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>mfw about to market sell 1000 LINK @ $3.90
Talk me out of it, frens.
>also have decided that my gf isn't really as horrible as i had described her and that she is worth treating well despite her flaws because she's actually really got my back and would literally fall apart w/o me in her life
So, should we meet up in NYC today? I'm about to find work as an extra in film/television as a lark (I've done this work before).
>inb4 h8rs being salty
I love you all; stay safe & good luck, LINK Marines.

...predicting bleed-out down to $3.50 before another rally to $4.25.

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Didn't you already sell 1k LINK around 4.16-4.2?

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reminder that selling is gambling with your future
1000 link is still 1 million usd in 5 years. so bear that in mind

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Yes, my friend, I did, but I still have 1000 LINK on Coinbase begging to be sold. I value your opinion; what do you think it's going to do?

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Also, how can I be more social? How can I be less autistic in real life? I want to befriend some degenerates with rich parents as well. Me and commies can't get along for whatever reason, it's like they can smell the autism on me. Are there people who shun you?

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sell this centralised premined shitcoin

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I hate you so much linkjesus

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>go beta
>sell linkies

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Couldn't tell you, though there were 2k BTC that got transferred to binance this morning. It just depends on whether you think btc is going to dump more and also wether you think that LINK will irrationally pump more. It's a gamble for sure, I have never swung a single LINK, only sold for money to enjoy things/ neet life which I already somewhat regret. If you don't have to sell, then don't.

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I have 1100 LINK as well, bought at the last dip, now it dipped even further. I'm kinda salty cause I could just cash out with 400GBP gain and call it a day, but I waited for a pump and then the Market crashed and Italy got infected. I'll see how it goes for the next 24 hours, if it continues to plummet, I'll just sell with a loss. Don't want to hold for 2 years to break even.


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But if you so sell, don't stress out, life is pretty fucking pointless/moot if you don't have family/people you love around you.

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Yes, there are people who shun me, but they're all misinformed, salty shitbags who aren't worth the time of day.

If there are people who dislike you, it means that you're doing something right.

If you're in New York, I'll meet up with you. I feel that we are friends.

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If you sell now then don't fomo back in if it slightly pumps. Wait for a lower entry.

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This virus could be our saving grace if it would actually grow some balls and kill a lot of people...

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I won't really beat your ass if I see you. Just keep holding it dude, go sell some weed to high school kids for some spending money.

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No, I'm in Florida.

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>cash out with 400GBP gain and call it a day
The fuck is with all these redditors?

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It'll probably plumet but you won't have to wait anywhere near 2 years to break even

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I'm just poor. For me a 1000GBP a month is a huge success. I was late for the party, started trading in December. Everything already mooned long ago.

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I hope someone from her goes to meet you only to fake befriend you until he can show your previous messages to your roastie and she dumps you and you have to live in the streets you fucking swingie degenerate

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You're still early, stop swinging your LINK or you'll be swinging from a rope one day.

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I bought in at $4.25, kinda pissed I didn’t wait but I do think the project has good fundamentals. My cashflow is looking good so this dip isn’t too bad. I’m gonna prob hold on to some more cash and buy more.

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Lmao salty jealous faggot. Go find your own big titty gf to manipulate.

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Do you know how many times I bought LINK over the past couple years, only for it to dump 30-50%? Too many to fucking count, that's how many.

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shouldve sold yesterday dummby dumb

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Honestly I might just cap out at 5K LINK. I think that the point of being an early investor. Huge risks, huge payoffs.

I’m young, yea I could use the money for other things. But that amount won’t break me, but let say if LINK does well in what I read it suppose to do. My family will be set for generations.

Think about the people who early invested in apple/amazon.

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Stupid ass I see you

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Fuck it, I can tell that this is bleeding out with certainty.

Just market dumped a thousand LINK @ $3.86; ama.

>even tho it's dumping today down to two dollars we're all gonna make it frens link $1k eoy 2020

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>If you're in New York, I'll meet up with you. I feel that we are friends.



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Come get these hands for free nigga!!

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I once fatally stabbed a mugger.

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Once upon a time there was a redditor who got lost and needed to go back, the end.

