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>tfw no gf

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>tfw still no gf

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I LOVE R9K 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>tfw married with kids

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>tfw married with kids

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>tfw no gf and not married by now

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>tfw married, but no gf on the side

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>girl liked me in hs, asked me out
>didnt like her, said no
>find out she likes the EXACT same stuff i like, is now a 10/10 qt
>stalk her facebook for last few months, try going to the place she worked at every other day for months. Couldn't find

What's even the point of this money anymore. I'm fucking lost as fuck

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kek why didn't you like her at the time?
did you have other options?

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I've always had really shitty taste in women. Good looking 9-10's, willing. Instead of the qt 7-8 who actually want to do something in life that's not partying and fucking. Let that be a lesson to anyone of you biz friends if you're looking for an actual meaningful relationship.

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Good advice.

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girlfriends are annoying as shit after some months srs. first months it's goat, chemicals in the brain and all, but you get used to it, and women are never satisfied aswell, they get used to standards, how you treat them, what you say, and they want more. they start to get bitchy and test you around the clock. even if you pass her tests as masculine and strong enough to withstand her absolute annoyance, you will get tested again and again. especially if it's a hot girl and she has options who are standing in line, chads and all you know. you have to fuck her good, everytime, treat her well, listen to all her bullshit. cant even have a rational discussion because her female mind cant grasp complex logical concepts, so she cant even take advice and better her behavior. it comes the point where you basically wasting your time because all this shit is not even worth the pussy anymore because you could do better shit in this time for building a future.

gf is overrated if you havent still made it and need to get shit done, it costs so much time and money (inb4 "muh cuck", no it's about opportunity cost. time=money. and yeah every girl expects you to at least sometimes pay for dinner or some other shit, not like its always but u get the point.)

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Also what happened to my post? JANNIES?
>Girl in hs liked me asked me out
>Said no, didn't like her
>Find out recently she likes the EXACT same stuff I do and is now a 10/10 qt
>Stalk her facebook for a few months, try to go to where she works at everyday for months, couldnt find.

what's the point of all this money, I'm fucking lost as fuck.

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>tfw decades long stash of stolen teenagers soiled panties ziplocked and catalogued by scent power and stain impression
>mfw im a girls volleyball coach

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I can't even bring myself to talk to the girls that liked me. I just straight up ignore them and make it obvious like a retarded autist. I'm also a huge insecure pussy and the fact that any girl likes me boggles my mind but losers can get lucky sometimes I guess. Fuck my life. I feel you bro.

I'd at the very least like to try what a relationship feels like but I'm so retarded that every time an opportunity comes up I just fuck it up so hard.

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Who cares faggot

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that's because you (rightfully) think you don't deserve a girl. that's why your brain inhibits you to do stuff.
you are a beta or even omega male of the society which doesn't deserve to fuck pussy.
pussy is reserved for alpha males, or rich/high status betas.
either become one of these, or focus your mind on other things and buy hookers.

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