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official first thread edition. 2/21/2020

popular brokers:

basic stock market terminology:

Risk management:

Real-time market news:

Live Bloomberg stream:

Educational sites:

Free charting tools:

Stock screeners:

Pre-Market Data and Live data:

Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

Basic rundown on lean hogs:

List of hedge fund holdings:


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Fuck tripfags

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Guys there's no ticker for cuck. Do with this information what you will.

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>mfw stop lossed before shit hit the fan

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I henceforth declare all op's must number the edition, even creative latin lettering works, but also date the thread and hentai should be removed from op copy paste... assholes who put that in... well i'll take a look to see what is so educational.

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>He didn't sell everything on Wednesday

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fuck... im losing my ass... and uhh some one report me for posting hentai on a blue board. fuck it i'll take a 4 month vacation and serve my punishment.

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girlfriend's headlights just showed up. i'll be back later, remind next baker edition 2

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>trying to get over my fear of holding overnight
>these past 2 days happen

i mean im in at $48 so im still up significantly, but it's getting pretty scary. im expecting daddy jerome to BTFD on monday/tuesday though, i mean it's AMD it's gonna be fine long term. i expected dips just not THIS hard of a dip, jesus christ why. we got factories in taiwan, not china, ffs.

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I couldn't help but buy puts on DPZ
i hate Dominos Pizza, it sucks, and a single vertical jump of 25% just from earnings is nonsense
but so far it's not looking to good for me

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>jesus christ why.
I mean AMD is a great company but come on.

193.43 P/E
Trading at 50x 2020 earnings.

You had to have known it was going to pull back at some point.

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I made $680 a day as a contractor doing fuck all in Erbil, it gets boring if there's not even a lick of danger. Now I wage and fuck my hapa gf every night.

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>he fell for the WuFlu global recession WW3 impeachment Hong Kong protest President Sanders meme

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How much of amd’s sales are to Chinese manufacturers of cheap laptops?

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Post the hentai, you fucking asshole.

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yeah but not THIS hard, like pullbacks leading into a continuation of the uptrend. if it keeps going down on monday to $50 i'll likely sell and chock it up as a lesson to never doubt the power of global events which don't even really have anything to do with your company anyways. the whole market is crashing with no survivors and fuck you and your momma too. thankfully for me it's just eating into my profits, im not actually losing money, but it still fucking feels bad. if it doesn't start going back up again monday im gonna have to seriously take a step back and consider wtf to do next. i'll probably go back to day trading based on TA in that case, this volatility just isn't worth risking holding over night if this is what i can expect.

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Based SMG poster has posted every single day for the 2 years I've been here

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kek, the two top dudes at ONTX have like 6 FDA approved drugs notched on the belt. I think a few came from Big Pharma. So they got the background with this stuff. Oh happy day shall it be when the P3 results come to light and light a fire under the stock price. 12,200 shares I've got, a far larger slice than I had with AMRN. Then I had only 872. Great things shall come to pass and I'll get my Profit at long last.

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>he's still holding
Good luck, you'll need it.

>> No.17379049

For those of us out there with a properly long view our ONTX shares are still well in the green.

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fuck my girlfriend just yelled at me and told me to stop drinking like 20 times.... that fucking bitch actually cares about my future too.

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guys i really think this is it..the production here in china has really halted. I'm not sure how this doesnt fuck not just the markets but the whole economy. It was nice knowing you, I guess I'll watch my portfolio go to $0

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I’d that really the cuck?
He sorta ruins the photo by smiling like a dork when everyone else is tryna look hard

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Ditch the bitch, at least til she chills out.


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>here in China

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mid april shit will be back to normal... production will start again, didn't you see the army of ducks sent too combat the locusts... you're fucking seeing a dip... vix isn't 20 yet, so we can't buy, but once we get to 20... buy.

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but she smells nice and lets me put my penis inside of her, and sometimes with out asking, she just sucks my cock....

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There better be blood on Monday. I had to exit some positions that would have been fine in crab or bull markets.

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>lets me put my penis inside of her
Gross man. Now you have cooties on your peepee.

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yes hello, grim. its for my strategy (ghost candle)

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how does the VIX work?

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You wouldn’t believe me if I told you

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and like the snap shot of the image of her face in my mind's eye, so happy and satisfied, post coitus is uhhh the most beautiful and comforting thing.... damn i'm probably doing the right thing, but looking over at her while i type this makes me want to say i'm never ditching the bitch.

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Put credit spreads or just straight puts?

I almost did put spreads on LL today but then I was like...nahhhh better wait to see what happens over the weekend.

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I'm not short on anything yet. Just closed off some of the riskier longs, boosted the defensive stuff like utilities. Added to oil long which I HOPE works out.

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uhh, if you're not holding something your statistically shorting that shit. by default, selling off stuff you once held is shorting stuff you bought... G_D damn it i sold 300 shares of fucking space virgin galaxy moon mission for like less than nine bucks. I am so fucking happy for those who took a ride.

>> No.17379220

I think I fucked up.

I’m still holding some risky stuff like UPRO and SVXY. But GEX fell $3trillion today.............

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But she wants you to stop drinking, and that's pretty uncool.


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nope... it's more like something uplifting and surrounded by men who don't wear skirts.


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I've just been making money on theta plays on SPY options but now I might have to rethink how I go about that. I am not going to be surprised if the S&P500 goes back to 3200 or below next week.

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I am holding a bunch of TQQQ, TECL, and SOXL. I was up bigly on Wed. and have watched my gains drop dramatically the past two days. I am hoping that we see some reversal or at least stabilization next week. I should have sold at close on Wednesday when my gut told me to.

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Actually this one's more fitting for your story.


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we just need at least 1 more FED stock market pump, they're going to BTFD until April.

>> No.17379282

In cash I'm not going to lose a bunch of money if the market rebounds next week. If I was short I would. Differences.

>> No.17379300

Trump's claim to fame is the stock market reaching new ATH's, you HONESTLY think he's just gonna let shit crash right now? REALLY?

>> No.17379315

Things can slide a good deal more before the fed switches gears from "not QE" QE to actual straight up QE.

>> No.17379318

Agreed. Nothing wrong with holding cash until there is some more certainty. Dumb to try to time the market but also dumb to buy stocks at these prices with this much uncertainty.

>> No.17379330

i'll accept AMD at $58 for one more day so i can sell for 20% lmao

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>if you're not holding something your statistically shorting that shit. by default, selling off stuff you once held is shorting stuff you bought...

trying a bit too hard to sound smart there

>> No.17379341

i wish this was actually my job... i care more about market opinions and speculation than business.

>> No.17379351

you can't short something worth 0... it's only positive fucking numbers until you get returns.

>> No.17379364

you can do it for a living if you just git gud, scrub.

>> No.17379372

call me a liar, but i speak fucking truth all g_d damn day and have never been more pissed off than when people call me a liar.

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>Robinhood: “can you send us $2,000 so you can have access to $600 worth of bags?”

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>Yeah, bro, Coronavirus is already priced in.

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what are you even talking about

all i meant was this >>17379282

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You're kneecapping your life you dumb college brat

>> No.17379409

>Not trying to withdraw the $600 from Robinhood as well

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The man gonna come for you, anon.

