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ok fellow 4 channelers whats going to happen on fireside chat?

sergey / ari split?
big nothingburger?

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It’s a glorified podcast with a guest spot. Nothingburger.

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Eating steaks tonight

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Can't tell you because I'm under NDA. I'm just saying buy now or regret it forever. See you on the moon.

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based schizo

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this. what do you ever expect from a casual fireside chat. probably will be interesting stuff for geeks but expect a subtle dump after

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777 seconds before the fireside chat, Sergey customarily will order 7 Big Mac Meals from the McDonalds on Market Street. Thankfully they stopped letting cars down that street - Sergey sent Rory on speedwalking missions from the California St office location on multiple occasions. Thankfully, he hasn't been hit by a MUNI car, and he's safe to take care of his sick wife in Texas.

7777 seconds before the fireside chat, at approximately 1 hour before the doors open and 2 hours before the Mixicles discussion (private smart contracts), Ari will do a quick, 20 minute saturn cube ritual to conclude the end of this recent pump, before we tumble back down to the 2.80-3.50 range over the next few days

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Sick and tired of you nulinker faggots saying steaking. It's STAKING. Seriously. Say it right or get tf off of our board retards

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Steaking tonight, new pools announced where you keep private keys and access to funds, payout rolling out at 20% using the incentive linkies and decreasing to 15% next, 10% 2022, and finally settling at 5% minimum in 2023, option to receive payment in link/eth/bitcoin or if burgerstani additionally, usd. We pump to $7 shortly after the talk, then a flurry of news articles on link stealing the 10 spot on cmc resulting in a steady uptrend as we take over shitcoin after shitcoins. 1k eoy, 10k eod(ecade). I really mean it when I say this. Tonight.

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Huge nothingburger. Where should I set my buy order though? $3.50? $3?

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Newfag baitmuncher spotted

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If we hit 5 tonight I will unironically quit my job. That won’t happen though so I’ll use money I have set aside to try and time the bottom of this inevitable dump that is about to occur.

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when steaking?

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I think we are getting the announcement of the steaking. I can’t wait to have my own oracle network on coinbase

Glad I found this place on reddit

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Thank you, based Assblaster!

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convention is being announced.
Do you want to believe?

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Serg and Ari unironically orchestrated this bzx hack so they could point to a real world example where their solution would have prevented defi disaster. This will be mentioned in the chat. Chainlink is necessary for defi, now the whole world will know.

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What time and zone is it supposed to happen?

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That’s pretty specific. Best thought out answer I’ve heard so far as well.

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Fucking shit
This sounds really fucking real
Holy shit
Holy shit
Holy shit

I’m panicking
Why does this sound real???????

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Fireside lmao

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Because you're spastic

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It sounds real because even after two years you retards will believe every larp posted on this board in order to suck the hopium directly from some other anons dong

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Nice try larp. % figures are so fuckung arbitrary it's laughable. Let alone no proof whatsoever

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That being said $1k eoy 2022

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wow checked and jsonID pilled

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$1k eoy 2034

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Get me in the screencap guys.

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Guaranteed 1k within the decade for us boys between these two predictions

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They will both be on stage eating a steak...nothing will be said until they have all finished...and then they will leave

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OK I'll play, who would be orchestrating the pools, the Chainlink team? What would they be doing with the LINK specifically?

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ITS OVER 1,000

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Guys something fucked up just happened. I'm early at the fireside chat and I'm the only person here so far, so I came outside for some fresh air and saw Sergey and Ari talking about something. I nonchalantly came closer and Sergey was accusing Ari of stealing his burgers from the shared fridge. Ari then called Sergey a fat fuck and a liar to which Sergey started violently punching Ari in the face. He was laying on the floor all bloodied up and Sergey still wasn't stopping and just kept kicking and punching Ari. After he was done with him, he turned to me and said "Now this is what you call Proof of Work" and then winked at me. Ari is unconscious and he's not breathing. I think Sergey just killed Ari Juels. What the fuck do I do?

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i keep seeing threads about people expecting something big to happen after tonight. Are we really going to rocket after? I bought 10k link at 4.55ish.

Can somebody tell me some good news? It looks like it can go to $6 or even $8

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You're retarded

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why? was that a bad buy?

