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who /shorthebottom/

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How does futures work and where do you read them?

I'm new to this stocks thing. What even are futures?

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Reminder that these are the people giving you financial advice, actual factual nigger felons

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I really don't think anybody has any benefit to keep dumping here but fuck we are in clown market anyways so I don't know why this would be different. Reminder to exit all markets before the election ramps up

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Why don't you read the fucking OP?

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He is also a Stocktwits pnd shill jej

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Literally google, if it was some nuance thing you had a question for it would make sense to ask a question here but fucking look it up on jewtube.

A better question would be are futures usually accurate in predicting if the next day. Seems like last week they were not.

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The easiest way to watch futures is to going to investing.com and look at index futures. These will be delayed 15 minutes from real time.

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Who remembers this guy? What ever happened to him?

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>>17527238 #
Does that 20% really require hospitalization? A bed, fluids, and an oxygen tank can be set up anywhere, can’t it?

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Either arrested or he smartened up and returned the moolah

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Reminder that recessions are nothing but a blip on the radar in hindsight. As long as you've got transferable skills to make it through tough times, you'll be fine.

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The best thing that could happen right now is a crab market. Just to say FUCK YOU to all these speculators.

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I agree.

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Yeah but most of us don’t

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buy gold now

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Then collect NEET fag unemployment bux

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And if I don't?

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Trading isn't going to stop.

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Thanks Boomer Loki

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But I still want to try to make it™
Fake news

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Some of you are alright, I'm giving you my final shill... get in while you can. Also, fuck tripfags.

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you wont own any gold

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holy shit

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Confirmed. The time of the great flippening is upon us.

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Its gonna be good, I am very excited. I will come here and be mad if I lose money but know it is in jest if I do.

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Not volatile enough desu, no point in tying up money in light gains when I can day and swing trade biotech.

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Fraudulent and homosexual. They could close the trading floor if they wanted but the exchange would still be open. Trading floor is mainly just a tourist attraction.

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ive seen a lot of leaked vids out of china since their quarantine went into effect
dont know any chinese, so it makes it hard to determine context. most are over the time limit allowed to post here, and have sound. many of the others have seemingly been hash blocked and i get either "post failed" or autob&.

but the one that ive seen that was most concerning was of a completely empty factory, with all the equipment and lights on, running and doing absolutely nothing

apparently one of the things that china uses as a metric for factories running is electricity usage. in the quarantined provinces, ive heard rumors that theyve had a lot of trouble getting people back to work (understandable), so it would seem that party leaders are ordering factory overseers to run up the energy bill to try and mask it.
if thats happening, and the PMI is STILL this low, it could be very bad in terms of economic impact to the US and the rest of the world over the next few quarters.

personally, im not too concerned with the actual fatality risk, but i do feel that our healthcare system will be pushed to its absolute limit should it break out here, as the hospitalization stats are MUCH higher than the stats of people who actually kick the bucket. and our hospitals already run at or near max capacity in urban centers, even during normal times. that will leave nil for ANYONE else with any other issues,

ill try and see if i can post the vid of the factory on /gif/ or something, but i might just get autob&. ill crosslink it here if it works

i honestly think itll be the latter
FED has to do something soon or were gonna all eat dirt
idk why theyve been so complacent all last week

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Lets be honest, its going to be green monday thanks to the Fed,
instead of going down, we are going to get an artificial bull trap

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It was nice knowing you guys, I’m heading to my bunker >>17528456

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I can't find this, link to story?
Also, you are a faggot

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Hows my 2 year chart look bros?

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I remember that guy. Those call positions got rekt.

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see you tmmrw when we pump babe

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what does the "n" stand for? nigger?

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nobody has time for this garbage gains

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if this ends up being a retrovirus how fucked are the markets?

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dude really man was it necessary to use that word not cool

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Thanks! Nice to see a human on 4chan.

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>falling for the biotech meme

eh, alright, third times the charm, cant be as bad as the other two i fell for

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I honestly think next quarter will be the big one.
Fair point, I kind of agree. Not to be dramatic but this shit will blow up by end of year. Their tech is insanely undervalued as of rn.

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Soft hand retards BTFO

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My retirement account is -10% YTD

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I won't go to sleep until Nasdaq 100 futures go red

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What are you talking about? Coronavirus is already an established virus family.

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What is this in comparison to? What is the y-axis supposed to be?

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He doesn’t hedge his retirement account with a 1%
Never gonna make it

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His hormone therapy doses.

>> No.17528575

looks steady - good job.

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so how fucked am I for buying some tech stocks Friday afternoon?

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>people unironically believed this a year ago

Reminder that the stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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then go and do a fud '' the windows is narrowing... ''


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nigger, the new n word is nazi. guarantees demonetization.

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we have it.

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I am unironically close to the point of pulling it all and living off my day job and 100k in per annum interest for the rest of my life and I just started trading last year.

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yeah but nigger is more fun to say.

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What's your balance there, big guy?

>> No.17528612


you'll be fine

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to be fair, teddy bear is a member of the ethiopian peoples ruling party. ethiopia is a vassal of the CCP
not only that, but the WHO itself receives something like a third of its funding from the CCP directly.
so i would take anything that guy says with a tablespoon of salt, unless you trust the chinese govt implicitly

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I mean has characteristics of a retrovirus like latching on to your DNA like the conspiracy /pol/ is propping up

>> No.17528618

>Doesn't post acc value

Haha 10k up?