>> No.17379423

dude, you're officially a loser... sometimes losers make it, but that's bush league stuff that would get your ass kicked for. you literally have no shame and closed the door on hope. noo dignity no respect for others.... you belong in jail.

>> No.17379425

What did he buy?

>> No.17379437


>> No.17379438

calls with money that was settling and he took the money out of his account before ACH deposit cleared so he's literally commiting fraud and bragging about his 2 grand. he's a fucking loser.

>> No.17379441

>you're long when the TA says it's going down


>> No.17379446

What’s it going to do besides ruin his credit score?

>> No.17379449


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>Oy vey, don't steal from the banks before they steal from you.

ok boomer

>> No.17379468

What an idiot.

>> No.17379473

i've been here a long time... but ice cream.. nah i'll get a fucking itallian ice from my freezer, my gf loves the lemon ones. see ya bye.

>> No.17379476

I don't get it, you bought calls with money you don't have?

>> No.17379486

Based zoomie.

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>implying my credit score was good to begin with

>> No.17379499

Fuck off, namefag. We have enough basic bitch namefags around here already.

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I rarely post. I love you baby

>> No.17379528

Robinhood lets you trade with money that hasn't cleared. He did this, lost money, and then before the money transferred, he took it out of his bank account.
>I rarely post.
Good, let's keep it that way.

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>tfw the sadness suddenly kicks in

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make sure to give us an update when the FBI is kicking your door in

>> No.17379577

>Thinking about how much of a loser you are instead of all the money you're going to lose on monday morning

You are never going to make it.

>> No.17379610

With Jews, you lose
With Chinks, you sink
With Blacks, you can relax
Invest in african shitholes today!

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>my amd call limit order only lasted a day and didnt go through at open
>tmdx limit order lasted more than a day and went through at open, resulting in me catching a falling knife

Is this a common thing with brokers where you can set your limit order to last more than a day? Im still getting used to interactive brokers but apart from the chesp brokerage its a bit meme worthy

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>tfw have to close laptop really quick as soon as gf walks in and she thinkns i was watching porn but really i was shitposting on biz and micromanaging my robinhood

>> No.17379654

proof? i dont believe you bought that much

>> No.17379659

post her butt

>> No.17379668

That’s literally days away

>> No.17379671

he has no control over the fed. in fact they were deliberatley fucking him over last year by raising rates. they will do a raise right around october to make the market tank for november. dont put it past democrats to hurt the country just to gain power

>> No.17379693

The brainletness of this post... wow...

>> No.17379699

Your stock chad credentials have been revoked, effective immediately.

>> No.17379748

Does robinhood provide access to stocks outside of the US markets? Do many of you buy shares that are traded on other exchanges?

>> No.17379752


Thumbs up on that bogleheads link.

VTSAX/VTI all day every day.

>> No.17379775

>tfw stocks have made me hate the weekend now

I’d probably be happier if the ENTIRE MARKET DIDN’T FUCKING CRASH before Friday close

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50:50 UGL:AGQ or all-in on one of them? Silver has more room to run, but gold is so much sexier, worry that it might gobble up most of the panic-cash

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>> No.17379844

If you think economic conditions are worsening, Gold should outpreform industrial metals like silver.

>> No.17379914

Picking up some silver tomorrow, because it's the only form of investing I can do over the weekend (other than putting my 3 remaining Robinhood bucks into crypto).

>> No.17380008

you can read a book on the weekends. invest in yourself

>> No.17380028

>buying silver at the top

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>he thinks the market is crashing monday

>> No.17380119

Lately I've been reading (actually, listening) to Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics.
I was also considering platinum for that reason, but the current metals thread seems awfully positive about silver for the long term. That said the current metals thread is a lot deader than /smg/ so I haven't gotten many opinions overall.

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>(Reuters) - Eli Lilly and Co said on Friday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Trulicity for reducing cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetic patients.

>The approval makes Trulicity the first and only type 2 diabetes drug approved to reduce heart related risks in adults with and without established cardiovascular disease, the company said in a statement

You guys think there will be any demand? There’s gotta be 1 or 2 people in the US with type 2 diabetes who’d want a weekly injection to reduce their risk of heart-exploder right?

>> No.17380181

Sounds like it'd be a hit for overweight amerilaps looking for another reason not to exercise. I'd be more interested if they could shove that into the insulin shot itself. That's hopefully phase 2.

>> No.17380196

What are the requirements for an interactive brokers margin account? I want to be able to short and do options. Vanguard has really high income requirements.

>> No.17380274

>I’d probably be happier if the ENTIRE MARKET DIDN’T FUCKING CRASH before Friday close
Market is fond of its cliffhangers going in to weekend.

>> No.17380329
File: 25 KB, 540x316, Wholesome+_51bda3f8662baa329e677b89c81bb47b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey y'know what's awesome?
Having a metric fuckton of shares of SNSS

>> No.17380331

If coronavirus kills us all or devastates the planet then the world is trashed and no one will care about their stocks. So there is no reason to think that will happen and you should continue to buy.

>> No.17380347

i actually finally broke down and bought a few based on your shilling anon, i hope it pays off. i noticed it was on of a few stocks in the green today

>> No.17380371

It's not going to destroy the world, but you're hopped-up on hopium if you think Corona has been priced in yet
>the f-fed will just buy everything!

>> No.17380472

Oh, it'll pay off. 300mg data achieved 40% tumor reduction. at least partial remissions are coming on this 400mg data, especially since patient 28 (the one with 40% tumor reduction) was moved up to 400mg. Cutoff for what is legally a "partial remission" is 50% tumor reduction

>> No.17380491

By "Legally" I mean "The standard required by the FDA"

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File: 908 KB, 1063x1352, 1580525889487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like i said, things can dip more. Corona chan related selling hasn't even equalled some of the worst chop from 2019 yet. I am concerned about this increase in international infections, extended Chinese factory closures, and the butchers bill coming for spring earnings.

Real deal crash? Meh. 10% trim is certainly in the cards though.

>> No.17380624

I agree with you greentext. However, if you think that this is what's behind the "sell-off", you're wrong. The FED has slowly started weaning us off of free money.

>> No.17380629

What do yall think of TQQQ? I have $8k to invest and almost want to put half of it in TQQQ...

>> No.17380632
File: 112 KB, 1591x729, Screenshot_20200222-022156_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop watching the """news""". Stop being weakhanded faggots. Buy when everyone else is selling.

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File: 473 KB, 10000x10000, 11111111111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go for it with half your stack. If it drops to 90 next week go in with the other half then ride it out. Don't listen to these toiletpaper handed poors on here. Fucking buy that shit and get paid

>> No.17380684

You sound new and young.

>> No.17380752

>Just sell low and buy high dude

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File: 51 KB, 600x596, 1564040328469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know literally nothing about investing or stocks, so I'm going to open a vanguard index fund and throw a bunch of money I don't need in hopes it accumulates over time at a higher rate than the fuckall interest rates of my bank. Is this an absolutely awful idea?

