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Is there anything that will benefit a woman’s career more than being attractive?

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being a man

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It's 2020. Men are at a serious disadvantage career-wise.

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Being cutthroat and smart , my buddy’s gf is fat and pretty ugly , she’s now a director in a company. Being attractive would help you get in the door but I think you actually have to provide value to climb

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Proves you people don’t go outside , all my bosses and every executive at the company I work for are male

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Depends on the career.

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Willingness to do sex acts for personal advancement

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Being a white man in 2020 is the equivalent of being a nigger in the 1800s

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How old are they?

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Thats the goal. But we aren't there yet, hopefully soon though

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White people are your ONLY hope.
Not a joke.
Travel and see. Travel and fucking see.

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Truth. I have respect for other cultures and races but most nonwhite countries are fucking shitholes.

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>scrolling past thumbnail
>please be a webm
>it's a webm


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>most nonwhite countries are fucking shitholes.
then why do you respect them

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U wish nigga
White always gonna be white and black stays black. Its called evolution.

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Women have no skills lad.

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respect who? shitskins?

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Everywhere you go it's the darkies you gotta watch.

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thats why (((equality))) regarding gender in career is fucking toxic.
women have the inherent advantage of tits and vagina, which was balanced out by lower salary.
if they earn the same its out of balance, because men lack the weapon of vagina. unless they are chad, who is even superior to vagina, but thats maybe 3% of all men

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Being attractive is important, but as a guy who has been in a position to hire/fire lots of women I think a willingness to perform requested sex acts ranks higher.

For example, we brought one on board late last year who was middling attractive. I arranged some time for she and I to work together on an assignment and she made it clear she was focused on climbing the corporate ladder. One thing led to another and ended up with her loading her vagoo with caviar and and blasting it into my mouth via kegel contractions.
Let’s just say she moved up from cleaning toilets.

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