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Is Robinhood fucking scamming me?

What the fuck is this bullshit?

>> No.17486915

Bumping this thread because I also want to know if OP got scammed so I can laugh at him

>> No.17486981

redditors taking your money

>> No.17487110

My entire history is suddenly fucking missing money on both the site and the phone app now.

What are these kikes trying to pull here?

>> No.17487724

>market sell

Guys where’s my money hurr durr

>> No.17488123

The money is missing from my entire history, too. It's as if it just vanished from all of time.

>> No.17488149

That sounds like a question that contains the answer.

>> No.17488172

It only answers the 'who' part.

>> No.17488176

>using robinhood
there's your mistake

>> No.17488203

Do they pay taxes on it? Fees?

Hard to see that being anywhere close to $200 though. Seems fishy, maybe contact their support

>> No.17488213

The stonks your buying on RH dont exist

>> No.17488221

No doubt they'll claim it was a hack, run fucking screaming from them

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>>17486837 im sorry about your iq OP

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ew man why the fuck would you put 900 dollars in that when you could literally just get 200 some more link or literally pnk if you want to stay on the rhyme.

>> No.17488259

I already emailed them.

My history shows nothing but the sale. No deductions or anything. My money disappeared from my entire timeline as if it never existed.

>> No.17488299

Use a legacy brocker like Vanguard...not some scam investing app.

>> No.17488306

Having a bag 50/50 of link and pnk does rhyme nicely

>> No.17488308

I "should've" made more than if I had put it in LINK.

>> No.17488363

I thought everyone on biz had an RH account.

>> No.17488401


Don’t listen to everyone on /biz/...they would have you selling low and buying high.

>> No.17488555

It's called Robinhood for a reason, retard. It steals your money.

>> No.17488560

I thought everyone on biz sold high and bought low.

>> No.17488591

My RH account doesnt give me to many problems, although I have put in orders which should have been bought up, but werent.. plus when selling limit orders/options they do this trick where they get you to settle for selling lower and at an even number.. kinda sketchy

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I guess I really am the retard.

>> No.17488638

TDAmeritrade here. Ditched the meme Robinhood years ago. Can't buy corp bonds and do good research on RH

>> No.17488680

I went from TD to RH for free trades.

I guess I should move back now.

>> No.17488738

Funny this happens right when Im starting to transition fully into my Schwab account. Ive been using RH too since im new and it made things simple, but now that I need to do things like research more, it feels inadequate. Hope they didn't swindle you OP.

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Lol OP got robinhood'd and bernie didnt even win yet

>> No.17488763

Yeah. TD has free trades now so...

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Do you have margin trading enabled? I don't see that screen on my app so idk. I've never had a problem wihh Robin hood desu

>> No.17489201

Looks like it took your taxes out for you

>> No.17489265

Since when is that a thing?

>> No.17489335

I don't know, but it's some jew bullshit I wouldn't rule out

>> No.17489511

But there's no account of it or anything. $200+ just vanished from my INITIAL DEPOSIT until now. There wasn't a simple ~$200 deduction for taxes.

This is fishy as all hell. It's as if they're pretending the money they took/stole was never in my account from the start.

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