>> No.17380800

no thats literally the proven recipe for success

>> No.17380916

Put a fourth of it in S M H (without the spaces), a fourth in XLK and the rest in VOO with maybe a few treasuries mixed in. Thank me in 30 years

>> No.17380942
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I actually played board games with roommates tonight instead of being alone. I even had chocolate milk instead of beer despite unrealized losses exceeding a grand today =']
It's ok though, I mean, AMD has dropped before and I've gone through it enough times to know to just keep doing what I'm doin'.

>> No.17380954
File: 461 KB, 2119x1415, united-states-federal-reserve-building--washington-dc--usa-699686820-4fe8a5acea0b451b8998d683dfcd87db (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

top kek brainlet.. watch banks throw a hissy fit in march when repo operations end in april.. after that.. you can't predict shit

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File: 34 KB, 547x140, Screenshot_20200222-030952_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unrealized losses exceeding a grand today
Fuck all bears, strong hands still gonna make it

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just started doing Lyft and apparently friday nights are $26/h.
and that was with a bunch of downtime and some bullshit with the app.
got paid to drive around and listen to econtalk.
pretty comfy.
how was everyone's friday?

>> No.17381228

ever since that faggot who praise him he has gotten more of an ego

>> No.17381262

hey chaps,
anyone got advice for me? i'm not a beginner but i haven't traded in about 4 years and i'm rusty af

>> No.17381289

All in FNGU

>> No.17381291
File: 636 KB, 745x1024, __kaga_kyubey_akuma_homura_and_kaga_kantai_collection_and_3_more_drawn_by_h2_h20000000__ac03ad58ab4a64928a86f543e00b6292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The FED has slowly started weaning us off of free money.


how the hell do we even know what the market has priced in and what it hasn't? It's supposed to be looking past expected Corona-weakness, to the v-shaped recovery... but who's to say what damage is expected and what isn't?

The more I mess around with the market, the more it looks like I'm an idiot for ever getting started, and an idiot for quitting after investing this much time.

sounds like things are going well for you
got a new wageslave gig, and found a place with roomies to be social with who do more than get wasted on a friday night

I slept literally all day.

I found out a lot of my positions have gone from gains to losses, and I FOMOed in at the absolute worst time for some things.

My losers continue to lose BIG TIME, and my winners have now turned into losers.

Everything kind of sucks right now.

>> No.17381377
File: 519 KB, 820x1287, grating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ED has slowly started weaning us off of free money
I thot it was confirmed that repo operations and stuff were ending in April? I don't know what they're doing, need to go over the FOMC minutes.
I'm a sweepyhead too today, fell asleep at 6:00 when I got home from work and just woke up at 2:00 am kekkies

>> No.17381419

If it makes you feel any better first response when you google news intel is that their new i9 sucks dick.

>> No.17381444


it's unrelated to repo market actions it's the Fed balance sheet

>> No.17381468
File: 148 KB, 680x1010, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The balance sheet did decline this week, confirmed on https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WALCL

But some anon said this was old news?

Not sure if I believe repo op will actually end in april though. If repos throw a fit again, I assume they will be right back in there.

>> No.17381478

going all in on spce when it drops on monday

>> No.17381527

How has the US government been spending money in such a way that reducing doing so is a reason to cause shock to stocks? Thanks.

>> No.17381582

buying bonds
and presumably stocks

>> No.17381628


buying short term treasury bills (<12 months)

they are increasing their balance sheet by aroud $400b since september after reducing it steadily since post crisis by about $700b.

there is a basically consensus view that the QE they did post crisis to balloon the balance sheet to trillions (before reducing it by the $700b) was a really good thing for stocks. And now they are sort of doing it again (with the $400b increase since Sept) even though they insist it is not the same (it is slightly different) and only temporary, no one believes them, they think they are doing QE again

>> No.17381680

I shorted a big grip of tsla shares at close of afterhours. Wonder if this shit can keep floating

>> No.17381714
File: 5 KB, 169x157, suspicious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a deep seated psychological need to self-sabotage yet somehow I manage to be a very successful trader. I think I've resolved this seeming contradiction. Most people when they see their investments plunging give in to the mounting urge to sell, often at the worst possible moment right before the subsequent reversion to the mean. Their natural instinct for self preservation, that need to avert loss, having served their ancestors so well are the very things that in the specific instance of trading are most responsible for catastrophic loss. Trading only has positive expectancy when it flouts human nature. However, I find a perverse sense of calm when my charts go red. The further it goes down, no only does the iron grip on my equities strengthen but the urge to buy more and more is irresistable. The more I lose the more I want to buy to lose even more. But therein lies the rub. The path to success in trading is to buy low and sell high. My need to self sabotage coupled with the contradictive incentives of trading and human nature result in me making all the right decisions when everybody else is fucking up. You're selling and all I want to do is buy more. I csn't load up on leveraged index ETFs fast enough. I can barely sleep thinking about loading up on TQQQ, UPRO, FNGU, SOXL, SSO, et al next week. Hell, maybe the next few months as the virus scare runs its course. If the S&P drops 50% I'll be grinning maniaclly at my losses, assuaging that deep rooted need to fail, tricking my reptile brain into believing it's happening yet all the while ensuring my inevitable 1% of 1% levels of financial success.
I believe this may be one of the unexplored sources of great traders' subconscious methodology. Not something you'll hear anywhere else but something worth thinking about.

>> No.17381719
File: 151 KB, 532x227, Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 4.38.06 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The more shares shorted, the more the longs can milk the short-squeeze...

>> No.17381746

Complete retard here.
When looking at long term investing (30 years) should you look for a fund that pays out dividends or reinvests them in themselves? I kinda feel like I want that cash, but I don't know.

>> No.17381801

Till q1 er

>> No.17381966
File: 999 KB, 300x169, barney headshot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> mfw AMD yesterday

I'm long on AMD, but that one hurt my gainz quite a bit, even if I'm still up 11k € this year so far.

>> No.17381982

are LEAPs really worth it? the premiums on this shit is insane

>> No.17381984

I'm not kidding, I can't be seen with you guys anymore unless you get way more intelligent. Sniff your own farts until your so high you finally understand how to use a terminal correctly if you have to.

>> No.17381996

You guys still haven't bought ASX: PET yet?

>treats phosphorus in lakes which is the food source of toxic algae
>Trillion dollar market
>*Zero* competitors
>Strong history of performance
>Tonnes of contracts in China, routes in Florida wetlands

It's like you want to be poor

>> No.17382038

thats the most insane p/e ratio ive ever seen (like it means anything). they seem to be gaining cash instead of burning through it. reckon they'll achieve that 100% sales forcast for 2020?

>> No.17382050
File: 57 KB, 720x718, 1578751547528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it the end of the world yet

>> No.17382113

Fairly sure is not reflective of actual P/E. I think it's a touch over 200, which is a lot, but you don't price growth stocks on current PE.

Barring Coronavirus turning into an epidemic, yes. They also have a pretty strong chance of raising their sales forecast for the year as management have been quite conservative in not including new projects in the forecast (for instance a lake in china expected to bring in 15-20m for the year).