>> No.17528620

It will be green tomorrow
after that I don't know, it could crash and burn or it could rebound, your choice, I'm mostly in low risk positions right now.

>> No.17528624


reading pol

the composition of the virus is already know.

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Do you know viruses work?


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Why the fuck these threads going so fast now?!?!

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high volatility = cant sleep through open fuck

>> No.17528650

yeah they change the dna of cells and then those cells create more viruses instead of doing their fucking job.

>> No.17528658


As someone who’s fallen for no less than 9 I’ve got bad news for you bro

>> No.17528661


because this is the biggest deal since like 2008 lol and people are FREAKIN OUT MAN

>> No.17528662

its an RNA virus
as far as we know, it has absolutely no capability of altering host DNA whatsoever
dont listen to /pol/
theyve stared too long into the nigger, and have become the nigger themselves

>> No.17528665

cant sleep through open = staying up all night fuck

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Its total the dollar amount, so you can compare it directly to a 2 year chart of S&P500 or whatever. Just imagine each line is $50K or something.

Well, most is in stocks, but I completely redid my portfolio near the end of 2019. Thats the small dip and reverse course you see. Those big up/downs mid 2019 are cash deposits and the first time I tried doing options. I've become much better at them now. Big spike at the end was TSLA and SPCE, big drop is corona week.

I'm only allowed to pick certain funds.

>started trading last year
>10x his account value
What did you buy? I'm sure you just YOLOs shit. This looks like the definition of beginners luck.

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For that anon who asked me questions about SNSS last thread
I doubt it will drop that low again, anon. Two catalysts are this week. I don't want to tell you to just buy that couple hundred willy-nilly but I generally view anything under $1 a share as obvious buy territory
$1 calls would be good even in March. You might consider some $2 April calls? I'm no good with options though so don't quote me on that. But I'm reasonably certain it will be over $2 in April.

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we caught a virus, these threads are infected with newfags, davids, morons that are willing to listen to the first piece of advice, and yeah what ever... welcome home buddy... i don't life fat chicks but this one's for you.

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You need to look at the 10ks for any company, biotechs are especially important though.

>> No.17528693

3 hours to London open. If it spikes I might have to yolo my remaining cash. I don't think ill catch a good open though. Shits gonna spike if Europe rebounds.

>> No.17528696

/smg/ post density is directly proportional to market volatility

>> No.17528698

Will all the idiots stockpiling groceries and supplies from costco this week be included in Costco's earnings report this thursday?

>> No.17528700

What are some other 24/7 markets like crypto?

>> No.17528706

Why in the fuck are the futures green? I want more red dildos.

>> No.17528714

$2 april calls... are you that fucking retarded? stop sumping for that shit, you had a ton of profit to take... what ever, stop being that fucking dumb bro.

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>> No.17528716

just open a Robinhood account for you hedges lmao
Not rocket science

>> No.17528724

so is /biz/ in general
i remember one time overlaying the BTC chart and the /biz/ post count chart and they were almost identical

>> No.17528726

Negro we learned in high school biology is that a retrovirus like HIV is just s virus that works through RNA instead of dna. Did some of you drop out?

Ahaha like How is insomnia even a thing like just drop some xanax bro like just mix it with alcohol and dude weedbro. Just max out on the downers and cut out the uppers.
Just go heavy on some of that tussin

>> No.17528731

it's your id, you wanted red, i wanted green... what ever baggie wins.

>> No.17528740

youre betting directly against the FED m8
wtf did you expect?

>> No.17528745

makes sense
I almost want to write a script and see if it's actually true
maybe it's even useful

>> No.17528746

You didnt heard? Apocalypse postponed. Mayan calendar was wrong again.

>> No.17528749

>24 hours
>like crypto
Nothing that trades 24 hours has volatility anywhere close to crypto. The closest you could get would be

Not sure what you mean? I can't choose the broker for my retirement account. You mean take separate money and make hedges? Against mutual funds? Seems kind of pointless. I just put all disposable income into my normal trading account.

>> No.17528750

1% of what? SH?

>> No.17528755

I love this song....


>> No.17528757

covid-19 does not have that capability
go read any of the studies out so far about it

>> No.17528765


>What did you buy? I'm sure you just YOLOs shit. This looks like the definition of beginners luck.

I bought a few thousand AMD at $2 awhile back through etrade, decided to try to roll it into something more meaningful. I just followed biotech for a year, unironically SNSS quintupled my initial investment and then inb4ing CODX and VIR blowing up made me a millionaire. I am going to get my ass taxed off and I hate Jewry and the whole concept of money not earned through labor, but I guess being good to go for the rest of my days feels relaxing.

>> No.17528767

I have three accounts, 401k, IRA, and an options account I use to hedge and actively make plays with a few thousand .

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Who cares? A retrovirus is still just a class of virus. If it is or isn’t gives us very little to no useful practical information.

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>> No.17528782

1% of your vested net
So if you have 100k invested hedging with 1k in options mitigates loses when things are oversold

>> No.17528790

Pretty good

Post more music, anons, so I have something to do while I wait for open

>> No.17528794

It's ridiculous. The market is gonna crash again if the Fed force the stock market to rise.

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I'm gonna buy some TSLA and BYND.

