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Do you guys use the acorns investing app? I've been using it but honestly thinking of just returning all my money back to my savings account

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these are clearly underage thots anon, what's wrong with you?

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How old are those girls? No idea whether 18 or 13

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t. boomers

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gross I would NEVER yuck gross

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acorn is stupid
Why would i want to invest 30 bucks a month or whatever ridiculous amount it is

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12/13. If your not 14 or under you are a pedo

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Omg ew fucking those girls should be illegal. I would never want to put my penis in their tight pussies, caress their incredibly smooth fit bodies or place my penis inside of the mouth of their symmetrical and clean faces. That is some sick ass shit

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Agreed, attempting to imagine them both suck my cock makes me ill.

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they said they'll put into a portfolio and make me gains, but I'm not really seeing it

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she is like 15 in that pic you fucking pedo, just because she has large tits that doesn't mean that she is a woman

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What interest rate are you getting in savings?
Use Etrade, it's been around since the 90's and no problems.

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Why do women think its okay to dress like this in public?

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I'm with this guy.
Gay and proud.

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15 is legal in many countries in Europe, also mentally she is 15 but physically she is more than prime enough for children. The ancients knew what was up

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unfathomably based

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she has big tits, there for ready to produce mommy milk

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a wise man on /tv/ once said the following:
All women are whores

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not an argument

And there are no limits on the age gap? I hope that you are joking.

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The girl in the video is brazilian, consent age in Brazil is 14 and no, there's no limit on age gap.

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>just because she has large tits that doesn't mean that she is a woman
that's where you are wrong soikiddo

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keep fucking used up non virgins with shitty eggs

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I've fucked and blown my load inside of German 15yos when I was in my late 20s. We all had a great time.

Stay mad retard puritanical fucks. Women are ready to fuck adult sized dicks starting at age 13, and you had better believe someone is there and willing to give it to them.

If you give a shit about the age of consent or think anything besides puberty indicates adulthood, then you are feminized brainwashed cattle.

If she can bear children ages fair game and fuck the communist feminists. They all got rooted by adult men in their teens too.

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1. the kind of girls that you seem to like lose their virginity at 12
2. the quality of the eggs doesn't matter since with your genetics any progeny that you will produce will always be trash

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god the feminist really did a number on you. 15 is the time a woman is ready to have children. the older they get the more likely the child will develop mental and physical problems.

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found the jealous roastie

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in germany? I heard Filipina teens will almost faint seeing a lighter skinned guy passing by their village

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>not used up
her body count is probably higher than her IQ

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Women don't find you attractive or funny, ask me how I know, incel.

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Acorns is a scam

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everyone disagrees with your opinions

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thats nasty...imagine if you took your hard cock and put in in their tight wet pussies. i cant even imagine....shudder

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Kek people got so pissed at this. I wouldn't say 15 is a child, but I agree that bottom of the barrel SMVcels go for underage girls mostly because of how easily impressionable they are.

That's why grooming exists and brown muslims go for them, 14-18 year olds dont really have standards, so that's why some of you sexually frustrated guys get so defensive when people shit talk pedos

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fell for the grooming bs
the pedo rates are a million times higher in the west, but you're not bombarded about it in the news like you are in the west

Epestien alone can rack up all the Muslim pedos alone and epstien was protected by the government itself

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>just because she has some nice big ol melons that I wanna bury my head and dick in after I kiss her pretty face doesn't mean we're allowed to be attracted to her

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This board doesn't need flags since Americans are so obvious

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That's called whataboutism fallacy
>we do it too!
That doesnt change the psychology of a 15 year old girl as being completely impressionable, which again is why you're just a groomer if you "date" one.
>but muh laws

These laws exist with the impression that marriages are being arranged between families, not for a late 20's freak walking up to a 15 year old in a park, which I'm sure a lot here think it is

Is ((((Roman Polanski)))) based?

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I'M 12 and they seem old as fuck wouldn't marry

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Exactly what is wrong with grooming(not little girls ofc)? Women are just oversized children and even if you got a 23 year old girl into you, you'd still be changing her views to revolve around yours since you are the man.

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nice ID get , mcJOb
weak b8 tho

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Philippines are swarming with FBI and human trafficking organizations though. Seems sketchy

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50 Link
for both

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Because women's knowledge of sexuality is not developed at 15. Around 19 is when women begin to understand, and the hypergamy goes into overdrive and they start searching for high SMV males.

Grooming is bad because it allows genetic dumpsters to pass on their genes. It is also statutory rape, because a 15 year old is retarded and has no life experience and again barely any knowledge of sexuality. Even if you go by the "women are property" approach, grooming still violates the father's consent of selling his daughter's purity to another man and is even unethical in that scenario.

