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>according to Ari, data retrieval is just the beginning. “For most people, the world oracle is synonymous with middleware that does something very specific. It relays data from a website to a smart contract. But, I think where things get really interesting is when we think more expansively about the capabilities of oracles. You can think of an oracle network as an opportunity to build your own permissioned committee. You pay three oracles to relay data. You’re basically getting your own ad hoc committee, consisting of a number of entities you have handpicked and trust. When you have a trustworthy committee, there’s an awful lot you can do beyond merely relaying data.”
What did he mean by this though? What can you do?

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What CAN'T you do?

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Were all gonna be fucking rich!!!!

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>What can you do?
create decentralised leaders of the fourth reich

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He means that people still don't understand what is possible and what they are working on. Hint; millions of jobs lost.

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Doesn’t matter i’ll be rich.

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Craig solved the oracle problem 11 years ago.

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demeter is real

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He means chainlink will kick off the second renaissance.

Prepare for brutal AI overlords

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dubby dubs confirm 4th industrial revolution

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A lot of big stuff is discussed in the full article, here it is for anons who want to sift through it

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You’re welcome OP

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Where we're going, we don't need jobs. Can't speak for nolinkers tho

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Those digits

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Those dubs

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this is what people aren't understanding about chainlink. it's one of the foundational works which is integral to ushering a new age of true automation. it is the next evolution in technology. not flying cars, not space elevators, not hologram tech-- simply true automation. hang on.

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this. Smart contracts aren't limited to money/assets at all - you could have robots programmed completely in smart contracts

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Ta ta ta ta!!
Ding ding

Goodbye accountants
Goodbye clerical office workers
Goodbye business law
Goodbye third party middle men companies and their constant fuckups costing billions in overhead

Hello 4iR.
And you dumb motha fuckers, still aren’t even considering the implications of automated derivatives markets.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its consequences will be a disaster for the human wage slave.

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I can't wait to see videos of them jumping from their office windows

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I know

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It’s funny how even 10,000 link being a top is FUD now
AB really underestimated what he exposed

Dudes probably shitting himself somewhere now hiding away all his link

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But WHEN anon? When?

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Oh, this is what he's talking about, smartcontracts to create virtual companies and virtual jobs. OP messed me up thinking there more than jobs of delivering data for oracles. Then again, thanks to Arbitrum, Chainlink oracles are mini ethereum virtual machines so they can do offchain computation.

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Chainlink is very generalized software meaning you could run your own software on it. Youbcould theoretical pick a quorum of nodes, tell em what consensus you what them to run, plus connect in the inputs and outputs, and now you have customized multi-party computation that is private, can scal, and works on your terms.

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so close to quints, hnnngg

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>When you have a trustworthy committee, there’s an awful lot you can do beyond merely relaying data.
trustworthy committees are the foundation for entering into any kind of business arrangement
what Ari is trying to articulate is that chainlink will change the way P2P and B2B business is done. It may make a lot of these previous acronyms that we currently use in the business world obsolete.

The funny thing that I've noticed is that the english language doesn't yet have the words to properly explain and describe what this technology is and our linguistics actually needs to catch up to these developments. It's a funny observation.

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>disaster for the human wage slave.
wageslaving is a disaster for humanity anyway
people renting their time for subsistence level living while the (((government))) carefully calibrates the currency printing to ensure that you remain subsistence
All the while they do this, they bring out their talking heads to tell you not to believe your lying eyes and that 2+2 does not equal 4

the kabuki theatre is coming to an end

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>When you have a trustworthy committee, there’s an awful lot you can do beyond merely relaying data.”
Decentralized death-panels?

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Why is this thread not getting more posts?
Watch the fireside chat

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There was a screengrab from a Capgemini (iirc) report saying 2025 for smart contract adoption to kick off.

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I like the anons in this thread
You guys are the type that won’t sell at 1k and will ride with me to 10k+ because you actually know what the fuck is happening.