Is this retarded, Im new to stocks but wanna build up a portfolio like my crypto

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heavenly image
heavenly trips

>> No.17528797

the only thing im trying to do with this statement is dispel nu/pol/niggers and their DISinformation
fucking sue me

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get fucking hype anon

>> No.17528814

>Nothing that trades 24 hours has volatility anywhere close to crypto. The closest you could get would be
What about forex + leverage?

>> No.17528815

but itll help let their buddies get out
try to minimize the amount of hedgies throwing themselves out of their windows, ya know?
thats a real bad look

>> No.17528823

I’m on your team bro no friendly fire.

>> No.17528825

Its a scam even worse than crypto.

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Good for you, anon. Now remember that money you have made is real. Treat it with as much caution as you would treat your savings account. The minute you start thinking of it as disposable "house money" you get wrecked so bad so fast. Don't be rookie trader me and totally blow it because I got lucky too early and didn't understand I wasn't actually good at trading.

>> No.17528829


wtf lunch break in the middle of the night what is it with japanese people

>> No.17528830

we cool m8

>> No.17528835

that's not even my favorite track from that album... give me a moment...


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Here's a good End Of The World thread theme https://youtu.be/RMEauTuOSK0

For that unique "humans figured out how to transfer consciousness into a digital form and eventually discarded the physical world until a once-in-a-millennium solar flare destroyed it all in an instant, and you've stumbled underground into an old abandoned computer consulting firm with crumbling earthtone walls and the wireframe model on the monitor is a lost soul who has been trapped inside their own mind for countless ages desperately screaming for escape" feeling

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>> No.17528842

Nope. Next quarter.

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>> No.17528849

I didn't even know there were lunch breaks in the stock markets lmao.

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TMDX isn't biotech, my dear tripfag. If you type TMDX into Warosu, you can find my arguments as to why I think the company is insanely undervalued as well as that of a couple autismos who have tagged along. My shill is this, I work in the business and my (major) transplant center uses the TMDX OCS every day, it makes or breaks some of our transplants. I don't have insight into their sales numbers or anything but I know for an absolute fact that we have spent millions on their products and our 'rival' center has done the same. Their products are now the industry standard. The only issue with the stock is that it is kind of low volume which I don't anticipate changing until UTHR buys them out before EOY 2021.

>> No.17528855

>AMD at $2
Lucky pick.
Ok dude, good for you but never trade again if you want to keep your money.

>> No.17528864

shame we dont have it here desu
bells are the most fun parts anyways
imagine if we had four a day instead of two

>> No.17528866

Pretty retarded to invest right now, I'd give it a few weeks once volatility has died down.

BYND failed its ER a few days ago I guess and I've seen people say TSLA will dip to ~500 (dont really believe it but its a clown stock so it might). I'd invest in something a little less speculative if I were you.

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uh anon...

>> No.17528888

What are your predictions for earnings?

You have no direct association to this company beyond using their products at work, right? I'm asking this because you're not far away from their main office.

>> No.17528891

here's a reload.

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in the long run were all dead, innit?

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anyone likes metal here's one of my favorite guitar solo sets

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>> No.17528905


>> No.17528907

Why the slump now? No more Bank of Japan pumps?

>> No.17528919

guys im sorrry.... i didn't mean to turn this bobo show into a bull dance party....

>> No.17528923

This is inevitable with a rising population. What really matters is standard of living, which if displayed on a chart like this, would be exactly inverse.

>> No.17528926


>never trade again if you want to keep your money.

Why do you say that? I made my fortune specifically by avoiding safe bets and sticking to volatile tech and bio stocks, it wasn't incidental, I am simply decent at pattern recognition and either called runs or bought into them early.

>> No.17528943

probably saving ammo for later

>> No.17528953

Whatever just capitulate on your Vix puts tommrow so we can rally

>> No.17528964

bless my gains oh powerful chuu and friends

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>It's all good bro, just hold the bags for a few years, bro
Also, the idea that stonks only go up is a meme

>> No.17528980

Lel those tight green candles in futures

Who could it be

>> No.17528984


>> No.17528985

All you faggots think that the US economy is the same as some gook island.
Guess what? It’s not, look at gdp, and total corporate revenue you fucking smooth brained Imbecile

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>> No.17528995

Heh. Remember that time when the history of the Nikkei was relevamt to the future of us stocks?

>> No.17528996


>> No.17528998


do people really believe it s the fed pumping instead of big funds

>> No.17528999

Its the most controlled market, like many factors more than the normal market and its not cheap. Read up:

> it wasn't incidental
You bought bio stocks at pennies thinking they will go up because... reasons? Do you know how many bio companies go bankrupt every year? Almost all of them. AMD was $2 last in 2016, everyone thought it was going bankrupt. You bought a bunch of really shitty stocks that were going to bankrupt but by some miracle they pulled through and came back massively. You're clearly very cocky now, so maybe you should invest again, just so you lose it all. It will be an important lesson.

>> No.17529008

Oh anon if only you understood what you really are, you’d know you have it so much worse than that. See you in the post-entropy probability cloud and in the reroll.

>> No.17529013

i barely remember the 80s, so no

>> No.17529025

hes right
the fish your swmming with in FX make every other markets whales seem like minnows

>> No.17529026

who would buy into this market? it has little to do with investment and is an obvious attempt by boomers and scammers to nake a quick buck.
A market like that will ineviteably collapse.