>> No.17382149

>are LEAPs really worth it? the premiums on this shit is insane
You can easily reduce the premium by doing a vertical spread. On the other hand, instead of focusing so much on the premium, be more in the habit of how much effective leverage you're getting. If you're speculating, leverage is how you magnify gains on a good trade but traditional margin can subject you to liquidation if things get out of hand. Fortunately, options while giving the effect of margin aren't vulnerable to liquidation since you're just trading derivative contracts. The weakness of options are the expiration date and theta, both factors mitigated by LEAPs. So, about that premium, calculate the leverage you're getting for it to see if it's a good deal. The formula is multiply the underlying price by delta and divide by the option's price. TSLA is going for $899.00 and June 17, 2022. $900 calls are $226.08 with a delta of 0.6762. 899x0.6762/226.08 equals 2.69x leverage. Upshot is if you have 10k to spend you can buy shares outright or you can get 2.69x leverage by buying that option. It's the same 10k buy-in so do you want the leverage or not? That's the question you should be asking. Want more leverage that's easy, raise your strike price and/or get a nearer expiration date

>> No.17382157

Probably. It’s the end of the world somewhere.

What if the world is constantly being destroyed and recreated and what we experience as continuity is an illusion, since time doesn’t exist in the interim between bouts of existence?

>> No.17382176
File: 201 KB, 1000x666, rainy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's the end for someone somewhere right now as you read this.
they can't turn their head but with just moving their eyes they're able to look out their hospital window at the constellation of lights from the parking lot and city beyond.


>> No.17382189

in other news I just killed a bug.

>> No.17382204

I meant like, are futures gonna open 1% down on Sunday or not
are we all going to get the flu and spend the year of the rat crawling on our bellies gasping for breath and dying in a ditch

>> No.17382229
File: 3.63 MB, 398x254, 1580026492109.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>year of the rat
rhymes with bat

>> No.17382235

bats are pretty much just flying mice

>> No.17382242

I will never EVER be the happy Pepe that I used to be. The last 3 years of my life have been wasted. The last 10 years of my life were a waste as well

I’m killing myself gradually by letting my life go by without living it and getting worse over time


>> No.17382259

that sounds pretty intense
look at it this way: if you were a better person you wouldn't waste your time and you'd be more productive.

>> No.17382287

Alternatively, you could admit you've been brainwashed by the jews and being "productive" and "not wasting time" is an illusion they cast on goyim to make them work harder and produce more goods they can buy with their shekles

>> No.17382506
File: 187 KB, 847x793, D2B097FA-9079-415E-8025-A86D089D29D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weekends almost over, about time to get back to it

>> No.17382589

did the maker of that gif also release the flash animation?

>> No.17382640

What a masterpiece

>> No.17382652

/pol/ is a mental illness

>> No.17382686

What do europeans use for trading options? And do they let you do it with like 200e?
I just want to buy them and play around

>> No.17382832

You'll just have to forgive me if I don't shit my pants in terror after the weak sauce you bears have been on for the last nine months
Yesterday was nothing, get your ass in gear and make sure futures are RAPED on open
The 10-2 crossed and the chink aids flu is going to kill us all and Bernie Sanders is going to be president, you have all the tools

>> No.17382851

reddit has been causing a mini-gold rush in stocks for 2020

it's taking extra time to deflate this shit

>> No.17382856

when is it ever NOT the jews though? Somethin weird's goin on Jimbo...

>> No.17382902

It's because of powerful jewish people and influence but saying "jews" includes all the 100k a year income jews and not just the powerful ones I guess.

Neocons just happen to be primarily jewish and influences by jews, but that doesn't mean it's a jewish thing I guess.

>> No.17382913

but yes

whites did slavery and every evil thing ever, including Hitler even if you are American white and grandparents fought him.

>> No.17382990

Google trends shows that interest in stock market has increased only modestly and basically you're a fucking retard.

>> No.17383005


>> No.17383019

Run a counterfactual on this. It's just pointing out logic. Also off topic.

>> No.17383031
File: 117 KB, 1017x630, option investors MS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice google trends research

>> No.17383069

>tfw already all in on leveraged ETFs, and don't have the skills to actively trade

>> No.17383184

>lost a bunch of my profits on AMD these past two days
>if i had just played the technicals i could have made a ton of money

this experiment with holding long term instead of just trading TA alongside some basic overall market FA intraday is getting shittier and shittier the longer i hold.

>> No.17383243
File: 30 KB, 1415x146, spcevolscalp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vol scalped spce all week last week for some riskless profits, thanks for the liquidity guys

>> No.17383285

Tesla chads [email protected]

>> No.17383306

Thank R*ddit instead

>> No.17383329

>tfw bought everything on wednesday
I have no choice but to hold

>> No.17383330

any of you guys do this for a living? im getting a little pissed off that i can often make a week or even an entire month's salary in a single day trading stocks. at this point im mostly continuing to go to my job out of habit.

>> No.17383334

Lol @ stonks, BCH $10,000 EOY

>> No.17383375

How do people who trade stonks for bucks hide this? I even get shit from people when I win 10 bucks in the lottery. I don't think that I can hide my wagecuck free life.

>> No.17383379
File: 23 KB, 998x41, Untitled-3a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go.

>> No.17383385

Are you consistently profitable? And you need to have a system or else you'll get wiped out pretty quick.
Also it doesn't kill to have multiple streams of revenue. I work as a semi-remote developer right now and i make more money trading options.

>> No.17383395

Speaking of R*ddit, their WSB mods have shut down a lot of the pumping and dumping they were doing and removed it as a default sub. This will significantly cut down on the amount of dumb money that has been flowing into the options. A 2% dip in the market managed to wipe most of them out...
We haven't experienced a bear market in a long time now and there has been very little crabbing. I don't think our ability to make money in this market means much when everyone can also do it.

>> No.17383402

By not flashing the wealth around. Long as you don't suddenly show up in a 500,000 car for example nobody will give two shits long as you don't tell them.

>> No.17383427

i mean, whatever you want to trade is fine. i like the /ES a lot. as long as you're actually good at it and profitable. my point is that i make more money using a properly backtested and forwardtested system with a set risk that caps my losses, a scaling out target price which mitigates my risk in ranging markets, and an exit indicator which keeps me in the big trends for the majority of the move.

the profit potential in the markets is unlimited, but my paycheck is always going to remain static. the better i've become at trading the more this fact is standing out to me.

what do you mean "hide this"? i guess if you don't want people mooching off of you, literally just don't flaunt your wealth. only people who know how much i make are my parents and siblings, because i have a good family that actually loves me and isn't a bunch of assholes. not even my extended family knows.

of course, why else would i be posting about it? it's honestly mostly about risk management, "cut your losers short and let your winners run", it's surprisingly simple at the end of the day. determine the short/medium/long-term trends and trade when they agree, essentially. scale out to mitigate risk, have a stop loss based on the ATR, etc. the multiple streams of revenue is pretty much why i still work, that feeling of "JUUUST in case", even though i can never really get rekt because of my risk management capping my losses on every trade. the job gives me the ability to socialize too, i worry that if i just did trading i'd never leave the house lol.

>> No.17383436

+1 for more revenue is better.
Personally if I was raking in stock money I'd still keep working til I was completely in the clear for early retirement, and even then I'd probably keep a low-intensity part-time job for throwaway money and to keep some structure in my life.

