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check deez

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Inb4 tranny fud

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>there are established billion $ companies that think chainlink does anything

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youre 2 days late

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again? it's proven fake

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Tranny fud: engaged.
This is the actual confirmation you hay-munching ungulate.

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sweet, so staking comes before q3.
I wanna steak my stinkies

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C-can I h-have a y-you pwease??....

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Linkies gonna get JOOSTED

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See the link, it's over fudbutt.

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>"ChainLink may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality"
nice try stinkers

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Yeah, JOOSTED upwards.

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Checkerooni, my doodey

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Literally a photoshopped image. Quite the detective I am not you though bud. Is this all you chainlink day dreamers do is looking for clues down the rabbit hole? Pretty sad I must say

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>Literally a photoshopped image.
Open the link you tard.

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This was funnier before without the different logos, because of the implication that only utter imbeciles that fell for the memes but didn't know shit AND high IQ fags who know (or think) that LINK will be very successful bought it, instead of "muh only smart people bought it before"

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Low iq: thinks its good
Average iq: thinks its a scam
High iq: thinks its a scam but knows that doesn't matter

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Sergey IQ: Invent scam to dump stinkies on linkies.

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Literally who

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Sergey IQ: get hired to be the face of the mark of the beast because your initials are SN which helps to astroturf the narrative youre satoshi nakamoto

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good jokes anon

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It's pronounced "yo-st" but with a longer o.

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not even that can get link to pump, we truly are in a bear market, if this happened in 2017 we would be in the $xxx

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better sell while you can anon :^3

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Name one thing oracle actually does.

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Be the second-biggest software company in the world by sales, profits, assets, and market value?

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I'm never selling, just saying there won't be no triple digit linkies, I still believe we can hit $10 or maybe $20

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$8 is the hard top for this shitcoin. Won't go any higher. $10, even $20 is a stretch desu.

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What Oracles? I don't see them. Can you tell me where they are? Better yet, can you show them to me?

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Wasn't it clear it was real? It's not a big deal though.

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Screencapped for future shit talking on nolinkers

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>Oracle itself integrating Chainlink into its backend
>"not a big deal"

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you can't swing me either way I know what i'm holding already better try someone else

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Screencapped so I can laugh at shitstinkers when this dead cat bounce zero volume pump retraces back to $0.50 where it belongs.

shut up tranny

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Tell me who's using oracle blockchain

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anon, Oracle is the second-biggest software company IN THE WORLD

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You're already screencapped since 2017

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Answer the question, Ranjesh. Who's using oracles blockchain platform? Gravelcoin? Shitstinkers BTFO yet again

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>Answer the question, Ranjesh. Who's using oracles blockchain platform?
Here's your answer.

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>avoiding the question
Thank you for confirming your stupidity Madhavatiya.

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Oracle is not needed.

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>second-biggest software company in the world
>"b-b-but who's using it???"

Pretty much everyone to be honest.

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why isn't oracle/chainlink sharing this info? we would pump straight to $10

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The presentation was just put online like an hour ago, and it's still sleepy time in the US.

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maybe they will within a few days

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Hell it's nearly 2 am in San Francisco.

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You don't think it can get to the old market cap of ICX? In a bigger bullrun no less. If you believe that you literally are retarded

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>You don't think it can get to the old market cap of ICX?
How funny reading this now that ICX partnered with Chainlink.

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Not a good look lmao

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Because they don’t care whether link holders get rich lol. They’re so beyond the whole “crypto scene,” link just makes moves and doesn’t care to tell anyone. But when it dawns on the masses....the singularity is real fren

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