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i hate you so fucking much

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kys chainsinker classic tard. I can smell your breath thousands of miles away. You seethed these past weeks for what? You chainlink bags dumping? LOL. Yea you got a good return but its all down from here. Did you read the nuLink whitepaper? Its gonna absolutely replace every function your shit coin served. Might as well sell your bags now. You're gonna regret not doing so when your pos (piece of shit) coin is down in the dollar range. I'm gonna be sipping on nice glasses of champagne when nuLink flips your blue garbage. Enjoy the fomo sweetie :)

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if christ didn't exist i would say you're irredeemable

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It's all so tiresome frens but we're going to make it

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There are many Links, but only 1 True Link
Comfy with my 2mil stack

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>says sweetie ever
kek you are pathetic

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Kek will smit the unbelievers. As Lord Sergey of Nazareth sayth "go ye and be decentralized"

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FinNexus guarantee interaction that aids integration and Interaction between services and chains

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