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>19 is when women begin to understand
anon women are emotional creatures with no brains, they will never begin to understand and they will understand anything in the first place

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Oh god

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imagine their smells

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Not worth it under $3000 just based on fees. It is a good option for people who can't make the time to invest to save their lives though. The top up feature is good for that type of person. I only recommend it to people who are hopeless because I know they'll spend enough.

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they would make an excellent Moslim waifus if I could dress them appropriately and knock some respect into them

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Can confirm. Working at a nursing home with a bunch of womens. From teens to grandmas. A lot of good fucks though. Especially young chicks.

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literal wagie cagie walking blue pill insect lmao

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wtf I love BRBRBRBRBRBR now

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i knew there was something weird about them. Both those chicks are jews

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>unsupervised teenage girls ogle me and try to talk to me all the time in public
>sometimes won't let me ignore them
>have a taste for jb
>have a massive internal battle to not do something stupid and wind up with statutory charges
>so far have been fighting by just sticking with legal ultrapetites

I fucking hate it

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>teenage girls ogle me and try to talk to me all the time in public
lmao have sex and stop fantasizing

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Where do you find yourself in these situations

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that one on the right

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I just tell my daughter to invite some friends over for a water fight. Girls 7-11 love water play..

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People who think fucking a teenage girl is pedophilia don't belong here. FUCK OFF PLEBBITORS.

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i'm not a cunnyseur but i guess that's a good age before they turn into teens and pick up modern women talk calling you a creepy dad

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Grocery stores, parks, restaurants, movie theaters, malls especially

it's not an everyday thing, and it tends to happen in the warmer months. Usually happens around the same rate as with adult women mires and approaches (which I'm far more comfortable with). I get looks from women out with their partners a lot too, and that fires me up as well.

The "hot until they open their mouths and say something" is by all means true and is probably the most reliable deterrent. The AoC is 17 here and I did have a thing with my roommate's younger sister for a bit a few years ago but that was really only satisfying because she has an IQ of 140 and can hold meaningful conversations. Ended up just getting cucked by another dude my age that made 3x as much as me.

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I can tell you've read The Rational Male.

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Is it really illegal if you go overseas and fuck some teen pussy in a brothel? Even in japan?

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Guess you're a chad. Hope you enjoy it.

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>Grooming is bad because it allows genetic dumpsters to pass on their genes.

Genetic dumpsters literally deserve to pass on their genes as much as you or Brad Pitt does.

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just for you anon

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Do you think any parents would be suspicious if a dozen or so internet friends were also in attendance for these water fights?

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>Pedos doing mental gymnastics to justify their pedophilia

Here's your pill, retard

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Are you saying she's smarter than nuclear physicists?

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No, Japan is fine just expensive. Philippines is fine too as long as you aren't a pedo, but they do bust a lot of pedos.


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I believe that to be the point, good sir.

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Brazilian age of consent is 14 so the whores are g2g

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too old and too fat of an ass

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Get your low test figured out steven, no one cares you're ugly and women don't want to fuck you.

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good bait, mate

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>too fat of an ass

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I really need that second one on right

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Why are women such fucking harlots, bros? The temptation is strong, but I must resist.

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They look like the right age to me...

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God what a pussy. I would've had my fist in her ass

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2 years later she's already hit the wall.
On a side note, what a retarded tiktok/insta profile, so cringe. She really has no other purpose in life than getting fucked.

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>She really has no other purpose in life than getting fucked.
you just described every woman on this planet

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I gotchu bruv
dropbox com/sh/5b7nexxve5d6m1w/AACeKwrDLPFAfDHmoEP4_a3Ba?dl=0

merry christmas from a rich linker

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Literally is CP

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when i was 22 i had to stop working retail because the 17 year old Roasties would hit on me and the one time i said something back I got hit with sexual harassment complaint. I don't get it.

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all of the pictures in that dropbox are when she started doing softcore for paypal deposits as soon as she hit 18 you stupid retarded nigger.

Some of you people are just plain retarded

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She isn’t even 18 yet, you brainlet pedo>>17563853

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It's perfect
Get your low test checked faggot

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it's all downhill from there.

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How good were the grannies though?

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LINK OG here
how do i get one of these
10k link for step by step intstrucitons

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kys poltard

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god damn, she is ready

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nailed it fren, literally my favourite fram of the video too, too lazy to cap it

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I'd vow my eternal love to the one on the right
jesus christ she's beautiful

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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Fuck the Jews for keeping the best wombs to themselves

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most def has hit the wall and is looking not as cute... also she hangs with mexicants so no thanks she's gets beaned

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