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I have 450k link and I have a hard time sleeping knowing the massive moon mission that will happen by end of 2021.

Anyone else anxious af as well seeing everything we've discussed for years finally start to come together?

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Why the fuck aren’t you selling 100k of that and investing in real estate, another 100k for the stock market and then holding out the rest. Because you are larping.

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Why don’t you sell half seeing as none of the original crumbs have been real so far (DocuSign, DigitalAsset etc) and you still become a millionaire? Would be more anxious about LINK being the next VET if I were you.

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you mean $450k in link surely

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Everything you have mentioned has been outperformed by Chainlink.

Not a larp but ok

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yeah, sure

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All the past partnerships have been proven fake. All the current and future partnerships will be proven fake as well.

Chainlink has 0 users, and will never have any, because KYC, centralized, non-sybil resistant oracles are useless.

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Like it came together last year?

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Why 2021 exactly?

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Sorry to piss all over your parade, but NU Link is going to improve LINKs base code and comprehensively solve the oracle problem.

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What do you plan on doing when you make it? How were you able to acquire that much LINK?

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This. Lmao at real estate and stock market faggots. You know that shit is 10x the bubble stinkylink is

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Don't tell them!!! Let them lose all their live's work.

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Not gonna make it with this lack of understanding of crypto

why the fuck are you fudding an OG marine? Why would you think this would work?

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Holy Fuck are you retarded? Investing in real estate now is the stupidest move you could make. Even burning your money as a sacrifice to Moloch is a better investment

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I’d sell some and buy some land far away. And prep, this board is not thinking about coronavirus enough. Can’t enjoy your linkies if you’re dead.

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Stop tripfagging you attentionwhore
Is this astro again?

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Derivatives and staking go live then.

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If it bothers you so much don't pay attention to it. It's not that hard.

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How you know Derivatives and staking go live in 2021?

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do you even follow link related use cases? asx 2021

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That’s what they’re hoping for. Nobody knows. Not even Ronald McD—err I mean Sergey.

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You know real estate exists outside of manhattan and San Francisco right? That there are cities that are growing at 5-10% a year in population? That you can find properties where the income covers all expenses including mortgage payments? That the same forces that caused the last crash don’t exist anymore?

You must be poor. Only poor people hate real estate.

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