>> No.17529027

No a couple kind souls from big funds stopped by to let us know it would bounce Monday. You can always tell by the way they post. I plan to sell off my puts Monday morning and try to short the top.

>> No.17529037

more cheap puts

>> No.17529041

i remember tomorrow and shit... it was full of songs we used to listen to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlDgQOd3p-0

>> No.17529049

we've been telling them pre-2012 nikkie is irrelevant for years for they dont listen, its pointless

>> No.17529051
File: 29 KB, 495x362, apu523222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17529053
File: 233 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-26-04-45-35-484_com.snapchat.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice quads. I know some of their marketing people, but they all have clinical backgrounds and one of them is actually a former coworker so I trust their version of things.

Honestly, as far as the upcoming earnings are concerned I really don't know. The major catalyst happened in December of last year where NCDU did the first domestic DCD heart transplant using the OCS. Since that happened, the whole business has exploded with interest in it. The only alternative to the OCS is the tried, true and shitty xclamp -> perfusate -> ice method, the OCS is a lot better.

I'm kind of veering off topic. If you have any other questions to ask, I'll be up for a while longer so feel free to go ahead.

>> No.17529062


>You bought bio stocks at pennies thinking they will go up because... reasons?

Because oncological concerns are massive, and Sunesis has been around since the 90s with drugs in the approval pipeline.

The other stuff was related to coronavirus, I simply picked likely vaccine sources such as VIR and MRNA. I bought CODX because I read that they had a reliable Coronavirus test in the pipeline while researching the vaccine firms.

Research and situational awareness objectively came before luck in making me money. I'm not cocky because money means little and does not improve the inherent qualities of a person.

>> No.17529072

a company that cures cancer and only hemerages money????


>> No.17529081
File: 706 KB, 700x700, 1583091875496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trust the faggots that won't call a pandemic a pandemic

>> No.17529093


All labs hemorrhage money, they are kept afloat by their patents and by big pharma to continue research.

>> No.17529094

It was mentioned on CNBC is that a big pension fund has been buying big into the clothes on Friday, I brought it up here but it was dismissed.

Yeah that was kind of my point. It’s still maybe useful for me because I want to know what BOJ is doing and I want to short the Nikkei while buying Nintendo and Sony. I want kuroda to save the day but I’m currently betting against him.

>> No.17529098

define "pandemic"

>> No.17529122


>> No.17529129

This is such a rookie way of thinking
>I was obviously right because it went up
There are TONS of cancer companies and they are all worthless, you just picked the one that blew up. You could say the same thing about Sunesis as you could nearly every other cancer research company and you would have lost it all.

>Research and situational awareness objectively came before luck in making me money.
Every newbie who wins the lottery thinks this shit. I'm just trying to warn you that you're not the genius you think you are and you should save at least SOME of that money. Go ahead and try it again and see what happens.

>> No.17529132

Oof. I’m not normally I to girls this meaty but I’d sacrifice my beaver warrior to slam the hungry burger of that dick magician girl.

>> No.17529136

That which triggers pandemic bonds

>> No.17529146

Futures were green half last week

>> No.17529147
File: 2.15 MB, 4032x3024, 15831275421262644641249687134558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah.. but it's been really fast.. speaking of day chicks.. I'm playing pool and there's some fat lesbians making out in the corner... Fucking gross as fuck

>> No.17529148


>> No.17529151

>If you have any other questions to ask, I'll be up for a while longer so feel free to go ahead.
No, that's great, I won't bother you with further questions and my TMDX position is quite small anyways. Thanks for the disclosure, this is why you're my favorite shill here.

>> No.17529159
File: 85 KB, 1204x1203, Screenshot (690).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any bets on how to make the best quick buck on this one day pump?
was thinking of buying TSLA as it has such a parallel chart in this last dump

>> No.17529166

Ima try to get a picture of them kissing.. they keep grabbing each other's ass and shit..... Fucking hell man.. if you're gunna be lesbian atleast be hot

>> No.17529171
File: 47 KB, 600x400, 1583045092218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same desu, she is the polar opposite of what i'm typically into but yup, i would sacrifice all of my tmdx shares (except 1) for a single glimpse of her turdcutter irl

>> No.17529174

dykes are truly insufferable people. they're waiting for someone to comment so they can act indignant and feel victimized. dykes live for confrontation. especially ugly ones.

>> No.17529178


>> No.17529179
File: 33 KB, 333x559, puuuuuuu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is that your gf anon?

>> No.17529192

You could probably find cheaper prostitutes in your area for that unless you own a truly tiny amount.

Have you shown your holdings yet?

>> No.17529194

damn that is a good pool club.

>> No.17529195
File: 99 KB, 320x177, x905x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they are pumping it to 40k yen do not short

>> No.17529199


When figuring out how to reinvest my AMD earnings I watched the market and tried my hand at calling runs for a few months before investing any money, I found runs that made a minimum of 40% profit at a rate of 85% of guesses. I am making no claims to being a genius, I simply have a method of refining my guesswork to be somewhat reliable and confirmed this over a period of time to avoid fluking.

It's not a fluke.

>There are TONS of cancer companies and they are all worthless

Sunesis would not be around for over 20 years if it had nothing, and it currently has several cancer medications in the approval pipeline.