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This. 5k linkies are most likely going to be pretty comfy stacks

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>be former airborne infantryman & sf [redacted]
>buddy wants me to tag along as security to sell an oz of weed to a basketball-american we've met once before
>gotta wait with him for his friend at noon on a side street next to crowded bus stop
>meet & greet
>all seems well
>buddy produces oz
>shit goes sideways
>one guy tazes my neck
>other guy maces my face
>they both try & fail to run my pockets
>buddy somehow oblivious to my tussle
>they disengage from me
>can't see too well
>hear buddy scream like a bitch
>wipe an eye clear
>see buddy on ground pleading as one guy is ripping his backpack off
>other guy overwatching this with back to me
>fatal mistake
>run at speed with knife point level
>smash blade deep into kidney
>decide not to follow "stick" with traditional "twist, lift, slash, repeat"
>show him bloody blade
>spooks spooked
>both run
>one has growing red stain on back of white t-shirt
>gtfo there
>contact basketball American friends who are grape street crips
>patrol neighborhood for days looking for these fools through one good eye to finish the job
>my boys make the rounds
>find the dude who got stabbed
>long story short: one less mugger on planet earth
>not sure if they killed him or if he died from sceptic shock as per usual
>zero regrets

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...and we're back at $3.90! My sacrificed must've pleased Kek. I am still happy with my decision to sell, as this money will be used to buy firearms & ammunition for the coming boogaloo.

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Why would you ever do business with a nigger?

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To cement the rally, I just bought 10 LINK @ $3.90 in order to appease Kek; you're welcome.

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What do you know that makes you think boogaloo is imminent?

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Op im from nyc. If you are meeting your girlfiend here in new york i can tell you that she is getting RAILED by someone else in this city. Shes just as bad as you describe her and even worse than that. Godspeed. Becareful, trust no thot.

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Because I'm not a racist, but that experience made my buddy a bit more racist; besides: it wasn't *my* stupid deal. Best part is that it proved my instincts, because I got a *BAD* feeling on our way down Congress Ave to the Meetup, and I will always pay attention to such feelings.

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Also, are you the guy who I argued with the other day? About being a zogbot? Hahahahaha if you are don't take it personally. I like to fuck with everybody I can.

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Yea, well /pol is unironically right don't do deal with niggers, the more you do the more "racist" you will become. It's just part of the natural order of this planet. The first thing our government should have prioritized is sending then all back to Africa once the civil war ended, but alas, here we are.

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Can't you feel the Bern? That fucking commie scumbag winning the election would would ruin America with his wrongheaded policies in short order.

I, for one, shall eagerly kill anyone who comes between my money & myself. Fortunately, Donald Trump will win again in another epic landslide.

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I take nothing personally, but I don't recall everything, lol, and, besides, everything on 4chan is in good fun (and legally fiction).

Keep being you.

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Fucking pathetic watching you poorfaggots sweat these dips.

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Of course you're not a racist when you behave like a nigger yourself; that'd be hypocrisy.

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Well you answered your own question, now if they somehow kill the Donald, then I'll be scared. You're making me want to go buy ammunition right now dammit, stop it!!

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Bruh that's fucked up

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>still early
>2 years
Which is it faggots? Getting desperate huh??

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its cool bro hes sf so he a bad ass.

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Nah, nigger tried to rob. I'd kill niggers for a lot less if I could ever get away with it. He did a good thing for the world of minecraft.

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Go wash yourself you nerdy post Malone. Nobody cares about you or your 5 fivert pajeets that you hired yo pump this shitty thread in which you push yourself a part of link lore despite being a character so much worthless than astro the paedophile or Sean rutledge.

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What the fugg you talkin bout willis? I'm not a fudder. Buy LINK or die.

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It's fucked up to rob someone; it's not fucked up to kill someone who's trying to rob you.

>> No.17416104

Forget the incels, hope you distance yourself from drugs tho life’s got a lot to offer and not worth dying to something petty like doing a drug deal

>> No.17416111

i know we are on the internet and gotta be edgy but people just trying to survive and sometime they do stupid shit. i wouldn't think you're better then anyone else cause it could be you.

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I'm not paid, I've just nested in this thread like a big shit bird I am because it creates so much salt. The saltiness is a good conductor for meme energy.

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>doing drug deals with niggers
>expecting not to get robbed
You've got a drop or two of that jigaboo, I bet.

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I suppose it could. Indeed the meek shall inherit this pile of shit, so I do indeed just stay inside because I have better shit to do with my time, like jag off to big ol tiddies. Can't do that when you ded.

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>so I do indeed just stay inside
this is the thing that scares me the most. I get caught up in some stupid shit like an accident or get sick before i have a chance to make up for lost time.

