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Can someone please post why Ari is important to Link

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because sergey is the frontman, ari is the actual genius in the background

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hes satoshi

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He's apart of an international (some believe interstellar) cult associated with a God who's associated with Saturn in turn having to do with the black sun. Anyway it's complicated.

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who the fuck is this lmao
all in on link btw

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Look at that jaw and facial width.
Absolute big-brained Chad.

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he's just a figurehead to lend some semblance of credibility to a project that is so obviously a scam

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>you're wearing pants

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Ari fronts as a consummate professional but you just know he's a degenerate brapfiend

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he's such a garbage writer. holy fuck

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Just look at him. GOD how can one man be so sexy?

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You don't want to go down this rabbit hole. Just find out when was SmartContract.com bought, and by whom. This alone will make your head spin. If you need some more momentum, Satoshi Nakamoto = SN. What are the initials of Nick Szabo and Sergey Nazarov?

Just look at Jewels and Sirgay: do they look like psychopathic pieces of shit as often encountered in the financial circles? Not at all, they're beautiful human beings, their smiles aren't fake, they ooze honesty, as well as destiny. Bless them and may they be protected.

I'm really starting to think that all of it is true, and we've been somehow incredibly lucky to ride along whatever they're planning to do with Chainlink. Is it the real BTC?
Anyone who has spent years on 4chan was struck by the smooth LINK memes as soon as they appeared on /biz/. I've been on this website since 2006, and I like to think I can tell a bullshitter from someone downright convinced of something. I started browsing /biz/ after the Trump election since /pol/ had no more use (except Syria General), and after a few days I came to the conclusion that however weird were the LINK posters, they were absolutely sure it was the next huge thing.
Three years later, LINK is x20 on hype and breadcrumbs alone while other coins which were much more spoken of, still hover around 20c.

The GDPs- and derivatives-related projections about the price of a single LINK sound utterly delirious and absurd, but they might not be, as well.
I don't really know how we're gonna deal with being meaninglessly rich when Chainlink Oracles Power Everything. This place could be the spawning nest of dozens of billionaires, if not hundreds. Cue KeK memes.

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The power of an uncensored collective hivemind that is the epitome of Darwin’s survival of the fittest

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Crappy fiction writer, godlike at scientific papers and public speaking.

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he also worked for RSA.

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/sg/ posters are literally all mentally disabled mudslimes. Everything you said is incredibly bearish for LINK just based off this reality.

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He’s an academic who works as an advisor for chainlink. Recently /biz/ has developed a massive hard on for him like his name hasn’t been on the white paper for like 3 years

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Putin solved the Syria problem (RIP MIC islamist drones)
Trump solved the Hillary-induced WWIII problem
Sergey the Nazarene is solving the yatch problem

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you mean alexei?

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He's connected to the Illuminati

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based Neanderthal genetics

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H-index of 87 is the highest of crypto ppl. He is like gauss of cryptofinance.

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216 demeter

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He is a literal cryptography god in human form walking among us mortals. That is the only way I can accurately describe his technical and mathematical work.

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Because in order for a business to be successful you need one of (((them)))

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just look at his face

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he gives me 1990's John Carmack vibes

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You evil kike

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t. JIDF roastie

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Kek he wrote fiction?

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The Future is Ours.
As Pee Pee, So Poo Poo.

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tetraktys, it's not crappy either I thought it was entertaining, I especially liked how it was set in Boston as I am very familiar with the city and could really imagine everything going on

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what the fuck is wrong with you anon

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