>> No.17383449

Just don't them. If I ever go professional, I'm just going to say that I'm living off my savings and hopefully it keeps the thots away as an added bonus.

>> No.17383457
File: 7 KB, 225x225, pump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>option trading now banned worldwide
your response?

>> No.17383461

that is actually more or less my plan. im taking it one step further by working on automating my day trading system, but that requires learning how to code and so will take a while. hoping to have it working with no bugs by the end of the year.

>> No.17383480

i just trade stocks with money i actually have instead of margin, call me crazy i guess. options do intrigue me though, but not for the YOLO WSB shit, more for the potential to hedge your bets and use them as insurance, or as a way to more or less trade volatility (doesn't matter whether price goes up or down, just that it goes up or down a LOT. really want to figure out how to play earnings this way at some point).

>> No.17383481

Last night I had a dream about Christina Hendricks

>> No.17383490

>your response?
Good. I hate it when people make more money than me through gambling and I don't hedge enough to need to use options.

>> No.17383520

Yeah don't flash the green around women. Sure having all kinds of pussy just tossed at you is fine as hell but all it takes is one of them to claim "he got me pregnant" for your joyride to come crashing down.

>> No.17383527
File: 76 KB, 813x1001, 32bags.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lEt YoUr WiNeRs RuN
>cUt YoUr LoSsEs

>> No.17383529

I'm using my stock gains to begin my numismatic career in earnest

>> No.17383541

Stock gains != income
Bitches can go fuck themselves.

>> No.17383576

How much are you beating the market by in your trading?

>> No.17383585

good plan. I don't use margin either. That shit can fuck you up. If the deal don't work out you end up owing the brokerage plus they charge interest. If you can't pay the balance owed they'll just take whatever holdings you have in order to pay the debt off. No thanks.

>> No.17383601

RIYADH (Reuters) - The United States is against mentioning climate change in the communique of the world's financial leaders, G20 diplomats said, after a new draft of the joint statement showed the G20 are considering including it as a risk factor to growth.

Finance ministers and central bankers of the world's 20 biggest economies (G20) are discussing top global economic challenges on Saturday and Sunday in Riyadh, focusing on the growth outlook and new rules to tax global digital companies.

The G20 expects a modest pick-up in global growth this year and next, but noted downside risks to this outlook stemming from "... geopolitical and remaining trade tensions and policy uncertainty and macroeconomic risk related to environmental sustainability".

The latest draft communique gives less prominence to the outbreak of the coronavirus as a growth risk, saying only the G20 would ..." enhance global risk monitoring, including the recent outbreak of COVID-19," the medical acronym for the coronavirus.

G20 sources said the United States was reluctant to accept language on climate change as a risk to the economy.

"Usually China blocks as well, but as they are represented at lower level it's mainly the U.S.," one G20 diplomat said.

"Climate is the last sticking point in the communique. There is still no agreement," a second source familiar with the negotiations said.

I love my president.

>> No.17383672

Boy I can't wait for AMD to pump to 65 on the first of March

>> No.17383684

by a lot, but i only trade $50k at a time. not gonna get into specifics but it's a lot easier to make money off of $50k than it is to make the same percentage off of $50 billion. when i lose i lose 1.5R, but when i win i can win as much as 5-10R. if you shorted say AMD yesterday you could have made as much as 7%, in a single fucking day. and that's not even counting the things you can do with penny stocks potentially (although i avoid those since they're generally low float and thus a lot harder to day trade with enough liquidity).

$50k can buy you around 1k shares of AMD. if AMD moves $1, or about 2%, that's $1k in profit. only $200 a day, or $1k a week equals $50k a year. you really don't need an insane amount of money to make good gains off of the market as long as you have a good system and have the discipline to stick to the rules with no emotion.

>> No.17383694

I might buy puts on Monday. This shits going way down.

>> No.17383697

poor dude at my workplace he's been divorced twice. has kids via both ex-wives so you know he's paying the kiddie payments twice a month. He's got a few women he sees, I think 4 of them, yeah dude's just asking for kiddie payment no 3 to strike but oh well. Glad it ain't me.

>> No.17383699

the problem is, even if the rest of the fucking world was full-on green, china and india would still continue to fuck up the global environment. it's just completely pointless until you get china and india to stop fucking everything up.

>> No.17383700

Every time. Every fucking time. Watched it pump for months and months. The day I decide to scrape some money out of it, it dumps.

>> No.17383710

i fully expect the FED to buy the AMD cheapies next week, screencap this. keep printing that money.

>> No.17383780

Palladium bubble gon burst

>> No.17383801

the time to get in was when it dumped after earnings with the earlier nCoV scare into the $46-48 range. the next time to get in is around now after this big dump at the end of the week. you don't want to get in after it's gone more or less parabolic for several days, that's just dumb. im in at $48 to experiment with a longer-term hold but it still sucks how much profit i lost, im willing to hold until $50 if it drops below that im gonna have to cut my losses, hope that doesn't happen. march 5th is gonna be lit especially if they announce Big Navi like the rumors say they will.

>> No.17383890

he cute

>> No.17383908

52 people infected with Coronavirus in Italy. MAMA MAI


>> No.17383911

>Buffett bought $2.2 billion Berkshire shares
What did he mean by this? Is Buffett-sans finally bullish on this market?

>> No.17383917

Japan swarming with new cases
Get your Nikkei, DAX and GLD game ready

>> No.17383942
File: 666 KB, 1582x932, 4L_oOcrowG3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to stop following the market when on vacation but a looming happening makes it so hard. Loaded the fuck up on leveraged short etfs yesterday, might just not check until I get back to the US, assuming I’m not quarantined. Went through a few major airports including one in the Caribbean in the last few days and many border agents had masks on and there were Corona warning signs everywhere.

>> No.17383955

it's just killing old people though. send everyone back to work and just let the boomers die, i say. good for the economy.

>> No.17383956


"Coronavirus, latest news. Two dead, more than 50 infected. "Italy first in Europe"

>> No.17383983



>> No.17383992

Yes, but old people have the majority of capital in the market. If they start to get freaked out about the virus and start pulling their money out, liquidity drops, and everyone loses their gains.

The only way to stop this is by infecting them before they have a chance to pull their money. Break out the bat stew, I'm taking one for the team.

>> No.17384008

That article was the source. It's in mama mia pizzeria so I had to translate.


>> No.17384040

Happening (X)
Not Happening ( )


>> No.17384058

It could mean a lot of things. But they sit on so many billions cash on hand it probably made sense to buy some when the stock accumulated in a range last year

>> No.17384061
File: 36 KB, 424x362, comfy out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD really is set up for success, barring any Corona fuckery and factory shortages. The price was bloated in the high 50s since their P/E is outrageous like another anon said so the recent dip is more of a correction.