>> No.17416253

There is no making up for lost time. Life is now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.

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imagine being a street shitter bum loser called link jesus with only 20k link
kek what a fucking failure

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That's why it's good to have faith in and to pray to Jesus christ that if harm comes your way, you come out unscathed. I've done a lot of risky shit in the past. I'm done for now.

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Imagine letting him live in your head rent free.

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i forget how literal you autists take shit that wasnt my point.
still shitposting i see

>> No.17416465


How does it feel knowing that its 3.97 an hour after you sold your pitiful live savings, and have you come to the realization that you will never make it yet?

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That part wasn't a shit post. Jesus christ is Lord, and will keep you safe if you hold the lord's value in your heart.

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best decision you'll ever make; sell more if you have more

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He's already made it, how does it feel that you will become a millionaire and will still not be able to have sex?

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>he thinks 10 cents matter to anyone
That’s like 2%, chump change

>> No.17416594

This so much this, I went from checking delta every 5 minutes the entire day to checking every 2-3 months, I havent been happier

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5K is and always will be a pathetic stack! No one will make money holding 5K link.

>> No.17416702

16k link holder here, been holding for 2 years. Im fucking dead to this shit mooning up or crashing down now, i barely take notice of it.
I only intend to cash out real money >500k and make sure even then its not >50% of my stack.

If that takes another 2 years or even 5 years so be it. I'm not selling links now for literal peanuts.

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I hate my life it's so boring, my dreams when I go to sleep are the only place I can truly be alive, real life is so fucking boring/stressful, I don't care if I get killed by a nigger or whatever, I'd rather die than have to wait for years to be rich/free. If something big doesn't happen for LINK soon I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do with my life, killing myself is not an option. I JUST WANT TO LIVE DAMMIT!!!!

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I've gotta charge this device, so I'll check back into this thread from another, but, in the meantime, if you're holding at least 1,000 LINK by this time in 2022, you will be a literal millionaire.

My current net worth is over $100,000; not bad, considering I grew this portfolio solely from my initial purchase of $300.

Stay strong, everyone.

>mfw +30,000% roi over three years

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why you in new york anyway? i feel like that place is a shit hole

>> No.17417170

Cmon nigga I can't wait that fucking long I needed to be a millionaire last year...

>> No.17417190

I see you in many link threads over the year. What's your occupation?

>> No.17417228

>y @ nyc?
Both my girlfriend and my bank's nearest branch are here in Gotham, along with a good chunk of my social network (I've got friends in a blockchain startup company down here, where I do some work off the books -- can't say which).
>t. link jesus posting from another device

>> No.17417263

Also I was spent last Summer growing 24,000 CBD Hemp plants plus an undisclosed number of Medical Marijuana plants on a farm belonging to friends who needed my help (they were "in over their heads").
I'm a jack of all trades, and a master of many.

>> No.17417266

Fuck you man though, these kind of threads are not good for my mental health. I've been depressed for a fucking while, recovering drug addict and mental institution patient piece of shit with almost $200k worth of Link I have never swinged.

This day has been the most depressing for a while for different reasons, Link dumping (scared how much it affects my mood these days), I just figured out I quit studying at my yuropoor university, tell everyone to fuck off and go live in Thailand for the next 8-10 years.

I'm so fucking close to selling and I think I am not going to make it

>> No.17417268

Annnnnnnd WE ARE BACK!

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>also have decided that my gf isn't really as horrible as i had described her and that she is worth treating well despite her flaws because she's actually really got my back
>because she's actually really got my back

>> No.17417308

i take it your going to smartcontract conference then? snap some pics and make a thread if you do for some of us that cant go

>> No.17417338

checked. Listen all you gotta know is your going to make it just by holding, its a fact not a question anymore. That a lone should give you the boost you need to get your self out of a slump

>> No.17417390

Egh it wasn’t too bad of a dip. I wish I had more cash to buy more link. Hope it smaller when it comes to pay day.

