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What did Satoshi mean by this?

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he has no clue what he is talking about, as usual. Shit is working fine.

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i-is he implying that different miners mining at different times result in separate fucking chains?

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What will occur 8-12 times a day? This doesn’t make any fucking sense.

>think what happens when 10,000 nodes solve a puzzle with 3 seconds

Thats not even fucking english, what the fuck is this moron saying?

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i don't even understand anything he said, like usual it's just garbage

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Kek y’all mother fuckers are retarded. If two nodes mine a block simultaneously, they both add a new separate block to the chain, but the chain with majority consensus wins and the other chain dies. If 10,000 blocks are made at once... consensus is more problematic. Which chain wins?

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your fucking retarded

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when farms don't make profit you are going back to rasperry mining and it will be just like in op pic
this halving or a future one will kill btc

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>when farms don't make profit you are going back to rasperry mining and it will be just like in op pic
That's not what he's saying at all.

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Ge talks about ETH 2.0

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no, that's what i am saying

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>wat are uncle blocks
lol you fucking boomer. Go suck the tit of creg again to try and shove some other retarted shit down our throat tomorrow

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The more you read it, the more retarded it becomes.

>10k nodes in a "low-powered system"
>can resolve a 1mb block in 3 seconds

>1 million nodes in a "raspberry pi system"
>can resolve a 1mb block in 10,800 to 7,200 seconds

Seriously what in the world.

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are you by any chance mixing up nodes with mining pools?
because it seems like you are

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More nodes is like Ddos attack all the time. This just lag the network.

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