not selling I'm riding this bitch out until the bitter end

>> No.17622674

It's a fake partnership. Chainlink has had countless "partnerships" with fortune 500 companies in the last 3 years, and all of them have been confirmed fake to date. Not a single one of them use Chainlink.

List of confirmed fake partnerships:

There's countless more. All these "partnerships" are 10+ months old and have been confirmed fake. It is a guarantee (100%) that visa and microsoft will also be confirmed fake partnerships in 12 months.

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Change chain link with BTC and $5 to $9000, you get same shit.
Sentence "Bitcoin works" doesn't mean anything, you can buy any shittoken, any shit crypto and does same job as bitcoin. Did I forget to tell you shittokens do even faster job then BTC 10min confirmations?
Last time I transacted my chainlinks to another wallet was about ~20 seconds, maybe even less.
Everything in crypto space does same job as BTC, but much faster. Your argument is invalid.
Chain link now can tell you prices of other cryptoshits, does your btc able to do that? NO.
Chain link aims to be something more than BTC and technology is promising.
>Now here he comes spilling his spaghetti out of pockets, screeching about "muh market cap, it's to high", "muh market cap levels"
>"oh shit my arguments don't make sense, I gotta get dry out of this"
>"your chainscam will be obliterated, BSV don't need chainscam"
This is how it will go, OP knows or understands jack shit even about general knowledge. Nice larp, OP.

>> No.17622819
File: 75 KB, 478x767, chan chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just send him to page 15 already, he will never find it.

>> No.17622827

it's pegged to big mac. Thought this was common knowledge.

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