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File: 170 KB, 752x691, A55B6221-7E15-403E-A0E4-958BCAA39BA6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and deGrey-pilled

>> No.17417426

Link has taken my motivation to even complete my studies (computer science)

I mean what's the fucking point? I bought at fucking $0.20-30 cents during late 2018 dip. I've made more money in a year. No way I can go back to work in some high stress environments just to fucking wagekek

This better work, 2023 my right to study expires, that's the deadline. After that I am just merely going to pretend to study

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>Because I'm not a racist
that was your first mistake

>i wouldn't think you're better then anyone else cause it could be you.
naw bro, I don't go around looking for opportunities to commit crimes
if you step up to someone and attack them with the intent to rob then you shouldn't be surprised if you wind up dead on the street
it's part of the job description when your career is being a criminal

>> No.17417476

>but people just trying to survive and sometime they do stupid shit
I’m just trying to survive too. And you know what I do to get by? I work. At an honest job. For dollars.

Someone who goes around beating people up and stealing their belongings deserves extremely harsh consequences. It’s people like this who ruin society for the rest of us. Imagine what our country could be like without violent thugs

>> No.17417570

Bro i bought at $4.25 and i’m still prob gonna buy more. This thing is gonna be huge. They could have dipped at $5 but they didn’t. CL isn’t competing with BTC nor ETH it carving out it own niche, a niche that bridging this god damn tech.

I would rather have my delusions of granduer and lose than face a future in which I imagine blockchain being intergrated into ERP and our everyday lives. Knowing that I could have fucking made it if I had just HODL.

Im sure this is what the early investors of amazon and apple felt like.

>> No.17417605

Yeah thought about this guy as well.

>> No.17417702

yeah i agree the nigger knows the rules to the game and his card got pulled. my point was when people get desperate they do nigger things and it could be you or anyone who could end up in a shitty spot at anytime in life.
again he took a risk and lost. this could happen to anyone who is desperate enough and trying to survive

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>my point was when people get desperate they do nigger things and it could be you or anyone who could end up in a shitty spot at anytime in life.
there's ways to get out of hard times that don't involve being a criminal and fucking other innocent people over
no matter how shitty your life is, it's no excuse to drag innocent people into the gutter with you

some people take hard times and become better because of them

other people take hard times and become worse

there's no excuse

>> No.17417792

its easy to say there is no excuse when you have food on your table, if you get hungry enough then all that shit goes out the window. desu its pointless to try to explain this to someone who knows nothing about it.

>> No.17417832

it will dump back to $3.40, sell now and realize the victories

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>its easy to say there is no excuse when you have food on your table
manual labour makes good money
cash on hand
people don't want to break their backs for cash so they choose to rob people or beg for money instead
I have no sympathy for criminals, they terrorize actual poor people who are struggling to feed their families
I work in social housing relating to my consulting firm so I see first hand how it works and these drug dealers and robbers take over the social housing unit and drive around in $100,000 cars smoking weed and blasting music all day
meanwhile the actual poor people that need the social housing live in terror and fear under the feudal drug gangs that are actually running these complexes
and the police know who it is and they don't do shit about it for fear of being labelled (racist)
meanwhile people are dying and living like dogs so that others can virtue signal

>> No.17417937

>manual labour makes good money
it actually doesn't though.

>> No.17418005
File: 251 KB, 446x435, 1580225604618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>manual labour makes good money
>it actually doesn't though.
I worked manual labour in the summer for the early years of my university to pay for my living expenses (lived near the campus away from home)
I did it with my cousin at the time in the summers between the school years and he has his own company was making over $250,000 a year take-home money doing drywall, taping, and painting.

I know a lot of friends and family that do manual labour (carpenters, plumbers, general contractors, etc.) and they're constantly getting calls for more work and they make a shitton of money (of course a lot of it is cash so that's a double bonus)

the only problem is that there's a lot of mafia in the construction industry so you have to be careful

>> No.17418024

do it nigger

already market sold mine when we were up, sell yours so I can buy back in at 3.6

>> No.17418034
File: 27 KB, 312x312, 85510EEB-7D5C-4C4B-A73E-770C7FBD1CF2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek is with us, Jesus LINK Anon. My best guess is we fall to 3 USD and continue our way up to 1k EOY.

We are all going to make it.

>> No.17418052

LINKbros... I need some help coping. I bought the dip at 3.20GBP and it plummeted to 3GBP today
When will this fucking nightmare end? Fuck the Chinks and their shithole Commie Country.

>> No.17418129

Ay yo, LINK boutta make us RICH, beeotch!

>> No.17418389

Thanks for the good stories as usual LJ, may you come on top of this upcoming boogaloo

>> No.17418548

he spams his fucking blog posts everyday you fuckin retard.
build something you loser

>> No.17418557

>If there are people who dislike you, it means that you're doing something right.
classic delusional chainlink holder

>> No.17418692

You spam your whiny little beliefs everyday and nobody likes you.

