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How is this supposed to get up to $1000? Link would be twice the current marketcap of BTC and more than 10 times the current marketcap of ETH. Even if BTC went to ATH, link would have a bigger marketcap.

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that hexagon will swallow everything whole

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Sounds like you are finally beginning to understand the 4th industrial revolution

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You realize there is no 4th industrial revolution, right? It's a meme. Just shitty buzzwords.

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BTC is Netscape. LINK is Chrome.

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What's the total market cap of all coins? Double or triple that, and divide between 2-3 coins.

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Checked and unironically fpbp

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a) btc will be like 40-60k
b) eth will be like 5-7k

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But they're not competitiors. Their use cases are different.

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Learn what the dot com bubble was

Do you think all these stupid shitcoins will be around forever? The money will flow into actual projects like ChainLink

Money now is distributed over too many shitcoins, another bullrun by btc will wipe them out again

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You had three years

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You really dont know kek.

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Top 2 coins, BTC+ETH is more than 70% of the current marketcap already. Top 10 is ~88%.
There is barely any money left in shitcoins.

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>He still sees any future in btc in 2020

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he doesn't know...

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Its a scam, its already overvalued. Whales have been pumping it with their gains from other coins because it goes up faster.

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BTC has been the #1 cryptocurrency for 100% of the time crypto has existed. Even though there are much better alternatives now, most webshops and places that accept crypto only accepts BTC. It's not going anywhere.

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BTC is garbage,it is without purpose and thus no future for investment. Link has plans and plans give confidence etc

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Anything BTC can do, Chainlink can do. The inverse is not true.

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LINK is not a currency. It's a tool that makes BTC, ETH, etc. transactions better.

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Why does it have any monetary value?

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Because it solves the oracle problem.

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supply and demand

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>Kodak has been the #1 camera maker for 100% of the time the cameras have existed. Even though there are much better alternatives now, most shops and people that use the cameras only use kodak. It's not going anywhere.

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which translates to monetary value, let alone increasing monetary value..how?
Eftpos allows the transfer of currency around the world, between any institution. People aren't 'investing' in Eftpos machines and the cables that run from them. I mean unless you're investing in the telecommunication companies responsible.

If LINK solves the oracle problem, the tech will just be stolen and adopted sooner or later, and become a standard part of all new crypto.
Once again, coins that can be used to BUY things will reign supreme.

You retards need to remember you aren't buying stocks here. You're not investing in Chainlink as a publicly listed company. You're buying coins that do....what?

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He's asking what generates demand for LINK, you retarded degenerate. You can't just answer every question related to finance by repeating "SuPpLy aNd DeMaNd" and expect people to take you seriously.

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There is no 4 industrial revolution. Haha in which world do you live pleb. I work for a leading amereican multionaal software company and even there we talk about it...damn...

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>BTC is limited to current market cap and can't possibly ever reach new highs in the fourth industrial revolution

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Kek! No one cares if you buy Link or not. Seriously. Go buy Rope; hopefully you'll use it soon enough.

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the usage of the decentralized oracle network called chainlink.

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We are buying into a community and ideas. Also the token has value to deter attacks against the Chainlink network. The higher the value the harder it is to attack, but having a native token means it's much much harder to attack than if they only used ETH. Everyone always makes the argument of "if it's good they'll just fork it" but they won't, it's not just code, it's the teams and the community. Code isn't shit, it's the ideas and people behind them that make them have monetary value and keeps the value within the ecosystem.

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So much fresh meat in here. I love a good bull run.

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you are just like my sister who still uses Yahoo for everything.
BTC will still be around but it is China controlled and becoming more centralised everyday.
Every business on the planet will use LINK and any corp that survives the transition will have done so by running a Chainlink node(s).

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No he doesn't. He keeps thinking the market cap has to do with anything. If he understood what a goddamned revolution is, he wouldn't dare think Chainlink can't surpass the BTC.

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Coins are incentive for nodes to operate with integrity

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>which translates to monetary value, let alone increasing monetary value..how?
Why does a business spend money on anything? To make more money.
If I have a smart contract which a) provides value to users and b) requires off-chain data, it makes financial sense for me to pay an oracle to retrieve that off-chain data.
That explains why someone might want to spend LINK in order to acquire data. The reasons for why someone might want to stake/earn LINK logically follow from that.
>If LINK solves the oracle problem, the tech will just be stolen and adopted sooner or later, and become a standard part of all new crypto.
It does solve it and has already become the standard. You can't steal network effects that easily. Anyone who wants to "steal" link's code will also need to "steal" their node operator network. As time goes on this becomes more and more difficult to do. Just copying link won't be enough - they will need to actually improve it somehow to encourage data consumers and providers to switch networks.
>Once again, coins that can be used to BUY things will reign supreme.
There is no logical basis for this thesis. You are limiting yourself by thinking this way. Assets that provide an opportunity to make a profit will reign supreme. Everything else is secondary.

