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What is the first item you will buy when you finally make it? What keeps you motivated to keep making money?

For me, it's the Dyson Airblade. I want install Dyson Airblades in my house. I will need to get a house first of course, but I will need to really make it, because installing the Dyson Airblade in a residence is the type of thing you can only do when money is no object.

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Those things spread disease. Ew.

I'll get a gold case to keep my Suterusu bags safe from the Japanese invasion.

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Fuck off Jim Rowan

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just use a personal towel lol
the purpose of the dyson airblade is sanitary for public spaces

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Worst toilets in the world.

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Its not a urinal you pieces of shit.

The place where I work has these and even though I am not a jannie, my boss makes me clean the bathroom after you assholes piss in it.

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I am going to give my parents $100k because they are going through hard times financially.

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I'd just want to buy or create more income producing instruments. Maybe lease a Porsche for a bit just for kicks. Help people out and continue growing to do some other stuff.

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A nuke to destroy Israel

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>The place where I work has these and even though I am not a jannie, my boss makes me clean the bathroom after you assholes piss in it.
If your boss makes you clean piss you are a jannie

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absolutely filthy and disgusting
your hands touch the sides, bathroom floating shit and piss debris is sent flying into your face at mach 3 speeds. Useless Fucking piece of shit!

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jannie in denial

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nigga people who have made it use egyptian cotton towels.

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Dude get the wall mounted model that aims down. Your fucking hands touch this one. If you have adult man hands.

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Those dryers blows more bacteria than your granny's pussy

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Those are the shittiest dryers ever. I can't understand why they are so popular. It's literally a bunch of boomers falling for salesmen. Why cant places just put paper towels and spend a bit extra fuck sake. The dryers just go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and dont even dry fast.

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you can use dyson heater fans to dry hands and hair btw.

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The air blade V is even better

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This is the worst urinal ever. You piss into it and all it does is spray the piss everywhere. Not cost effective at all.

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Spread disease from who to who? Back to himself? Anon will be living alone presumably

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>jannie in denial

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Yeah. And then everyone looks at you in disgust. Even though it's not your fault. Just faulty urinal

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My boss didn't want to hire a plumber to install urinal drains, so we just stuck the urinal drains into the wall.
But that didn't work, the ceilings below got stained and we had to paint.
So the boss had to fork out the money for Dyson™®©

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A Mig-21

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He's a Custodial Engineer!!!

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I HATE pissing into this thing, sprays everywhere wtf!

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Man if I owned a mall or office building I would literally remove all the paper towels and only install one of these bad boys in every bathroom just to make losers like you absolutely SEETHE

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I'd buy a flock of Angora rabbits for companionship and a side hustle selling angora wool. Probably learn to spin yarn since that seems pretty relaxing transforming the fiber like that.

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