>> No.17418902

Your mama spammed her blogposts asking me to drag deez nuts across her chin.

>> No.17418917

>bought link like a tard at $4.25
How low should I let it drop before I buy more?

>> No.17418951

Buy a little more every time it drops like this.

>> No.17419000

You dont think we are going down to goblintown Devil? I agree this man should buy most dips. I just have a feeling this whole market is gonna tank, hard

>> No.17419155
File: 91 KB, 639x511, PNKPanther.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Link is going to dump hard, you watched it happen 2 times before. Are you going to watch it happen again?
Buy the Kleros dip and climb aboard.

>> No.17419190

Ahhhhh fuck them digits... maybe, maybe not. There really is no telling. I hear a lot of commotion about this corrona bullshit, but of course the media has done fuck all in telling the truth.

>> No.17419357

I'm not good at trading, only buying the lows, again, I'd just split your buys up. Maybe into 4ths or even 10ths, depending on how much money you have to buy with.

>> No.17419375

All I know is that who ever was buying a shit ton on the way up knows something good is coming for LINK.

>> No.17419428


i sold like 300 linkies high 3 buck and mid-low 4 bucks out of my linklet stack out of being poor. but you will regret selling anything all at once

>> No.17419463

Sell and buy the real BitCoin (BSV)

>> No.17419489

I once was a trader, until I took a green dildo to the knee. Trading is the easiest way to lose money in this market. But god damn does it suck watching your gains slowly diminish

>> No.17419564

Do it you pussy faggit.

>> No.17419569

>Also, how can I be more social? How can I be less autistic in real life?
Thinking it's ok to be a tripfag and the sentences in your post ending with a period contain all the clues. The way you think is ugly and it will come out when you speak.

>> No.17419610


Money or no money you still gotta do shit to occupy your time.

>> No.17419623

when this pumps, i mean really pumps, you americans are going to wish you held for 2 years instead of swinging

>> No.17419637

Even when I just say "hi, how's it going"?

>> No.17419667

Link is going to dump hard, you watched it happen 2 times before. Are you going to watch it happen again?
Buy the Kleros dip and climb aboard.

>> No.17419759

Yes I even heard that through the text

>> No.17419803
File: 173 KB, 1070x987, neverfuckingselling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are you going to watch it happen again?

>> No.17419844

Lmao I was joking you stupid nigger. I don't really care if anyone likes me or not, especially a bunch of stupid, broke communists. I'm here to kill em all.

>> No.17419856

Ok then give me 5k link wise ass.

>> No.17419889

these posts are making me nervous, so bearish, reminds me of those 2016-2017 4chan coins like REQ and other crap which slowly dumped -99% afterwards

i wouldn't be suprised if this, russian 2-men university startup coin is -90% after few years of slow bleeding.

>> No.17419938

If anyone comes off as an uber autist it’s you, “Yes I even heard that through the text”. What kind of dried up pussy would say that

>> No.17420341

Yes, take the job, and don't sell the linkies.

>> No.17421276

All-in. Now. Weak hands sell at the shakeout and lose LINK on the way back up. Don't be weak.

>> No.17421319

short term, like in 3 months range. sell
mid term. sell
long term, 1 year +. proper hold

>> No.17421326

Show tits.

>> No.17421328

tf makes you fags think that you can predict the exact price swings short term ? you didn't take "solving the oracle problem" litetally didn't you ?

>> No.17421340
File: 87 KB, 539x807, 1505836797354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't listen to that other faggot, I think you're pretty great (always letting kikes and their communists pets know their place).

>> No.17421396

Thanks. They will truly know their place is 6 feet deep, soon enough.

>> No.17421472
File: 479 KB, 1180x1600, C7A168EB-5960-452E-A764-F3102AA2C65F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Devil, what is your favorite early church heresy. I just feel like you’d have an interesting answer.

>> No.17421528

I've just sent the first draft of my responses to ChainLINK Tonight, and will hopefully get to work with the host on editing & revising them.

My answers are, for the most part, serious and inoffensive; should I make them more humorous and offensive? Heading home now.

>t. link jesus

>> No.17421711

Lose the name tag, faggot

>> No.17421727

Sergey owns 65% of LINK


>> No.17421741
File: 150 KB, 442x200, 989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first draft is best draft, leave em. Hope you are having a good day

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