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Do you guys have a backup plan if LINK fails?

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yea its's rope

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More link

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Suicide.not even kidding

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yea it's helium

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No but I'll probably come up with some sort of grift though

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an hero

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I'm a swinger and always win.

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backup plan is NuLink. no matter if you accept it or not, but it is the fact.

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I've going money tied up in other coins so if none of them pull through then I guess I'll just become a criminal

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Buying more eth and link during this dip

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Buy more links

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.45 caliber

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Plunge myself into a shady realm of e-ventures and if that doesn't work probably crime

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A horse that good doesnt jumping haver that it have to be

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They call it a "suicide stack" for a reason. The "not selling" part of the mantra refers to them necking themselves instead.

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Self immolation in front of a bank or something

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Of course, mine is CENNZ and BAT

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Bunch of OGN in my bag, be smart boi

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Literally no.
I saved up $40k while living with my parents and just spent it all on link at 4.27
I may have enough money left at the end to by a straight razor to slit my wrists with

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fucking seriously?

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What part of degenerate gambling don't you understand

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Wage cuck as a self-employed personal injury lawyer. Not the comfiest life but better than most here, will still be a millionaire the hard way

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That was dumb. I hope you have iron hands (or wrists).

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Cash out and buy a rope.

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selling 2 weeks ago

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This. It's soothing in a way.

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No. I’m kidding. I did buy $2k worth but I’m not panic selling

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Lmao you're fucking dead dude.

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Homeless Meth addict. Crack is for the coons.

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I will activate quantum immortality !

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>Do you guys have a backup plan if LINK fails?

if link doesn't go to 1000 EOY i'll infect myself with coronavirus and spread that shit everywhere and then commit sudoku 360 no scope

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Memes are the decentralized oracle, and the memes say that LINK will succeed.

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you didnt buy at 20 cents and sell at $4? wtf?

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I bought at 20 cents and sold at 1321$ in my vision

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Link isn’t going to fail so there’s no need but I have other sources of income to continue my NEETdom and freedom from wage cuckoldry,

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Do you already have a law degree?
Or is this a fantasy?

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All in RSR!

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crypto or something else?

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that's all youll be able to afford LMAO

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what is the point of this thread? LINK is crashing because bitcoin is bringing down the entire market.
I, for one, sold 10% of my stack at 4$ and im looking forward to doubling that amount at 2$.

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