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collateral for planets data being used in Smart Contracts dickhead
No LINK, No contract

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Supply: 1 Billion stinkies in existence
Demand: The only currency that can used for paying oracle node operators

This is like asking what gives the US dollar its value.

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>he doesn't know
don't tell him boys

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>Link would be twice the current marketcap of BTC
BTC was twice its current marketcap a little over 2 years ago.
And this was after a bullrun triggered by token smart contracts.
Imagine the bullrun that's going to get triggered by MAINSTREAM smart contracts.

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It might come as a surprise but... it's not going to $1000, you'll be lucky to see $10 and even then 99% of linkoids who have <10k stacks will be far from making it.

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>If LINK solves the oracle problem, the tech will just be stolen and adopted sooner or later, and become a standard part of all new crypto.

how come that there is basically only one internet rn being used globally?

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His retarded questions have been answered a countless times over the past 3 years. 4chan is a think tank, the greatest one in fact because you have a bunch of anonymous autists digging into every crevice of a project. LINK has reigned supreme in terms of discussion since its inception. If he already doesn’t know the answer, he’s a newfag. This is a buy signal if I’ve ever seen one. Normie money is about to start pouring in but this time they’ll do their research so they don’t get fucked like 2018 by buying literal shitcoins like trx & iota etc.

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>If LINK solves the oracle problem, the tech will just be stolen
You have no idea what you're talking about.

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>only one internet rn being used globally?
There isn't, the internet is just a protocol, a common standard that was adopted independently by many independent entities.
There is absolutely nothing stopping someone from taking the code and giving the same functionality without LINK tokens. This has already happened with certain token-based systems in crypto IIRC.
There isn't a fundamental reason why LINK has to be the token to pay oracles. It makes things more inconvenient than say, paying with Ethereum.

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>how come that there is basically only one internet rn being used globally?
this is by far the most retarded statement I've read on this containment cesspool in years. jesus.

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>There is absolutely nothing stopping someone from taking the code and giving the same functionality without LINK tokens.
You can use Chainlink without Link tokens.
What you call "taking the code" is actually just "using Chainlink".

Good luck getting any worthwhile jobs without a sizeable guarantee deposit though.

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Greta's on board! We are going to make it.

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It doesn't contain us, it keeps the normies out.
3 years, you had 3 years.

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too many normies and ledditors know about chainlink it wont be going anywhere. (((they))) wont allow it

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He's right. The global "internet" is underpinned by a number of common protocols and standards.

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things such as:

- derivatives trading coming on the blockchain. thats a massive market some estimates put it in the quadrillions of dollars, bigger than the total value of assets on the planet.

-insurance industry using smart contracts for their payouts. the insurance industy is massive, probably in the trillions of dollars, and theres a lot of room for automation and a lot of holes that good quality/reliable smart contracts could plug up and a lot of lawyers and accountants and intermediaries that wouldn't need to be paid any more for those insurance events.

-swift had chainlink make them a proof of concept a few years ago and the swift network moves trilions of dollars a day, thats quadrillions of dollars per year. if swift was watching chainlink in its very early days, before anyone really, don't you think that when the network is more mature and they bring more functionalities and products to market that swift might take another look at how link can be useful? swift was their first friend and may become their biggest and best friend.

- IoT devices such as robots performing services or providing goods for people or for other IoT devices and needing to be paid when certain conditions are met. think of how many IoT devices will be talking to each other in the future.

this is also a really good read, in fact most of the blog posts on chainlinks website will help you learn more. this article will give you a rapid fire overview of LINK's potential future functionalities and the wide range of markets it can help make smart contracts useful for will make


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That's what they've been saying about Bitcoin since 2011 or so.

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I bought at 0,50$ and didn't sell yet. your statement is still pure shit.

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normies didnt know fuck about bitcoin until after it hit ath

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$1,000 is a joke, desu. It's never happening. Linkers who got in at 10 / 20 cents just wanna dump most of their bags on you at $10-$20 and become millionaires.

Buy UND before main net and leave the boomer tier gains at the door.

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Have you seen the top 10/15? It's 3+ he's talking about. In reality bitcoin is a do nothing shitcoin too. Should just be link 1, eth or other eth clone/SC chains rest.

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Bitcoin had all kinds of ATH by 2011.
See pic.

Btw, Bitcoin hit 31 USD a month after pic related.

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absolutely literally who

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And it's the same answer...the jews(juels)

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~27 Million in late 17


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$1000 eoy was a trip get. The anon who posted at 777777 plucked a figure out their ass and years later here we are, it’s been quoted as a de facto statement. It’ll be double figures, maybe triple digits if we’re lucky.

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it was always 1000 EOY even before the 7's get, new fag

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