-4000 Renoir 7mm chips in laptops are just about to hit the market
-Possible Navi announcement in Q1. Almost certainly by Q4
-Continued Intel fuckups
-AMD chips in both PS5 and Xbox
-Lisa Su has done nothing but right the ship

I also got in in the 40s and plan on holding for a year

>> No.17384110

>he doesnt know about the treasury general account

>> No.17384111

He’s right though. It’s foreign capital fleeing to the relative safety and high returns of US assets which is propping up prices. Probably also fund managers who have been under performing playing catch up. Also TINA https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/tina-there-no-alternative.asp

John and Jane Q are fairly small share of market participants.

>> No.17384175

All foreign countries hate america and americans, but when the shit hits the fan, they send their money here. The world can't do without us.

>> No.17384209

>foreign capital fleeing to the relative safety and high returns of US assets
That has been happening for the last two years, the sudden uptick cannot be explained by fund mangers who only now decided that they're under performing when nearly everyone exposed to the US equity market has done well.

It's possible that retail is over represented in options trading compared to equity. WSB is now nearly a million users strong, that's a lot of money jumping into the market at the same time. Is there a good metric to see the size of the US equity market compared to US options?

>> No.17384242

Next week will be green. Nobody gives a FUCK about the coronavirus.
>B-but all these new cases!!!!
I know that and you know that, but normies and boomers don't give a FUCK. NOTHING will happen. I believed the hype a few weeks ago and then China manipulated the fuck out of their market, the fed manipulated/s the fuck out of ours, and so we were green.

That will happen again and we'll be green again next week. Hell, maybe even green Monday. Screenshot this.

>> No.17384275

>can't be explained

Fed Funds Rates generally dictate international capital flow.

>> No.17384325

The Goldman analysis found that stock market exposure today is “stretched” due to rising demand for equities from various sources.

“Hedge fund net exposures are the highest since July 2018, passive equity funds inflows last week were the highest since March 2019 (+21 billion), and foreign investor equity demand is one standard deviation higher than its average,” Menon wrote. “Net futures length and equity versus bond fund flows have also rebounded to their 52-week average from below average levels during the past few weeks,” he added.


>> No.17384346

>September 2019

>> No.17384353

theocc.com might help

>> No.17384387
File: 35 KB, 1210x438, effective fed rates.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am not seeing that tight of a correlation between fed rates and daily option volume that started to spike late 2019 while the rates were flat.

>> No.17384431

a nations currency does have a relationship with its equities market, aka us assets. you also want to look way the fuck back when it comes to rates as a quarter basis points effects take multiple quarters to realize

>> No.17384514

What’s the opinion on AMRN? I’ve seen it floating around here for a few weeks and noticed earnings were next week, which there seems to be anticipation of higher earnings than estimated. However, I noticed on WSB after going there for the first time just to see what all the dramas been about and there seems to be some manipulation tactics to pump and dump AMRN.

>> No.17384620

Can some anon redpill me on leveraged etfs?

Good for short trading? What are you buying, 2x lev s&p500?

>> No.17384626

Good product, capable of bringing in a shit load of Profit but they lack a means of getting it rolled out en mass. They've got only 10 years to rake in as much Profit as they can. The clock's ticking and has been since end of Dec.

>> No.17384646

You'll noticed that volatile ETFs have expensive options

Also, you're not supposed to leverage securities more than 3x

>> No.17384662

That's why the stock is in the dumps, lack of any deals or any legit buyout news. Those are the only two ways to get the drug out to the masses quickly before the clock runs out.

>> No.17384875

So when does the bear wake up? When is this market going to finally correct?

>> No.17384893

When you're all in max leverage long.

>> No.17384912
File: 360 KB, 410x448, 1581216148613.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AIM in the UK is an absolute goldmine. So many companies that are too small or technologically niche to get proper analysis work done on them and being over/under priced like wild. If any UK anons know their life sci/engineering stuff you can do pretty well there.

>> No.17384928

im in all cash right now. Well except for my Roth IRA. I have considered an inverse ETF but not sure which to buy. Suggestions?

>> No.17384967

Correct. This why the the live in the pod eat the bugs crew is so tiresome. You wanna put the screws to somebody about about c02 emissions you go after china and india, not western nations that have already significantly reduced emission in recent decades.

>> No.17384982


>> No.17385005

yeah but try telling the liberlols that. you also still have the issue of climate change vs. MAN-MADE climate change. if you falsely attribute the changes in the climate that are just naturally happening to humanity, you're gonna have a bad time. but at this point the environmentalist movement is a cult so they don't care and only believe in extremes.

>> No.17385009

Don't try to short the market unless you have a proven methid for doing so. It's hard and you need to pull out very fast when market rebounds. Cash is much safer.

>> No.17385059

i just feel bad because I have been in cash since September and I am losing cash from inflation but I guess I knew this was the risk I would take.

>> No.17385140
File: 27 KB, 580x365, 1530978608776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please respond

>> No.17385180

you could always buy more cash with your cash aka leveraging through options on currency futures

>> No.17385376

Ive made 27,000 USD so far this year on the market. Thanks SMG

I'm excited to buy some cheapies next week

>> No.17385396

Most Europeans don't have money so nobody actually knows

>> No.17385413

monday's gonna be blood red, right?

>> No.17385424
File: 163 KB, 453x337, 1579815662897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only if you didn't buy AG and GORO

>> No.17385436

80% cash atm like a fucking G

>> No.17385447


>> No.17385451

VIACA took a dump, I took advantage of this unexpected gift pronto. When it rebounds back to the 52w high of 53 I can sell for a nice gain. If it takes a bit of time to do hey all the more better for me cause of that Divvy that gets paid out 4 times a year.

>> No.17385476


>inflated market
>due for a correction
>repo dries up in april
>dems reclaim everything in november

probably will play the dips if opportunities present themselves, otherwise far too much risk compared to rewards at the moment. when's the last time you've even heard of phase 2? oh that's right, it isn't coming. between coronavirus and the election, it'll be passed along to the next president negotiations. just like it was china's plan all along.

>> No.17385511
File: 50 KB, 600x533, 1562461280612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/SMG/ General thread

Stock Market General General thread

>> No.17385535
File: 141 KB, 750x611, B61F052F-F317-4B53-8A14-97A4822B336B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It’s going to be a VERY merry Christmas this year. God, I’m so excited for you guys.

>> No.17385562

What if the market doesn't actually crash because everyone has vivid memories of 2008, and just buys the everything up before prices drop too much?

>> No.17385564

It’s not illegal to short the garbage company you work for because you know revenue is drying up and they won’t beat earnings, right? I’m a low level peon there, asking for a friend.

>> No.17385567

hmm, if ONTX pulls another run during the prelude to the Conference start, at 0.75 I'd clear $9,150. At $1 I'd get 12,200. Half into my two funds (2,287.50 each), the other half into my bank account. Not bad.

>> No.17385574

What are the best Gold and Silver stocks ?

>> No.17385581
File: 3.56 MB, 640x360, boing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AG of course

>> No.17385610

The market crashes when there's a lack of liquidity. There isn't going to be a lack of liquidity because the money needs to go somewhere and right now there isn't a better place than US markets

>> No.17385634

lol there's only liquidity because billions are being added to it DAILY for the last 6 months rofl

>> No.17385641

What are some good stocks to invest in? I have 100$, Im going to build my wealth up from there.