>> No.17529210

>All you faggots think that the US economy is the same as some gook island.
> Guess what? It’s not, look at gdp, and total corporate revenue you fucking smooth brained Imbecile

Do you understand the federal reserve and the criticism against it's decision to keep the federal funds rate extremely low for almost a decade?

>> No.17529214

are you ok?

>> No.17529215

i only play 9-ball. niggers and spics love that 8-ball game but give me ball in hand and it's over.

>> No.17529216
File: 170 KB, 1079x3827, lcigf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she cute

>> No.17529224

yeah i had the caps lock on... sorry, need more music...


>> No.17529230

COVID-19 is the disease, smooth brain

Corona Chan is the virus, or SARS-CoV-2, as the medfags call her

>> No.17529232
File: 104 KB, 576x760, 42C05E17-7AD0-4F9B-8AD2-B8BEC243B1A9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In this Market, Bag holds you, Bully.

>> No.17529235

whats so good about credit spreads? it doesnt seem that great

>> No.17529236
File: 922 KB, 739x693, 1567356908933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17529247
File: 104 KB, 350x308, seems....odd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

girl on the right just has child-bearing hips.
don't judge.

>> No.17529260

>whats so good about credit spreads?
to limit your risk and decrease the amount of capital needed for a position (if your broker doesn't allow naked options)

>> No.17529274

Will I regret putting a trailing stop order of 1% on SPXS?

>> No.17529282

im not a big girl guy... if you like them like that... its ok.

>> No.17529292
File: 20 KB, 154x153, 1425249500900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

slow climb back to ATH starts tommorow

>> No.17529293

have sex loser

>> No.17529294

It's a dive bar... Some pros come thru tho and gamble
Na.. the one on the right .. just a fuck buddy.. she's realllly good at pool tho

>> No.17529295

eh, the body isn't so much the issue as her being nonwhite

>> No.17529296

i lost my virginity at like 17 years old with a fat ass girl who loved my cooking... and i told her she'd love what im making and told her to get the fuck out of the kitchen....

>> No.17529306

> found runs that made a minimum of 40% profit at a rate of 85% of guesses
> I am making no claims to being a genius
Thats exactly what this is. if you could guess anything goes up with more than 50% certainty, then you could be a trillionaire. On top of that, you come here asking /biz/ for advice, and then insist 10,000% gains is not a fluke after a few years of investing. You can't tell me anything substantial about SNSS that puts it in a better position than any other caner research company. Longer company existence points to higher risk since they've done nothing for 20 years. And every research company has medicine in the approval pipeline. I tell you to put away some of your shit to be safe, but nobody is going to stop you from trying to 100 times again. Do it.

>> No.17529312

she was as dark as could be... niggeress.... fuck what was i thinking.

>> No.17529316

It's gross they are like almost having sex at some points ... Like really bad.....

Lol.. everyone trys to get at her... It's truly funny cause people will buy her drinks then she comes and gives them to me... She has the place on lock.. she will get people 86ed if she just doesn't like em..

>> No.17529328

I'll play you 9 and whoop your ass... I have people that try to find me around town just to play.. I sometimes get a crowd around me just to watch me play...

>> No.17529329

Race traitor scum

>> No.17529332

DAX in two hours

>> No.17529334

i don't like her curly hair... that's a fucking nightmare i don't need to wake up next to... who cares if she's got hips... i got a gook.

>> No.17529337

FinNexus has two sets of APIs.

>> No.17529346
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>> No.17529347

She's short and already has a kid :/

>> No.17529353

i was like 15-17 what ever... i fucked so many fatties... man looking back... i've had to have put my penis in at least 20 or 30 women...

>> No.17529365


>you come here asking /biz/ for advice

Never, I came here looking for camaraderie since I don't know anyone in my life who trades. Instead I see a bunch of people trying to make money on 10% margins and blue chips who ridicule my deliberate attempts to profit greatly and quickly as pure luck.

>I tell you to put away some of your shit to be safe, but nobody is going to stop you from trying to 100 times again. Do it.

I already pulled everything back to the account during the biotech runs last week, only 10% of my current fund is actually invested right now. I have no delusions of grandeur, I invested money that I didn't need and thus probably took some severe risks with it, but that's how you make life changing money, risk.

>> No.17529372 [DELETED] 
File: 9 KB, 597x164, 1566048321283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm torn because I would bet my life on the fact that this company will be bought out for >$100/share next year, but it is also manipulated by the ~75% institutional owners. In short, my thesis is as follows: fuck jannies, fuck kikes, fuck niggers and of course, fuck tripfags.

>> No.17529384

i'll tell you what... read some of the books in the op... there's honestly good shit and universally true shit that applies to any market.. if you can read candle charts, you can trade.

>> No.17529391


>> No.17529406

who was the guy looking for music.// this is one of my favorite.. top 50 all time.


>> No.17529411

Ok, good, so whats your investment plan now? What are you going to buy? Please dont say gold or a savings account.

However, heres something you might be interested in if you want to do something really new, become an accredited investor and fund start ups or businesses directly. (Though you may not qualify because you are too new.)

>> No.17529415
File: 244 KB, 1658x1056, 1577164077178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a 30 year old boomer and I fucked just over 80 women, only 2 of them fatties, before I met and married my virgin hapa waifu.
Again I'm not trying to be dramatic but the OCS is like transistors vs vacuum tubes. TMDX will be bought out in a year or two and you'll probably double your investment. This is all just educated speculation though so don't go all in or anything.

