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hello, based department?

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This is the same faggot who had a huge investment in silver in the 90's. This is the same faggot that said investing in AMZN was a bad idea. It took this faggot twenty years to change his mind on AAPL. Gold is a bad investment until it is not; just like anything. Anytime someone quotes this faggot I know right away they just started dabbling in the market and read a book.

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buffet is one of the best examples of survivorship bias ever. there are literally millions of people who do the exact same thing as him, obviously at least one of them would have been lucky enough to pick the perfect companies to invest in

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Buffet is a literal glowing shill. They bring him out when they want to convince the rest of us goys to not panic sell our stocks and buy more.

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>muh rocks

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He is tech illiterate. His other calls were okay. The big acquisition he's had was investing in stocks in the 60s and Berkshire bought Geico and has so many shares of other top companies. Berkshire is on top of the world.

He's wrong about crypto being worth zero when utility comes into view. Bitcoin isn't printed out of thin air like fiat dollars. It is the future.

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If gold shouldn't appreciate in value why does it keep appreciating in value?
Checkm8 gold fuders

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gold appreciates in value because there are trillions of dollars of derivative instruments leveraging into it when only $9B of it has ever been extracted from the earth

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Anyone watching from the future would thing 2020 non-ARPA buyers are fucking stupid

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can't wait till he drops

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>Bitcoin is the future
are you from 2016? what an outdated opinion lmao. read up on some current events in blockchain.

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He was business-minded since he was a child.
He was a student of an acclaimed investor.
He reads earnings reports or books written by successful people 24/7. He literally does nothing else with his life.
He used cash reserves from insurance companies to invest.
There are very few like him, and you're just rambling in ignorance.
See picture.

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Thats its just his opinion on gold , you dumb niggers . Doesnt mean he hasnt stashed gold somewhere .

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People wear gold as jewelry, and use it in electronics/manufacturing. He's only referring to gold held in reserve.

Which is presumably held in reserve, so we can either later use if for jewelry/electronics. Or to trade to someone, who will use it for those things.

Before his bought companies, he had a history of very successful trading in illiquid securities. He's had a somewhat varied career, and been quite successful.

190k metric tons of Gold have been mined. $9 Billion is a drop in the bucket.

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This is actually true, especially later in Buffett's career. Before 1990, he was truly an excellent investor. However, around the 1990 timeframe, he got big enough that he was able to get investment opportunities that were not available to even fairly large investors. It was around the 1990 era that Buffett started making some shitty investments that were saved due to his political connections. Salomon Brothers was a piece of shit and he should have gotten his investment in it wiped out.

In 2008, Buffett was loaded to the gills with shitty Wall Street banking stocks. He should have taken a permanent impairment of capital (wipe out the stockholders of those shitty companies, force the bondholders to take a haircut and convert to equity, and then take in government bailout money before floating new shares) but he was bailed out along with practically every other asset manager in the country.

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