>> No.17385648


>> No.17385672

depends on the company? which is it

>> No.17385673

lol rofl roflcopter lmaoooooo

>> No.17385675

it's time for AMRN to rise up
22 incoming
road to 30 is possible

>> No.17385696

Buying some discounted QQC, some VGRO. I have $2k for my 10% that I play with, what do I buy?

>> No.17385743

Tesla is way overpriced. You'd be better off selling all your shares and buying Volkswagen. A company that produces way more cars than Tesla and is producing electric cars with its well known Golf brand.

>> No.17385751

I need options recommendations for monday, no weeklies. I have no idea what to do with the market as shaky as it has been for the past few days.

>> No.17385758

Greatland Gold is my go to gold stock. Hoping for a 50x increase when they start getting the gold out the ground.

>> No.17385766

Besides you know, bonds.
Not much you can do with that desu, you're not going to be able to diversify much.
You can throw it at some penny stocks or options if you're a risky type.
You can put it in some of the favored /biz/ memestocks like amd, if you're willing to take on some risk.
If you just want it to grow, look into index funds.
thank you based volkswagen salesman

>> No.17385791

If you're a leaf put it all in USA.TO and MND.TO

>> No.17385795

yes, and shall continue to be added by the FED until at LEAST April. get your cheapies now while you can, gtfo by the end of March, EZ money. government is literally subsidizing the stock market, now THIS is some socialism i can get behind! if you aren't making money now idk what to even tell you dude. while the music is playing you gotta dance.

>> No.17385801
File: 310 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200222_121556_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This just happened to my new VW, I suggest you sell ASAP

>> No.17385802

Like I was thinking AMD calls? They're not going to drop any farther IMO and even if they do they'll recover.

>> No.17385817

What bonds bro? US bonds that can't even beat inflation or EU bonds with negative yields?

>> No.17385887


I'm really not so sure anymore. There's no doubt that AMD is a strong and profitable company, but their valuation before the dip was too inflated. The PE ratio should have indicated that. They're not going back up to pre-Thursday levels for months.

>> No.17385896

I'm not saying the market will crash, but putting a good amount of assets into low risk bonds is like recession protection 101.
It doesn't matter if it doesn't beat inflation, large investors who chicken out would rather keep a significant portion of their money in low risk (but still increasing in value) bonds, than risk it on a market they don't trust.
It's an important part of the economy.

>> No.17385964

crumbling just like Germany's economy

>> No.17385975

Based jewish mastermind

>> No.17385985
File: 451 KB, 986x1164, bobo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Italy's Council of Ministers will meet on coronavirus at 6:30 p.m. local time. Prime Minister Conte says the government is considering "extraordinary measures"

>> No.17385997

God damnit
muh UVXY puts

>> No.17386026

I feel like a 60 call for June could be worth unless there is an outright market crash, or am I too optimistic?

>> No.17386031
File: 192 KB, 1085x1080, D6A32816-9C09-4B00-AA71-D81D95CC4B4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17386059

Nice try. If you give me a real answer, I’ll actually tell you on Monday after I’ve bought my puts lmao.

>> No.17386073

Hey sub machine guns


How do we profit from this

>> No.17386091

Long gild

>> No.17386096
File: 133 KB, 311x523, B00C53D6-0D49-4F32-BA11-0D8C1810D504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Repo confirmed through April, markets won’t actually tank until then. Short term, the best strategy is to just buy the dip. Long term, unless they actually stand up that new repo facility, then you go bearish.

tldr: short term calls, long term outs seem to be the move right now.

>> No.17386114

>In the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany, for mandatory reporting purposes, corporate insiders are defined as a company's officers, directors and any beneficial owners of more than 10% of a class of the company's equity securities.
Does this apply to you? If not, you're probably fine. Unless you have some super solid insider info that you would reasonably be expected to not share.
Now give me the company name so I can make bank

>> No.17386126

I work at a fang company and some other engineer I was talking to last week said some hedge fund friends of his all think coronavirus is like just another regional level natural disaster, not a real worldwide emergency or threat

Said people at different funds tend to often have similar herd mentality on this thing so maybe as recently as last week the coronavirus was still not yet priced in - IF you think it will be worse than a tsunami or hurricane.

Of course, that was a week ago. Maybe this week's stock market dump means the professional people are actually starting to price it in

>> No.17386144

Slow brains catching up

The actual models show its near inevitable

>> No.17386174

Nope, I’m just a peon who regularly sees the company books. It’s a mid sized bank in North America which recently had a number of directors and senior staff who actually make money leave. They did so bad Q3&4 that they withheld bonuses for everybody, executives included, so they can report positive earnings. Further, a lot of their revenue comes from out of country and they’re about to get fucked with compliance issues in the short term. Long term, the leadership is asleep at the wheel. This bank is big enough to be publicly traded but small enough to completely fail. Q1 might even be ok because they’re cutting costs like mad but I’m willing to bet my life savings that Q4 2020/Q1 2021 will be blood red.

Anyways, I’ll post the name on Monday so I can get my cheapie puts first.

>> No.17386199

Just gonna reiterate everyone downplaying it have mostly idiotic reasoning with weak logic

>> No.17386200

most people I know dont even get pizza there .pasta breadbowls and sandwiches they make are dank, and they have upped their advertising campaign immensely . betting against them is a dumb move anon

>> No.17386202

How long can trump stop the fed from contracting the money supply for?

>> No.17386208

Lmao retard,just go into REITs precious metals or something if you're worried. haven't you heard? Cash is trash

>> No.17386213

It doesn't happen until it happens, if you're going to go full bear, make sure your options are at least a month out. If I was in bearmode I would be buying puts at like 2+ months out.
Yeah you're probably alright to do that, the senior staff leaving and poor performance in Q3/4 would be public info anyways.
Unless you're an accountant with full info on the companies performance, which could be a little in iffy territory. Either way the SEC isn't going to come after you for making a couple thousand dollars anyways.

>> No.17386216

how do i short America?

>> No.17386244
File: 49 KB, 640x526, grizzly_eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17386249

inverse s&p

>> No.17386262

Im japan puts and have been doing good
Made 300% on thailand puts

>> No.17386294
File: 47 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_20200222-131550~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How risky does this look come Monday

>> No.17386300

Yeah I made a couple bucks on nip puts during the first wave of corana fear, was planning on waiting for a bit of recovery before jumping back in. Might have missed the boat on that one, since they got clobbered last week.

>> No.17386326

What's vol scalping

>> No.17386354

Start a shitty Amazon dropshipping business that doesn't really have any customers and just tell people you run a small web store if anyone asks what you do

>> No.17386378
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, 1538765803756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monday AMD pumps to the moon
buy in the AM
you don't want to miss your chance after this dip

>> No.17386396

i bought a little bit of the dip, I don't have brass bull balls

>> No.17386409

How do you bet so that if climate change is the emergency the libs say it is you still profit from it

I want to make my 7% avg every year with my boomer index funds but also still come out rich as fuck if climate change is a horrible disaster so when people are saying climate is ruined and the world is ending I can look at my situation and see that my life just got even better and I'm richer than ever

>> No.17386432

I have a couple shares of a clean energy ETF (ICLN), it has done pretty well for me so far

>> No.17386480

nothing investment wise

You want to avoid oil and favor renewables and electric because they are getting cheaper and more competitive not because of climate change.

