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arh, can't we just throw Turkey out of Nato?

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I just want to rip all her clothes off and forcefully fuck her right in front of everyone to humiliate her.

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Buy gold, LINK, to profit off of everything negative about the world.

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you horny bro?

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I just want to reach into her shirt and fondle her amazing looking tits, even though I know she would be disgusted with me, I want to forcefully make her wet by groping her nipples.

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Bro that's exactly what horny is

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No, I just want to shove my pee pee in her poo poo and take a big pee pee while she is crying from excitement.

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Having sex with a Rev 3:9-anite... Shiggy

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short t*rkroaches
syria are gonna turn bullish eventually and with russia there, they are gonna exterminate those insects

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