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Gold at 1636 Dollars
Gold at 1515 Euros

Gold at ATH in almost all currencies except Dollars

Ways to invest in gold:

- Physical Gold
- Sovereign gold bonds (SGBs)
- Mining stocks
- Gold backed Crypto, i.e. Tether Gold (XAUt) and others
- Cashless Lending to Goldshops (for i.e. 2% at GoldSilbershop.de)

interesting read about gold silver ratio

anything priced in gold over time, charts are at the bottom right.

tell if gold is real

Gold Panning

silver cucks and others are welcome here too

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Buy GORO. 2020 production is set to increase by 50%. Still very undervalued.

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gold is total garbo. Dont fall for the yellow metal meme. The real gains are in tech stocks which will be the future. Gold and silver are from an ancient barbaric past that should be left behind

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$1640 now. What the fuck is going on?

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Coronavirus, stocks p/e at all time highs. The fed can keep the market propped up for a while but clearly they aren't convincing the people buying gold

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Scared of total collapse. 2020 will be an interesting year

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oh no no

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explain please

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Actually scary desu, despite my GDX calls.

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Literally went 100% GLD a little while ago, with 30% in calls. Makes watching Corona-chan go viral even more comfy. Gold going to $4000-5000 btw, which is like $25T total value. We already have like $15T in bonds with negative yield and rising fast, people are going to realize gold is a much better store of value than a gov bond yielding -1%. And the central banks can't turn the fauset off without making everything so much worse. Fuck that crypto shit retards, this is a /goldgang/ board now.

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Simple S/R dude.

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Im scared
I ghave Gold Calls and Coins. But this is... scary

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dream on imagine being able to buy gold at these prices

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Music to my ears, Everyone screaming "BUY GOLD"

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there is no way on earth that gold will go back there. it's literally impossible unless we see normal interest rates again, which is impossible

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So glad this all cooled down and now everything is back to normal :), luvzya

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comparing btc to gold kek kys

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Not knowing basic market movement kek kys

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$1650 but 1519€
it keeps pumping

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HODL, for the love of God, HODL!!

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>gold in the last 3 days
>current position sitting at £13,433
Why the FUCK aren't you buying gold right now?

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Because it's overpriced right now

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So why aren't you taking advantage of that like me and making money hand over fist?

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Because I'm not interested in buying things when they're already overpriced. I'd rather stack silver and trade that for gold in a few years when it's a 1:10 exchange.

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>I don't want to make over 50k in 2 days
Gotta be honest mate, I don't understand, but crack on.

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imagine buying some metal

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as opposed to what? imaginary government dollaridoos or magic internet beans?

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>t. didn’t buy gold under $1400

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I was too busy loading up on linkies which has already run circles around gold gains and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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Gold is a blessed metal

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Gold has already made new all time highs vs all major currencies (EUR,CHF,GBP,JPY) bar the USD

USD is only a matter of time, imagine thinking breaking out of a 7 year basing pattern on a macro time frame is bearish

during past gold bull markets, global asset allocation to gold and the gold mining sector was 2%, its currently 0.5%, do with this info what you will

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>Gold has already made new all time highs vs all major currencies (EUR,CHF,GBP,JPY) bar the USD
This, and you'd be foolish to think that gold is going to stop rising anytime soon. There will be one big dip to buy more in the process which will be when the ETF papers dump after gold hits $1900-$2000. It's possible that it could happen sometime this year.

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I guess that's one way to go.

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I’m jelly, I’ve been into PMs for a long time but was just a broke ass kid when gold was at $300-$400. Kind of kick myself for not saving back then, but whatever, I’m ahead of 95% of people my age.

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Hey anon, is celticgold.eu trustworthy ? First time ordering online

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if you have any PM whatsoever you're ahead of 99% of people

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Coming back down now. I guess (((they))) woke up.