>> No.17386502
File: 1.08 MB, 846x552, 32941-1530592032-1871939361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17386523

Is S&P 500 UCITS ETF (USD) Distributing (VUSA) any good? Thinking of starting to deposit 5% of my monthly salary into it as an european.

>> No.17386587


>> No.17386611

What do you think happened in 2008

>> No.17386639

Why not pick good quality US companies instead? I've gone with Disney because I like their streaming strategy and their current price is below the average target price.

Don't fall for the diversity meme.

>> No.17386654

>muh macroeconomic models
I bet you read the farmer's almanac too

>> No.17386672

habeeb whatever you want. I'm gonna make it on the down and up

>> No.17386689

How do you trade these? I have only used Robinhood so far desu

>> No.17386711

what do you guys think is the future of VULVA?
i'm thinking i might buy some for long term

>> No.17386715

Should I dump all my ETF budget on one stock or should I scatter it through multiple ETFs?

>> No.17386720

Thank you!

Agree with the sense of weak logic and stupid reasoning coming from those downplaying.

All I get is people telling me the flu kills more people.

The "smart" ones tell me that China showed the death rate is no more than a couple percent and it "only" hits old people and everyone else just gets a cold

>> No.17386741 [DELETED] 
File: 190 KB, 613x1280, F3.large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lemme explain in one slide

If you can't extrapolate from this just go into indexes and forget it

>> No.17386747

KDP - all this China shit ain't affected it any. If anything it's been on a roll. Plus if you like McCafe Coffee (MCD's) KDP has the exclusive deal to sell,market it. Starting in 2nd half of 2020. KHC is the current holder. (I'm both a KHC & KDP stockholder so hey its all good on my end)

>> No.17386753 [DELETED] 
File: 66 KB, 482x236, zpq0170760770002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this one fully explores China's quarantine response and from it you can extrapolate if it was a correct action

>> No.17386755


Cdc already talking about shutting down US businesses

Just the flu

They talk about shutting down businesses every time we get a bad flu season right?

>> No.17386772

USA is #1 in the world in infectious disease control according to worldwide experts.

>> No.17386804

>you are an idiot if you disagree with me
Nice argument.

>> No.17386827


>> No.17386900

daily history lesson


“On September 28, despite the increased infiltration of the disease among the civilian population, a rally for the Fourth Liberty Loan Drive proceeded with minimal debate about the repercussions for public health.” The head of Philadelphia’s Naval Hospital told the Public Ledger in the days before the parade: “There is no cause for further alarm. We believe we have it well in hand.” So, the parade went forward. “In the streets of downtown Philadelphia 200,000 people gathered to celebrate an impending allied victory in World War I. Within a week of the rally an estimated 45,000 Philadelphians were afflicted with influenza.”

>> No.17386919

In six weeks, 12,000 were dead. The smell of bodies left to rot in homes while they waited to be removed permeated the streets.

>> No.17386926
File: 603 KB, 1536x2308, ca4b687f08221abc98be5ee1eea2f210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just give me the word

>> No.17386939

Flu has already killed at least 16,000 so far.

>> No.17386956

You need to go into settings and enable options, then you will see 'trade options' when you look at a stock.

>> No.17386970

So increase that by factors with no vaccine available or tamiflu like treatment and no healthcare capacity when it peaks.

>> No.17386988

It's going to be a show when it hits a country without a great firewall and information control.

>> No.17387008

Based and Transpilled.

>> No.17387045

>all companies in the holdings go red
>MUH diversification

>> No.17387054

Oh yeah, just so it's clear. There will be massive lying and coverup ongoing and during any peak if there is one worldwide. Spanish Flu was the same way. Thinking China will be unique in under-reporting is very foolish. Every country will for national security reasons and panic reasons be under-reporting this.

>> No.17387091

Just go with your own gut, anon. The best way to learn is by just doing it, making mistakes and learning. You'll find your own strategy that works for you.

>> No.17387135

The flu vaccine is a joke that almost never achieves anything over 30% efficacy. The point here is that in terms of sheer number the flu kills far more every year than this has so far. It might get much worse and if it does it could have some serious impacts, but the reality is that the mortality rate is holding steady in the range of 2-3% and it will pass like SARS and MERS did and everyone will move on because just like the flu, this kills the weak, elderly, etc.

In the long run this is extremely bullish. We will shed dead weight, china will be forced to sell shit for less to maintain contracts, and the american consumer will be able to buy more shit for less than before it started.

>> No.17387161
File: 13 KB, 998x538, Image22.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a bad feeling about this one guys

>> No.17387219

pls respond

>> No.17387225
File: 19 KB, 657x527, 1566254330804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should be hedged and/or have a portfolio ready for this, it's such a waste of time to even talk about Corona or other events. Go learn something by reading a book on investing/trading instead or watch a couple of youtube videos that might refresh your insight into a strategy or company. Stop wasting your time on retarded shit you can't even remotely influence or do anything about

>> No.17387243

This. Majorly.

The mortality rate, transmission rate, # of possible hosts are all wildcards, though. That is what goes into the assessment.

>> No.17387254

Dude I bought 4 masks, gloves, alcohol, bleach and 3 months of food. You are going to die, get your affairs in order

>> No.17387264

How the fuck did r/wallstreetbets get so popular

>> No.17387280
File: 38 KB, 587x261, 1582403108358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17387294

70% return in 2020 so far m8. What's your point? what book should I read for people crushing the spy since inception??

>> No.17387326

KO cutting per share profit by $0.02

>> No.17387362

Spread and Asymptomatic / low symptom spread are the two big ones.

1-2% fatality rate is enough to pile the corpses up on streets in any country.

This can last for years or endemic status. This might not even be stopped by seasonal slowdowns.

>> No.17387389

on how much money though?
its not impressive if you turned 10000 into 17000.

>> No.17387393

You should always re-invest it to increase your position passively over the next couple of decades, you will be shocked by how much it has increased after just a couple of years. Compounding is the key. Your job should support your daily needs

>> No.17387410

This virus looks at humanity like mold looks at a plate of bananas

>> No.17387413

Milan reports second case of coronavirus, 43 new cases in Italy so far today

This is during milan fashion week

>> No.17387436
File: 5 KB, 239x211, lowres4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

word goes around when teenagers make millions off of legal gambling. I've seen popular """influencers""" now also promoting stocks and WSB in particular. most of them should be out by now though.

>> No.17387448

Why are people attracted to posts about turning 70,000 into 2 million dollars?

>> No.17387485

They aren't, those a paid/bot clicks

Yeah I'm thinking its over

>> No.17387587

Well yesterday a bear was bragging about buying $900 worth of weekly puts for TQQQ on wednesday and making over $20,000 after the dip so there's that.

Basically they're just insane.

>> No.17387604

Also for every success story there is a retard making absolutely retarded plays with ridiculous amounts of money losing their entire life savings which is pretty entertaining.

>> No.17387629

What are some decent long-term investment stocks that pay dividends? The only ones I can find are already on their way out

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