>> No.17529421

Yes. BYND is waaaaaay overpriced. Fake meat isn't difficult, going to get their shit pushed in as BigFood moves into the market

>> No.17529434

what ever... do you talk with your wife about your past partners? or do you just lie to her daily and deny her that part of your life?

>> No.17529447

oh you're a virgin tranny medical corp shill... i'm bag holding and what ever if we moon im on board already.

>> No.17529454
File: 16 KB, 350x347, 1562134053459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm mobile posting and I normally have you filtered dude but 1) you seriously have to stop drinking, I feel some kind of Hippocratic duty to at least say that much and 2) a lot of Asian women have A++ wide hips, sorry you're missing out brah,

>> No.17529456


>Ok, good, so whats your investment plan now?

I was thinking real estate since the market is bubbled and likely to tank again.

>> No.17529485

Tomorrow BYND is getting a huge deal from Fortune 500 company, meaning BILLIONS screenshot this post

>> No.17529495

my gook GF has the Star of David shaped vagina, and my penis is shaped like that so it's so perfect... i had to fuck a few fatties and make some girls bleed before i found my one.... she's my one. I can't imagine life with out her because her success makes me happy and I never give her less than everything.

>> No.17529504

uh oh? what's that? futures pulling back a little?

dont worry tomorrow will be green and the next day and the next day, trust that stocks always go up

>> No.17529518

im not attracticted to asses, and doggy style shit...i like faces, and real emotion and relationships.... maybe your priest showed yoou the light of christ is getting ass fucked faggot.

>> No.17529525

>real estate bubble
I've been waiting for years for this, but I dont see a huge drop coming for a long time. I would say wait for the fed to lower rates and then get a mortgage to help fund it, maybe even get 2 houses. Then you can rent them out using a property management company. Don't expect much growth or income from it though.

>> No.17529537

Dude her hair isn't cutely... I currently have a curly headed bitch fucking stalking me.... Never again!!! Like straight psycho

>> No.17529545

There's literally no way stocks will ever go down again. The stocks themselves are simply too big to fail now. If you bought in before 2014, you see set for life. Everyone else will eat shit whole the federal reserve prints infinite money to rob everyone who isn't all in on stocks. They're going to MOON. Anyone with an SP500 index fund is going to be living in a mansion full of sexy slaves within the next decade. And the best part is this is guaranteed! It's Fed policy! YOU CANNOT LOSE. GO ALL IN TOMORROW, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT

>> No.17529548
File: 243 KB, 680x509, stop spraying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17529551
File: 78 KB, 250x238, 1572598580237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cheap flights
>cheap cruise
>less crowds

Perfect time to go on a fucking holday bros, unless you're a 40+ year old it's perfectly safe.

>> No.17529553

real estate will decline slightly, don't expect more than an 8% drop from current prices.... you can get steals... probate courts and people dumping, you have to know those types of lawyers, and look to find deals.

>> No.17529569


House flipping is spiking, worse than it did last time which was 2008. The crash or at least a severe correction is coming.

>> No.17529573

You’re probably right... but would you dare to go long right now? They’re quarantining small cities and shutting down schools.

A lot of the damage could be baked in, I don’t really think they’ll have to reschedule the olympics but... it’s not impossible.

>> No.17529579

i fucked this girl from the crew of the cruise i was on... she was working and came too my room we made love... it was cool..

>> No.17529585
File: 21 KB, 480x270, concern.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was she also fat?

>> No.17529588

Honestly if I didn’t have a dying relative right now...
How cheap do you think summer cruises will go for? A nice Asian pacific cruise for half price... I mean hell yeah that could be a hell of a good time.

>> No.17529591

What the everloving fuck is a crab market?

>> No.17529595

Fuck yeah.. looking to buy CCL and get those share holder benefits

>> No.17529606

Wow the advertising works

>> No.17529608


Maintains size within a tight margin, thereby fucking speculators.

>> No.17529609

we both spoke russian and enlish she was from like latvia or some shit. blonde hair beatiful tall fucking wonderful sex.

>> No.17529622

Guys this is what happens. On. Every. Cruise. Do it. Now.

>> No.17529639

The prices are still going down but there's a high chance it'll get cancelled if you wait too long.

>> No.17529652

Holy fucking shit seriously week long cruises on NCL are $479 with open bar and specialty dining included lmao.

>> No.17529658

I've been considering buying for three years and I always pull back and don't go through with it. Houses where I live are simply and unarguably not work the price people are expecting for them. The Chinese are buying up garbage and inflating the prices. It's VERY annoying but I rest easy knowing the Chinese owners are going to get fucked in the next crash. If you have a sane braincell left in your head you know a rotting suburban shack built in the 1960s cannot be worth $800,000. Location? 45 minute commute to any major corporate area. Just no. I'm not even going to wait in going to rent and then fuck off from this hellhole when the funds are secure. Imagine risking an underwater mortgage on a $800,000 house in an unlivable area in a country headed for decline on the off chance that it will somehow be worth more than that some day. Yeah fucking right. If you buy one of these boomer mold bombs, you deserve your date. Leave them for the Chinese to get fucked on

>> No.17529662

Fairly small range along a flat mean. Think of a sign wave but a bit messier. They're quite difficult to trade as they are filled with fake outs.