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You bought the literal top but it might not matter in a couple months. It's possible you could suffer in the short-term though. Good luck ;)

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I’ll take my STEAKKK medium rare

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Like he said, you bought a local top. Long term, you’ll be fine. But in the short term, say 1-4 weeks, it’ll most likely dip back below $4 for a while

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interesting, thanks. Looks like i can wait to load more.

I understand that we shouldn't listen to random people on the internet. But 4chan has been eerily correct about things. The other week somebody posted about something about to happen to Link and that was before link was $3.

How do people know so much and also, why are you guys so confident about this 1-2 month timeline?

There can't be that many coincidences.

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Techinical Analysis compares very similarly to ETH at similar prices and fundamentally LINK is of similar importance to the crypto space overall. Also BTC and the entire market seem poised to enter the next major uptrend. Fireside chat tonight or any random announcement from the Chainlink team could cause a further spike up and we may never look back, but in general the consensus is that the time has come for Chainlink to take it's rightful place in the top 3 in the crypto market. You could be looking at a small pullback in the near-term because LINK has been on a tear lately and, as we said, you just bought the top. We have been all over this project for almost 3 years here and feel we have a pretty solid grasp on it but nobody knows for sure.

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This is not happening tonight. The timing is not right.

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>whats going to happen on fireside chat?
"Join us for a fireside chat with Sergey Nazarov, CEO of Chainlink along with Ari Juels, Professor at Cornell Tech and Chainlink Advisor. They will be discussing connected smart contracts, decentralized oracles, and Chainlink."

This is what will happen. No more, no less. Expect no concrete announcements. This is not the format in which you officially announce anything.

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No announcements

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What shitty bait is this

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I thought I heard BTC was gonna dump this week? I expect Chainlink to follow? Not fuding I imagine it’ll recover, but just curious.

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maybe, I don't chart and I don't have a crystal ball.

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>deserved place
> not number 1
What type of meta fud is this.

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Link/btc pair has gained 450% in the last 2 years. We are decoupled, to say, to a large degree. Btc at this point is more of an overall market gauge, but has minimal impact on link price.

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>responding to a post that starts with "Techinical"

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Prob not. No new from this fireside is already priced in. If there is some type of news price will rocket past $6 and go to top 10 cmc

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>pees pants over typo like a redditor

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Not having a green Id

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Steaking when?

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Fundamentally you nailed it. We just win

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I'm hungry

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>Uhhhhhhhhh so I was wondering uuuhhhhh will Chainlink oracles uuuhhhhhhh when did Ahhri ummmmm

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Swing-linker here. Fuck you bag holders slowing down the market liquidity. Actually in not even swinging, my Reagirbot is.
Trade robots absolutely kill it in these markets.

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The final ROI of 5% you provided is complete bullshit. The tokenomics of the network means the 'final' ROI will 'settle' on, is based on the network usage, so it will float at the level of activity on the network. Do you even chainlink, bro?

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When is this fucking thing and how do I watch it?

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Read the thread
Read the thread

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unfortunately my vote is likely this. I'm expecting a complete nothingburger, and potentially a dump to $3.75

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3.75 sounds right. I think 3.80 then recovery to 4 then back to 3.50 when it’s clear the timeline is longer. All the band wagoners will jump for something else until the summer. Cap this

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>sergey / ari split?
Yeah anon, that's right. They've called this meeting to announce Ari is leaving and he thinks Serg is a fat dickhead

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What a newfag. Anons post thousands of predictions every day. 99.9% are wrong. The .1% that hits is a fluke. Nobody knows shit about crypto. Especially these cunts.

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excited for this talk, big news or not
it's been a long time coming

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>"Now this is what you call Proof of Work"
Thank you for the laugh, sir

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So tempted to swing but I don't want to trigger taxes.

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Why did this get deleted

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Ancient crumb anon what was the crumb

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Nvm I just had bad connection lmao

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They wont release staking until enterprises, service sgreements, and neet nodes are all a thing. They have no rational incentive to just give links to people for free

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which anon has a stream ready to go on this?

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I own lots of crypto assets and i trade as well, that's my business, tachyon protocol IPX is a fantastic addition to my incredible portfolio.

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Remember to checkout other projects like tachyon protocol IPX , the obsession with btc and eth will make people lose fantastic opportunities.

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