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>gold ATH
>time to buy
lmao goldcucks
this post was made by silver gang

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So should I buy more gold now or wait? I get paid next week and was thinking of picking up a 1/2 oz.

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what the fuck kind of chart is this lmao

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I'd wait a couple months, there's too much mania going on which is driving up the price. Once the Corona Virus bullshit inevitibly blows over everything will chill out, that is your time to buy. But come this fall don't be surprised to see gold over $1800.

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Jew chart.

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Unprecedented damage control seethe

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Just buy this stock https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/fund/gld
they own physical gold equivalent to the invested amount, so it's like the real thing. You can get call options too for leverage. $46B invested in this fund it's legit.

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Reminder that Jesus Christ is God who died on the cross for all your sins, was buried and rose the third day and if you simply believe (trust) this to be true, that He paid for your sins personally, then you are now sealed with the Holy Spirit and you will go to heaven when you die.


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But I don't want to go anywhere... I will be a Gjenganger...

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I'm a dumb idiot and I'm gonna listen to you for real

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You will go to hell if you are not saved friend :/ heaven or hell, your choice.

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There are more than two options you binary ape.

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salvation fluid

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I want a little heaven on earth before I go, not unreasonable to want that.

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You are very smart anon.

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nigga u gay

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based mike maloney

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This is Christian thread now.

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Do you really think he is juat going to come appear riding from the skies/clouds on a white horse? Like is that literally supposed to happen?

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what does jesus think about gold?

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"If you denie me you go to hell" is a very good way of control.

If you do not believe you go to "hell".
If you believe you must also accept that kings are your superiors. It's what jesus preached.

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Basically says lovers of money will never be satisfied.

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If you accept that kings are your superiors, then you also have to agree to every evil they do and every tax collector, cop, etc.

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You must also embrace suffering. Don't forget the sweet sweet suffering.

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If I had a couple of years practice and some instruction, I could live 100% without money, living off the land. But I would rather win the first price in the eurojackpot lottery today and live comfy.

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don't know about that son
i know about that son

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Apparently it's a lot more difficult to live like that than most people would imagine. I don't think Jesus hates money at all, he would just not want to you to prioritize it over God of course, and over your family etc.. it's somewhat difficult, people in all cultures are just looking to extract wealth from whoever they can at whatever costs, you really can't trust anyone these days. Discretion in the bible doesn't really seem like a theme at all, which to me signifies that the bible has been edited to hell and back for the benefit of organized religion (vactican, megachurches etc). I go to church/church events for comradeship, but if it came down to survival I'd have no qualms about exterminating them all and their families. God help us all.

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Yes. They want us to be naive so we can be taken for all our money.

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It's a little more complicated than that sometimes. The group I've been attending never asks for tithes or mentions it, the church gives out freen coffee and the church house groups all provide food and transportation with no second thoughts, some of these guys really are about spreading the gospel. Still funny to me though, I like to go to try and see what they're about, so far nothing too fishy.

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>Jesus hates

As in, living

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jesus isnt human, he is god's son, but also god himself

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Can you explain what you mean...for a total retard pls.

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which part? seems fairly self explanatory
1) gold has already made all times highs in all major currencies bar the dollar

2)gold consolidated below $1350 and above $1000 for 7 years, ranging between the two. In summer of 2019 after being rejected from $1350 level many times we broke out, and have been rallying hard ever since and are now approaching all time highs

3) Total asset allocation (Rick Rule speaks extensively on this) of all investors globally (individuals and institutions) is roughly 0.5%, meaning 99.5% of their assets are NOT allocated to the sector

during the 2000-2011 bull market, we hit 2% allocation- in short, if we hypothetically were to return to past % amounts of allocation demand would 4x. Not saying it has to, but in theory.

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>demand would 4x
0.5 x 4? you will find the error yourself

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Gold isn't about gains it's primarily a hedge and safe haven.

Gold going up to ATH is only a side benefit

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I thought pajeets were good at math?

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>linear scale instead of log scale

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