>> No.17529672

>Sunesis would not be around for over 20 years if it had nothing, and it currently has several cancer medications in the approval pipeline.

So, thats what its got. A tempting spec. play. Meanwhile cancer is kicking the world's ass year in and year out. Its like saying put a Benjamin on Slim Jim, because he's got a plan to take out Mike Tyson.

I've seen companies that do nothing but burn through cash, boards, offices, products, and at the root of all of it is some egocentric and apparently retardedly rich asshole whose idea of a good time is a part time job telling other people what to do, spinning up fabulous tales to tell the management while they are forever at the edge of some crisis where somehow the endless bag of capital never goes dry (money laundering?) who the fuck knows

>> No.17529679

i don't even read cyrillic but being able to say a few things, next thing you know we're talking and she's supposed to be working and getting yelled at.

>> No.17529684

Somehow they think when they've trapped you on the floating shopping mall with no escape you might get bored and spend money

>> No.17529685
File: 98 KB, 1024x1011, 0AB0A335-5441-4675-895E-EF1B5A0A8178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.17529693

I fucking liquidated EVERYTHING.

It's happening anon. This is the beginning of the next great depression. Stock up, prep yourself for rough years ahead, food shortages, water shortages, global economic instability, war, pestilence, death. It's finally happening, this is the beginning of the end times. We didn't listen, we didn't care, and now we will pay the price for our greed and destruction. The whole system will collapse, society will crumble, knowledge will be lost forever and humanity will never recover.

>> No.17529697

What about MTNB bros
it's just sitting there for 1 dollar.

>> No.17529705

fuck her name... it was unique.... i guess all the girls i fucked were unique... give me time to think.

>> No.17529709

why are people buying when there is a literal pandemic

>> No.17529710

We've been due for a hard landing for five years, honestly.

Corona might be the trigger but the fundamental problem is completely different. Things are completely fucked and we still haven't paid up for 2008. The amount of inefficiency, misallocation, and dysfunction will mean multiple painful recessions for the rest of our lives. I expect we are headed into a situation like Japan at the end of this. A morass of debt, infrastructure, resource, housing, and social problems. You will look back on this horrible decade like it was the 90s one day and realize how far we've sunk

>> No.17529714


>> No.17529720

How am I supposed to weigh the futures against the mass hysteria that will come from new US virus infections?

>> No.17529725


>> No.17529728

You're a drunk old loser who had sex. Now you post on 4chan. You are gay

>> No.17529730

Two messages within moments of each other
Kys subhuman samefag felon

>> No.17529732
File: 91 KB, 230x380, xviavu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but would you dare to go long right now?
of course the vix hit near 50. You probably just get one more bunny ear and thats it, heres your fucking cheapies

>> No.17529733

What advertising?
I’ve been on 10+ cruises and I have relatives who took the transoceanic Asia cruise. Said it’s amazing AND they got to disembark in Japan.

Why would they get cancelled later if... what? If I buy now or buy later the odds of them being cancelled are the same?

Fucking nuts! Where and when?

>goes on Alaskan cruise
>average age is 80+
>drink self to death

>> No.17529735

yeah real cheap knives to your eyeballs

>> No.17529736

enough with this pasta it is fucking annoying at this point

>> No.17529738


>> No.17529751

Long japan, not long SPY

I wouldn’t mind more SVXY cheapies desu, I think I might get them.

>> No.17529763
File: 120 KB, 1280x720, 5610998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hard landing
There is a decades old biz media joke about that phrase.

>> No.17529764

Euro stonks soon?

>> No.17529767

Yeah I know Nikkei follows the SPY like leveraged shit, BOJ pumps the world, second biggest market

>> No.17529770

Karyna... sorry... im a loser who pays tons of people... I post on four chan for fun, and literally what ever. if yoou want to roll doubles. i'll stop forever... Break me from this... go ahead. roll anon. make the world better than i could ever imagine... loser.

>> No.17529775
File: 444 KB, 1600x900, 170606121226-japan---travel-destination---shutterstock-230107657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is literally the only reason the Nikkei managed to close +1%. They dead tomorrow.

>> No.17529779
File: 579 KB, 1593x2046, 604EA65C-C725-4B34-B860-613F9FCC62EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doing some market research boys, my verdict so far:
Accumulate KO
the energy drink war is over

Monster, rockstar, bang, all the pretenders... they’re going to start ceding marketshare to the new sips.

It even does that thing regular coke does where it makes my teeth feel kinda gritty.

>> No.17529781

We've been due for a hard landing for five years. Corona might be the trigger but the fundamental problem is completely different. Things are completely fucked and we still haven't paid up for 2008. The amount of inefficiency, misallocation, and dysfunction will mean multiple painful recessions for the rest of our lives. I expect we are headed into a situation like Japan at the end of this. A morass of debt, infrastructure, resource, housing, and social problems. You will look back on this horrible decade like it was the 90s one day and realize how far we've sunk.

>> No.17529788

fuji from which side is the wind..... i can not establish orientation... i assume looking west to east...and china is behind.

>> No.17529793

Yes, I am buying up a bunch of KO this dip.

>> No.17529806

you have posted the same two pasta's in every thread this week.
Eat shit and die

>> No.17529807

Oh fugg. Nope shorts may want to get the fuck out the way. Rat is likely right on this one.

>> No.17529814


>> No.17529821

I had one of those the other day for free. It was pretty good. That is my story, hope you enjoyed it.

