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How can make money from fuck prostitute?

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film yourself having fuck with them and post it online

>> No.17453384

she's so hot and tomboyish
>tfw no gf

>> No.17453432

God I hope some rich chink with the flu flies her in for a "date" and infects her

>> No.17453457

incel freak
let the ones of us not liquidated by Arthur enjoy her body once we make it.

>> No.17454686

>implying anyone here is going to "make it"

the world is being FUD'ed into oblivion and you idiots are taking the bait

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be pimp

>> No.17454716

buy coronatoken, bitches will come flocking 2 ya

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>short hair is tomboyish

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Arrange a gangbang and hire a prostitute and fuck him split 50/50

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Well, my good sir, it is quite a difficult question! Typically, with a lady of the night, the male with whom she copulates provides the pecuniary side of the quid-pro-quo. Such a situation wherein the male is remunerated after an act of coitus for the purpose of pleasure requires a complex mind with a penchant for abstract problem solving. One must make leverage of the malleable female psychology in order to accomplish this feat, namely extinguishing the notion that to provide an orgasm to a male is a favor done by the female. But how do we dispose of this notion? We could attempt to "turn the tables", per se, and reverse the debtor in the coital quid-pro-quo. Take for example, a man who consumes a very interesting diet, and has convinced a female that his semen is rare form of traditional medicine, granting her good luck and fertility! A man such as this would take payment from a female wishing to attain this good-luck serum, and the female, upon purchase, would simply have to extract the essence from the male! See how we have twisted the act of coitus to the auxiliary, making it simply a modus of acquiring a seemingly valuable resource! The female thinks now she is getting a convenient bargain, just as the act of driving through a fast food restaurant to acquire food is not considered a favor to the establishment. By reorganizing the perceived value of the several aspects, we have achieved our goal!

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based sophisticated poster

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>Arrange a gangbang and hire a prostitute and fuck him split 50/50
>and fuck him

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Truly a one of a kind post

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I’ve been on biz for so long that every time this post pops up we’re about to sell off big time

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