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Cheers OP, I miss anything yet,

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He explicitly said he is speaking as an advisor to Chainlink, and this talk is with that hat on

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He introduced himself as affiliated with Chainlink which was pretty cool. No problem anon.

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>underage girls b&
>assassination contracts
>private-payee gambling
What is Ari's personal life like?

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between the loli assassinations contracts talk and this, I'm really starting to like Ari. He's a pretty good talker.

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I think he just naturally likes to use dramatic examples. Makes perfect sense to me now.

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Literally the opposite. Pic related

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This mixicles thing is awesome. Would it be easy for normies to conceal their public key for a transfer with this to cash out at a KYC place?

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one of those 700k dumps was solely for his salary. Prolly tons of hookers,booze , and general debauchery

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Yeah. He said, explicitly, the work in this talk is done under his role as an advisor to Chainlink. Scrub back, it's youtube.

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Lmao, ok sure thing pal. He literally read that out of the powerpoint slide. kys faggot

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chill sip sip

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>When you can we use it?
>You can experiment with the prototype code right now
Its happening lads

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pajeet asking tough questions

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pejeet just destroyed the whole project....

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why are all of the questioners indians?

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he's a really good public speaker

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Tether BTFO by Ari and based questioner

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an oracle can't fix a bug!

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hes saying this is seperate from his normal work, and is instead done in capacity as chainlink technical advisor. thats what is on the slide.

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Stealth mixicles sound interesting

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though it could be able to know that something's up when a $1 stablecoin is $2.

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Lmao the biggest problems people see with oracles is faulty data being delivered (by chinese data centres no doubt).

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Thinking ahead only white majority data providers should be used by Chainlink. Its the trust that white people give and expect that is being technically produced by chainlink. Data wars are coming frens.

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full automated age verified corporate hollywood assassination contracts

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only high IQ people allowed in Stanford

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you misspelled diversity applicants, have you ever been to California?

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He honestly did a pretty damn good job here.

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boring AF without lauren

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