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my dad has fucking cancer

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no he doesn't

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I'm sorry bro.

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sorry to hear that frendo

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Short your dad.

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My gma just passed from it. If he’s young enough to do treatment then don’t worry just yet anon. There’s a lot of good procedures and meds out there.

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Brain tumour the size of a golf ball, not removable. He's got 8-12 months left. He's 67

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Have a gondola. They always take me to a better spot.

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My strongest condolences anon

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Yeah, his frogposter neet incel son.

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Check our Robert Morse on youtube. He's got a clinic where they heal patients with a raw fruit diet.

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Good, if your mother crooks as well you can finally kill yourself without a worry.
Isn't that the endgame on this board?

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>Brain tumour the size of a golf ball, not removable
So what about radiation. Gamma knife and the like?

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we're all gonna die of Coronavirus anyway.
I'm sorry Anon.

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im sorry bro, my dad has cancer too, worked crazy hours his whole life, stressed out all the time, looked forward to retirement, now that he's there he's on chemo and sick all the time with a foggy mind
we need to retire 30 years early bro, this can't be us

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Sorry to hear that OP, I pray for your dad's recovery, take care of yourself.

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You’re living my biggest fear.

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Simply pray the tumour away with this little rhyme:

>Oh Tumour, oh tumour,
>So squishy and pink
>Lodged in my Dad’s noggin
>Just like my link
>You’ll kill my dreams
>And leave me an orphan sobbin

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>he wont live to be 69
damn shame

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I'm so sorry for OP and others who have/had their parents with cancer. Don't shut them and yourselves in, spend time with them, it's the only thing that matters. And I'm so sorry, the world is so cruel to some that it's just not fair

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My dad is dead. HODL me.

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I have HIV..

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Yeah don’t do thjs

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this is exactly why i'm here
sorry about your dad, and same to you OP

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Carnivore fasting and triphala can remove the tumor in weeks

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Based shcizophrenic

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>Fucking cancer
Like pee pee or poo poo cancer?

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Don't do what i did in 2015 when my dad died and blow half my inheritance check on student loans and physical silver.

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Dont let the sacrifices of your fathers go in vain. You gonna make it in this lifetime and honor your fathers memories. I'm talking to all of the anons here.

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It will be hard, but this will help you find your strength. Lost both my folks before I was 30. Death and loss can teach you a lot if you're open to receive the lesson.

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alt medicine schizos contradict each other kek. every time.

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Nah corona doesn’t affect wy pepo

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nice one

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it's okay to love people anon.
hope the sadness leads you to a richer place

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What's the point? If chemo makes you feel like absolute shit and only extends your shitty life for a few years at best why not just do heroin and get on with it? At least his last days will be pain free and he'll know the sleep of angels.

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so does mine. He was the one that told me its okay to go all in on link, and he helped me get some extra too. I hope he gets to see it moon

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Bro at least he will live to see Link $1k so there's that.

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So does my dad. They got it stopped for now through chemo but there's no getting rid of it.

I know your feel friend.

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Your dad is clearly a nigger cuz white people dont get cancer. So your dad deserves to die a horrible death from cancer to make room for superior white people. Fuck niggers.

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Sorry OP and everyone else who experiences this type of loss. My dad died when I was 16 and I miss him every day. Dude was fucking based and gave me an awesome life. I wish you and your families the best we are all in this together $1k eoy.

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I wish him the best, let God do his thing and trust in him, for every bad thing, there is a good thing on the other side of the coin

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I was going to call bait but you actually know the youtube channel so I suggest suicide ASAP

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fuck your mother

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>There’s a lot of good procedures and meds out there.

Cancer treatments generally don't work. At best, they just extend your life a little at the expense of making you very miserable due to the side effects.

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sorry anon

but cycle of life cannot be stopped or fought

he has brought you into this world he has taught you, his passing will challenge you, and harden you

you will become a greater man, your father will not be forgotten, his legacy can live on through you if you choose

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because he's a stoic man, not a degenerate doomer

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Alkaline diet, fruit, cannabis, and optimism.

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This is like some 1890's quack shit, who falls for this

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Same here man. My dad is my only family left and he has no health insurance. My mom died from cancer 12 years ago. I think I’ll be able to make it in the next year and I’ll be buying him the full plan. I know I’m going to have to bury him eventually but I want to be able to make sure he’s taken care of. My condolences, OP. Do what you can for him. Best of luck.

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Are you White... I’ll give you the cure?!

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Fuck off, jew!

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sorry man

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Soz mate, thats shitty

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High sugar diet will give you more cancer, retard.

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Try TheraPhi

Will pray for you

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Fruit is not the same as added sugars. Citrus and berries are the best. Stay away from grains and starch. Fasting will cause your body to eat away at itself or Autophagy. Look it up

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wish i could help fren.

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Noooooo I’m sorry my brotha

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Fuck... sorry bro, sending whatever energy I can to you and your family rn

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Sincere condolences, friend

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If #FinNexus FNX price decreases it can be converted to assets backed token at IEO

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nice LARP, bro

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Sounds like you're going through a lot fren.

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Trust in God and Jesus Anon. God has a plan for each of us at sometimes it hurts real bad. Pray for your fathers health and for strength for yourself in humble trust.

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I will pray a rosary for you and your Dad. I can't imagine how awful this is for you but I can assure God has a perfect plan.
My grandfather too had cancer (stomach) when he was in his early 80's. The man smoked since he was 7 years old and stopped then. He recovered after a very hard few of years and ended up passing away from complications after an unrelated procedure. What I am trying to say is that there is always hope and I can assure you all will be well one way or another, just trust God.

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Imagine not fasting and healing in a few weeks

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sorry to hear that anon. what were the symptoms?

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Have him eat a cannabis product called phoenix tears. I'm sorry to hear about his condition, fren

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Wish my dad had.

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Fromage blanc cheese from cheesemaking.com
Press your own organic natural flax see oil oil presses on ebay run 300$ or so.
Mix cheese and flax oil together with blender. Grind 2 tablespoons fresh flax seed on cheese eat with reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis all drinking water stay away from animal foods.
Google joanna budwig
The budwig diet.

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Make sure to spend time with him while he's still here

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Everyone has cancer, “””treatment””” is a Jew scam to drain resources, selling false hope and making your life miserable before you would have died anyway

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Check out water fasting and soursop. The cancer industry is suppressing the truth because they are getting rich. A literal surgeon was telling me this 2 weeks ago. No lie. 100% worth trying in your dad's case.

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Posts like this are why its better to enjoy life in poverty than to slave away all your life for the cardboard mansion then get sick from the stressful life and die

Time > money

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i wish mine would just kick the fucking bucket and died
He's literally rotting in prison and won't fucking die

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fuck sake

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nice, i want some too

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On a serious note though I'm sorry to hear that OP. Tell him to try Rick Simpson Oil and some medical marijuana solutions IN CONJUNCTION WITH his chemo treatments. Best case scenario he's a miracle cure, worst case scenario he dies anyways but doesn't feel as nauseous.
Good luck bro.

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Tumor is bodys attempt at fixing itself. Too bad this info will be lost on health normies (99% of everyone) for another, oh let's say 30-50 years. After that itll be "oh we always knew that anon, now let's shrink that tumor gone in 3-6 weeks with these lifestyle changes & supplements."

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im sorry fren

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