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>Hello, I’m here for the job interview

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No, chilliz

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Boo. Kys.

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link to the porno

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Time for you to learn about the ainl in chainlink

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No tits, ugly kness. Go home bitch.

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what is this your first day on the internet?

/biz is the new normie central I swear

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Porn is for normies

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no shit, faggot

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You seem upset?

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in that very moment this poor whore lost every inch of her innocence and become tainted for the rest of her life
extremely sad when you think about it

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Do you think the rise of porn has caused a decline in diamond price? The industry takes so many women out of marriage circulation it has to hurt reproductive rates as a whole.

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My friend's sister's husband's sister got fucked on that black and hoped nobody would find out. It paid a whopping $300. She has a husband and a kid now. I've seen her hairy butthole. Some day her kid will see it too.

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*on that black couch

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these dumb hoes could make more escorting without being filmed

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what episode?

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Women aren't human enough to realize that, or understand the consequences of their actions in general.

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No, because the diamond supply is controlled by a cartel. The supply is limited to control prices. Its likely hurting their profits, but I doubt it will get you any discounts.

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FFS they could make that at a McJob

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Yes, I see that you're a slut. What let you to make that series of choices?

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Do you know how easy sex is when you're a woman? Flipping burgers takes mental power.

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you can't just say that and not post a link/ep number....

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Not worth it. She’s boring and looks fucked up desu

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that's hot though

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>boobs too small, sorry, good luck in your research.

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She can have no tits
She can have ugly knees
But as long as she's got that dick
I'll be pleased

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wow, this whole time...

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> she
> has benis

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sharp elbows too, right?

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Can't really see them. This bitch is a drug addict for sure though. Kinda sad, but many such cases.

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well why don't you save her before it's too late?

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yep, im all in

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as the wise project pat said, "don't save her"

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Because I don't give a fuck about her, her being a whore in this timeline was her fate the moment her ugly whore mother got pregnant with her. The only salvation for this girl is in death.

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There's a few thousand women in porn compared to the billions not

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