>> No.17529829

That’s a damn good deal

>> No.17529831

How much like coke did it taste like?

>> No.17529842

Type 1234 if you filter all tripfags

>> No.17529861


>> No.17529877
File: 96 KB, 828x754, 1558483022968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It tasted like regular Coke with Taurine. Idk how else to describe it .It's an acquired taste like anything, I think.

>> No.17529883
File: 2.69 MB, 292x347, 1583130196662.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For some reason I thought they owned MonsterEnergy. What took them so long to enter the energy drink market?

>> No.17529891

Nah it's not as good a deal as you'd think... i've had free monster drinks... they literally have too much sugar and all i want is booze and redbull... literally again all i want is redbull... the difference between redbull and monster is subtle enough that you know the difference immediately... and pepsi can buy this shit, and help bottle and can, but they don't come close to redbull's formula... it's better than crack... the difference in taste is in sugars, and you can taste artificial sugars, redbull is a wheat sugar.... process and it's only a process used in booze and the best spirits we drink around the world... red bull uses sugars distilled from wheat... natural sugars... sugar free rebull is basically garbage.... i can piss in a glass and give you more sugar and alcohol than a diet-styled redbull...

>> No.17529893
File: 185 KB, 900x856, 1582905096462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17529901

two white girl headshots
within 60s of eachother
are we both glowies???

>> No.17529916


>> No.17529923

coke is sort of an energy drink before people demanded taurine and stuff

>> No.17529925
File: 163 KB, 1280x1280, im-10458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2008 short housing
>2020 short Tesla
What does /biz/ think of this dead-eyed mope? Pic related.

>> No.17529926
File: 130 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20200302_094808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on Clinuvel?

>> No.17529927

Noob question

I bought a put on Friday that I want to sell tomorrow. When I sell the put tomorrow, this is different than writing the option, correct? As in, I have no obligations once I sell

>> No.17529931

is that steve carrell's character from the big short?

>> No.17529936

Go back to rddit then kys nigger

>> No.17529937
File: 59 KB, 554x599, 6574E3C6-E5EE-4F97-819D-81DAF61F23D0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17529945


>> No.17529958

The virus is worse than the news is saying. Yesterday the CDC said it would take 6 months to a year for a vaccine for the beerviruse to come to market. Just released that vaccine will be in clinical trial in 6 weeks this should make moderna "MRNA"pop. The only company that the CDC has named.
But I have been eye balling Disney "DIS" 3 out of there 7 parks are close. France has a public gathering ban so Paris might close due to that. They are losing 400m a day each park. Mulan is set to release this season but most Asian theaters are closed. If news breaks that it's postponed that would be a huge loss.
Futures are up premarket which means that the market will most likely be up. It's going to drop as fuck.
Also looking at "EWA" puts
And "EWG puts
Total market funds for EU and Australia.

>> No.17529964
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>> No.17529971

Steve Eisman yeah

>> No.17529980

Lots of people here made that mistake. They own I believe 15% of monster, and they have a distribution deal where coke distribute monster along side Coke. If Coke vendors start stocking shelves to make Coke energy much more prominent than monster...

>> No.17529989

Thank you for your suggestions, what are your thoughts on ASHR, YANG, CHAD, long perhaps? When will news of how bad it is in China finally break out?

>> No.17530002

Yes futures are up but there seems to be a lot of bad news ready for a Monday drop

>> No.17530009

A public health emergency was recently declared in Florida so that park is sure to close soon. Probably this week.

>> No.17530016

you can post that image 1000 times. i'll always be happy... that's my future wife... fuck... do i have to settle down for a girl older than me, some one motherly who gives me every kind of nurture i want and still has everything i want.... man what the fuck do i do? I've fallen in love with a gook who's older than my self...

>> No.17530017
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Smooth brains that think This Time It's Different! This Time It Will Pump Forever!

>> No.17530028

Didn't hear that thank you

>> No.17530045

So, uhh... Buy cheapsies?

>> No.17530060
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>> No.17530068

We've been due for a hard landing for five years. Corona might be the trigger but the fundamental problem is completely different. Things are completely fucked and we still haven't paid up for 2008. The amount of inefficiency, misallocation, and dysfunction will mean multiple painful recessions for the rest of our lives. I expect we are headed into a situation like Japan at the end of this. A morass of debt, infrastructure, resource, housing, and social problems. You will look back on this horrible decade like it was the 90s one day and realize how far we've sunk.

>> No.17530071

I'ma leave with uplifting and deadbeating...


>> No.17530078
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I fucking liquidated EVERYTHING.

It's happening anon. This is the beginning of the next great depression. Stock up, prep yourself for rough years ahead, food shortages, water shortages, global economic instability, war, pestilence, death. It's finally happening, this is the beginning of the end times. We didn't listen, we didn't care, and now we will pay the price for our greed and destruction. The whole system will collapse, society will crumble, knowledge will be lost forever and humanity will never recover.

>> No.17530088

i was 12 years old surrounded by girls that eventually became lesbians and played 7 minutes in heaven at 12 years old in a closet. and otaku or what ever culture you cry for i experienced it.

>> No.17530102

i banged on the door to let us out lol....

>> No.17530120









>> No.17531027

April is after the 400mg data, baggy. It is not outside the realm of plausibility for the stock to be a lot higher than $2 a share at that point.

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