These anons fuck

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why should anyone with a brain feed the new fags.
you gotta go back faggot

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Haha. I think a lot of people are new here and don’t realize we saw this live thanks to toasty.

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>why should anyone with a brain feed the new fags.
>you gotta go back faggot
what the fuck are you talking about you sub 100 linklet ass motherfucker
get back to discord dumba ass bitch

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I will run these on my node

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ffs my dick will not work anymore before LINK hits $100 at this rate

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hint millions of people who will be freed from wagecucking

chainlink is saving humanity from wagecucking

with the support of robots humans can draw and make music all day and more creative shit

humans were not made to punch numbers in a cubicle all day long.

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millions of people will be every street corner in America, begging for money, spitting on your car when you don't roll your window down

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More like you'll all become slaves to Chinese robots

Proof of work is the only way forward for humanity, anything else will spell our doom

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Just keep your widow rolled down then, retard. Problem: solved.

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I'm not used to hanging around 160+ IQ people, be patient with me

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Will they let it end bloodlessly though anon?

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that gets yikes from me

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I'd rather squat over an egg in the Antarctic winter while my wife trundles over 80 miles to the open ocean for fresh fish, wondering if I'll ever see her again.

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You honestly think they won’t continue to herd the majority of people into busywork resource redistribution farms?

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Checked, based and I’m cooooooming

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Somethings happening

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What you checking newfag nigger?

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Blockchain-certified loli assassins contracts

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There isn’t much choice at this point. That is becoming clearer.

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>chainlink allowing anybody to access insurance, even in third world countries

Am I hearing this shit right? I thought the 1000 eoy thing was just a meme

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No just that, anyone can start an insurance company

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Ari Jews scamside chat

future of ponzis

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Developers can already get high quality data from Chainlink’s Price Reference Data networks. They will soon be able to use Mixicles for on-chain privacy of DeFi contracts, Town Crier and DECO for privacy preserving extraction of web data, Arbitrum for scalable computation of solidity smart contracts, and Trusted Execution Environments with oracles for all types of private, scalable computation.


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meta oracles
threshold signatures
zkp's inbound soon

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Checked. We're all gonna make it.

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there's even more coming in the pipeline
this is going to be wild


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Srs, are we seeing the beginnings of the 21st century's internal combustion engine with this?

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Uhh guys...

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What does this mean?

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>Uhh guys...
it's happening

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>What does this mean?
one step closer to a true quantum computer

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Yesterday Rhodes screamed diversity and social inclusion memespeak to Sergey on the speaking Jew. SERGEY said to Rhodes that Darkies would destroy the defi space if they only knew how to use a computer. Your average negro, serger continued, is a drug dealing thug and we don't need their kind at smarty con. Adelyn said that the natsoc marketing direction taken by chain link represents the truest Aryan values and she's glad to be colonized by them. Rhodes said he feels more comfortable at chainlink but "I miss the smells and danger of working in a multicultural environment"

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there's a place you'll fit right in. it's called /pol/.

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>if you liked assassination smart contracts you're going to LOVE assassination smart syndicates!

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Thanks 42

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Whst the fuck is this cyberpunk shit nigger. All I did was buy a fucking coin trying to get rich and I've stumbled into some tech illuminati shit. What did a bunch of neets get their hands into dude

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in 5-10 years

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and hello using all your money to defend yourself from hoards of homeless people! TA-DA!

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How new are you?

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Yarvin fought for this.

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Pretty new to biz specifically. Irl friend told me about link a few months ago so I dug through archived threads, some of assblaster's old posts etc and shat myself and bought in. I thought all the super crazy shit was just hopium though

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>I thought all the super crazy shit was just hopium though

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Welcome tp the reality that we are the new elite. Profit take at 100 and 1000. But hold that stack, im not kidding

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>Hitler, on the Blockchain™

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Based. See you lads on the other side

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He knows.

