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>Quality of the memes
>Profitability of the coin

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>companies are going to buy link tokens because some autist said that he was “gay, and that he holds chainlink”

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Tell that to us vidtards

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>nano in 2017
But sure just keep looking for memes

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Nope. It's:

>Quality of coin
>Quality of memes

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if that where the case then bitbean wouldve been no 1 years ago

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Buying Chainlink because Karen told me to.

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That's different. Your memes were all of a similar style and appeared at the same time indicating some discord shill squad commissioned someone to make them.

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I unironically filtered chainlink out of my mind in 2018-2019 when the price was sub 0.2$ because I could never fucking verify the swift partnership and assumed that biz was shilling a low quality/scam project. Bitbean was always obviously a meme, but next time something reaches chainlink levels of meme magic I'm dropping at least 10% of my portfolio into it. If I had with chainlink I'd be up six figures by now.

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>what if
we don't need you here mourning if 500$ was enough
enjoy meme magic

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What kind of pauper do you take me for. 500$ invested back then would only be a bit over 12k now.

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I dont think people on biz remember beaners anymore

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The dollar sign comes before the amount. You really shouldnt be involved in this at all. Honestly, leave. It's for your own good.

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You never get the chance. link is the last moonshot

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Bitbean pumped like 400x in the bullmarket, don’t you remember

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No more tranny jannies
No more slide threads
No more Jews
No more jewgle captchas
No more 3MB file limits
No more files without audio

EvERyONE is already on Neinchan Anon why haven’t you reported in yet?


They even have their own chat server separate from (((Discord)))


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Anon you don’t say $2, dollars two
You say 2$, two dollars

Don’t be a retard

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Even his shit stolen meme is smarter than him kek. >>17363265

This has to be the most basic knowledge possible regarding money. Yet, he thinks hes going to be an investing genius. No wonder the retard filtered link at "0.2$"

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I've already got my moon ticket in ETH but I feel like I became an ETH maximalist in the same way that old bitcoiners did for bitcoin. Don't get me wrong, I've got some bitcoins too but most my portfolio is ETH. LINK was a missed opportunity. There's still likely upside from here but it's already 8 in the rankings and any upside is either pure speculation or just the same gains from the market in general like any other coin.

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You havent heard the news? Eth is becoming obsolete because of Link

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Can't wait for porn stars to offer paying dividends in nudes to their highest share holders to pump their price . In fact sirgay should do this too

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Vidt's memes were actually fantastic. Vidt's luck isn't.

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>why aren't you comfy anon?

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It’s funny how people don’t get this. The Wild West days of shitcoin speculation is coming to an end.

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Burgers put the dollar sign before

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>Vidt's memes were actually fantastic.
>t. Rinjesh

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I read all these posts... And none of you realize that it's not really chainlink going up. It's US Dollar that's going down.

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Correlation not causality, quality of the meme just shows the intelligence of the 4channelers invested, and intelligent people tend to make better investment

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>posts communist meme
>bad with investments
Colour me surprised

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I love Karen!

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8 in the rankings what the fuck are you smoking

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I feel in my heart that Chainlink is going to go up eventually, but why don't I trust it at 4.40-.50. I've been putting my money into XRP instead. I feel like Link is going to crash one more big time before it goes up.

Am I NGMI? My gut just keeps telling me tho.

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dear me I would date 30-something konata

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I don't own any chainlink. I'm am however getting out of US dollar. Maybe Deutsche bank with their crypto report wasn't delusional at all.

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