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What I don't understand is how can you not open a short here, even at this price? Sure, you missed the boat on the perfect entry, but this is still near $4.00. You know it already, it happened twice, it's going to happen again, it's staring you right in the fucking face but you still won't do anything about it. It's going back to $2.50 if we're being generous, ~$1.80 if it'll follow previous behavior. An opportunity to double your stack with a 3x short yet you STILL WON'T FUCKING DO IT. IT'S FUCKING HERE ALREADY AND YOU WON'T DO SHIT. STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FUCKING FACE. Keep holding, I guess?

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Not worth explaining to the McDonald’s workers here. They still think Chainlink won’t be over 10 by end of 2020.

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Not how shorts work. Downtrends are priced in to the contracts

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Are you retarded?

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He’s right. You think spy puts will return 1000% tomorrow on a similar drop if it did. Nope.

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No, but I see you are.

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I'll swing trade BTC & ETH with 5x leverage no problem. Not selling my LINK.

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>swingy linky hanging from a tree
>swingy linky blowin in the breeze
>swingy linky paid the fee
>swingy linky hanging from a tree

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Now what? Retards

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sell link and buy znn we have decentralized oracles on satellites

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You realize you don't make much money shorting during a downtrend right? Somebody has to to either sell you a put, or buy your call, those contracts greek values are all priced in, usually by bots

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>he doesn't know
yes open your shorts, im gonna be buying back in soon

none of you niggers better tell him

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>"fourth industrial revolution"
Lmao you're all fucking retards.

>unregistered security

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In 10 years time, I hope I meet someone who shorted chainlink at any point.. Gonna be a good laugh

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I'm still bullish longterm on LINK, what's wrong with trying to get more LINK especially when it's this obvious of a trade

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“I attempt to hide my own inadequacies and deep, deep insecurities by shitposting about linkies on a Chilean vuvuzela tuning forum from my mother’s basement all day and night. One day, this will no longer appease the demons that lurk inside me, and I will finally, FINALLY make my family proud by deep throating a shotgun and redecorating mommy’s basement with my brain matter.”

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>projecting dark incel fantasies

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didnt read lol

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>accuses others of having demons

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show short

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are you guys sleeping on tachyon??

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Where can I buy some griptocurrency

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A lot of us are so certain about link
That we are afraid that if we sell at the wrong time
We are fucked

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