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Sergey's weight has become a serious concern. He can no longer blogpost his favorite activity of all time. According to close friends Seeger's has been approached by numerous personal trainers and even Thomas has suggested he help get him in shape. Also the smell is becoming a problem. Most chainlink staff prefer to work remotely because of the terrible smells emitting from sergers

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WTF THIS WAS POSTED TODAY. Thanks for sharing 42. I said something mean to you about two weeks ago. I take it back

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Anon, smartcontracts can be used for ANYTHING. "If X, then Y". Automated. Trustless. And built in an environment with a universal and standardized banking system to ensure honest payouts. This means we'll start seeing Dapp versions of literally single big name company out there. Decentralized Youtube as Youtubers get fairer pay and not have to deal with the bullshit of the forever changing ToS. Decentralized Uber where drivers share the wealth and as there's no longer a central company determining the rates and taking a cut. Decentralized Amazon, etc. etc.

Now that I've spoonfed you the ultimate goal of smartcontracts the industry is working toward, surely you can figure out how Chainlink fits into the picture.

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> Ctrl F "chainlink" zero results
> Ctrl F "light chains" & "merkle proofs" "fat oracle man" 9 results
What did Ari Jews mean by this?

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you could have a housing market governed by smart contracts and then the government could implement a policy restricting the purchase of homes to owner-occupiers.

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> Be me
> Make a death insurance smart contract
> Chainlink node keeps pinging my phone with "are you ded yet ayy lmao" every five minutes
> Have to respond to each one and fill out a questionnaire
> Lmao if I don't the link node thinks I'm ded

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I’m not a small brained faggot bra It’s going to be a good read by some big brained niggers regardless

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>tfw my linklet stack lets me buy a mountain fortress equipped with automated turrets and drones powered by Chainlink
I'm ok with this

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>What did Ari Jews mean by this?
it means what I said earlier
>What does this mean?
>one step closer to a true quantum computer
it's essentially "manhattan project the sequel" which is also what I mention in the interview with Chainlink Tonight

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i like this one but am not going to save it because it is obviously cursed

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why is he so sweaty

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oh fuck what??

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>oh fuck what??

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>luckily the Governor's intentions were so alien and seen so darkly that its existence could largely be ignored.

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>Pretty new to biz specifically.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the black pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the “42-pill” - you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Remember: all I’m offering is the Truth. Nothing more.

June 12th (night before Google announcement)
>wake up...
>follow the white rabbit...
Then a week before the oracle announcement a riddle comes in:
The answer comes back a week later (days before the even bigger oracle pump)

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>Goodbye business law

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Yo wtf is that!

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You're sorely mistaken if you think that lawyers are going to let themselves become redundant just because of smart contracts. At best they will streamline some firms.

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Yeah whatll happen is in the law offices the grunts that do all the filling and paperwork will go away. The guys that actually sit down and read through cases for hours and hours to build a case will make a shit ton more.

>> No.17621124

lmao the partners and senior associates don't do hours and hours of reading, the clerks and paralegals do that. They will just find new things for them to do so they can justify charging the clients. Smart contracts will just make things a lot more convenient and streamlined.

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Kinda like AWS for IT right now

>> No.17621389

Openlaw 3.0 will be an entire automated firm serving the people directly with little to no human interaction.

>> No.17621608

Openlaw is a really interesting service and it will probably automate jobs done by the paper mill chop shop attorneys but it is not going to make the jobs of people who are doing litigation and arbitration redundant.

>> No.17621682

There will be no need fir arbitrations where we are going.

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You are a certified brainlet if you actually believe that

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read the whitepaper newfag

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Oh wow you literally have no idea what lawyers and judges do. Congrats on being as dumb as an Indian!

>> No.17621806

nothingburger. also, a 20x in 3 years is pitiful. kek. call me when we're at $40 so i can dump on you again. in the mean time, i'll be buying BDK.

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>Oh wow you literally have no idea what lawyers and judges do. Congrats on being as dumb as an Indian!
Kek did I hit a rough point mr. law student? You're about to become obsolete buddy, keep crying for smart contracts cvck.

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>ctrl f chainlink
>0 results

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