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Thank god the nu-link pajeets are going to fuck off now.

Obviously they will just migrate to another shitcoin, however their leaders might actually face some significant consequences

>Murder threats
>Tax evasion

Eat shit pajeets

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Unsure if based because you are a discord tranny. Fuck nulink pajeets regardless

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Funny thing is I'm very active on their discord and little do they know, I'm literally a snitch rat :^)

Sup guys guess who I am lmao

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I saved it from someone else but I think their is a exception for being a discord tranny if your actively building a legal case against them with the intent of destroying their lives.

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> Based weaponized autism
I stand corrected

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i know who you are.

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Now this is epic, random guy throws a random joke in a discord group and you think its a valid threat.
Where do you think we live? China?
Id laugh but this is just getting embarrassing

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All discord trannies get the rope

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Once again
>Threaten murder
>Discuss tax evasion
>I..It was just a joke XD

You mother fucking trannies will pay for your transgressions

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Imagine you retards doxing innocent people just because they have steam added to their discord accounts and joined this discord.

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hope youre not referring to Mihoi, that's me and idc f they have screenshots of the drama on discord just wanted to put it on the record.

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imagine planning felonies on discord when your steam ID is attached to your username. how retarded do you have to be?

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But you look so butthurt in this thread.

Keep going and trying to explain how this one person in a discord is destroying your life.

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discord trannies up to their usual antics

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Fuck off with your faggot tripcode

The seething in this thread is strong

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>The seething in this thread is strong
t. filthy nulinker and discord tranny

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>Fuck off with your faggot tripcode
No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.
The box. You opened it. We came. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures.
We have such sights to show you

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checked and keked

But can you do more then just post rando gifs?

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What is nuLink and why us this discord tranny drama on my board. Leave for a week and this is what it turns into. Jfc.

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>But can you do more then just post rando gifs?
fine, here's some good videos to watch with your morning coffee:
another crypto video:

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NuLink is chainlink poison and they just got it injected into their veins

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>Holding Nukink and not the original Shadowlink

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and you'll kys when nulink flips link in 2021

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I'm honestly here for the nulinker seething, but projection is a common form of coping.
I hope your day turns around.

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>why dont you let me know who you are
>bitch made faggot

Is this person mentally retarded? Why would the person come forward? Only outcome is he'll get banned by that whiny faggot ass admin and he'll no longer be able to screenshot stuff. Really makes my neurons fire

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He's mad because he's used to being able to down vote and attack someone's identity. Imagine throwing a tantrum on your little circle jerk about it. The absolute state of nulink discord trannies.

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why does nulink make you so mad? Could it be that you're threatened by the fact that nulink will have KYC-less oracles before oldlink?

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I'm not mad, that was a serious question. I called the admin a whiny faggot ass because thats how he acts, not because I have any emotional response to the topic.
But of course you already know that and are just trying to shill this joke.

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>nulinker seething

Haven't seen this yet, is that what the OP is trying to convey in the epic monument of butthurt being displayed?

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Who is going to use KYC-less oracles and for what purpose? Does the pajeet running nulink have the skills to develop it further? I swear the average intelligence of this board is going downhill.

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This is the first nulinker thread I've paid attention too. Question have they really been reported to the FBI and are they now in panic mode?

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Yeah they got swatted for attempts at hurting your feelings

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>Who is going to use KYC-less oracles and for what purpose?
kek are oldlinkers this retarded? Oldlink was always shilled as a decentralized kyc-less oracle network. But they lied and pivoted into scam KYC oracles cause they were too incompetent to make the thing decentralized.

the question is more why the fuck would anyone use oldlink KYC oracles (hint: no one does).

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>throws insults to avoid addressing valid concerns
It's okay keep holding your valuable asset Ranjeet.

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>hurting your feelings
No hurt feelings. Just relief when I no longer see 20 nulink threads. The icing on the cake will be if some of you retards really do end up in court over this pnd.

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Your gonna get flipped dude

It happens when someone else beats you to the punch and you fail to innovate. Basically your bags are getting heavier and heavier.

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lmao who ever posted that is mad as fuck and clearly helplessly to do anything about it so they typed up that pathetic rant kek

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You are so fucking delusional

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They are getting heavier because of the profits lmao. I bought most of my 30k stack at 20-25c.

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Hahahaha fucking rekt

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let's take down nulink together, fellers. join this op to discuss further actions to be taken.

discord /444QsN

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Nice projection. I find it hilarious that your little circlejerk has already been infiltrated and there's nothing you can do about it. You think shilling this hard like a Pajeet will actually come to anything. It only makes your "project" look more than a scam. Stay mad.

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this is the gayest shit i have ever seen, and I am a Ferrum holder.

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Discord trannies will be used to trial the proof of concept assassination smart contracts.

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Sergey should probably watch his back

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>cry for a week straight that you will call the feds on us
>people you are talking to become aware that you're a massive faggot
am i missing anything?

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LMAOOO it's the "bitch made" faggot! god i hate that nigget
everyone point at the faggot and laugh as he goes to court

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nobody cares

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You sound clenched up is there something lodged in your anus?

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*Breathes in*
AAAAAH, the lovely smell of burnt discord trannies. Your pain and fear warms my hollow heart. I am grinning from ear to ear watching you squirm over this. You are afraid because you realize you fucked up. You are going to get v& and raped in prison.

You fucking threatened the one chance we have at making it here. The one thing we believe in together. The one chance at escaping the slavery and incel life many of us now suffer. You think this is a joke? Laugh away trannies. We have no sympathy for whats coming to you.

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Based, even though your reading comprehension skills are subpar and you quoted me (>>17553093)
Fuck NuLink
Fuck discord trannies

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Let them find out on their own

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