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Retard here. Does the math make sense for $10,000 per Ethereum? I've been seeing this number lately

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10,000 is just like "if BTC hits 200k", but we don't know shit

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When ETH is 10k and BTC 200k a gallon of milk will cost $15 and a basic new sedan $80k

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just doubled checked your math.
yup, your math checks out

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Organic/raw milk is 10$

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Which means the guys fudding on here have low IQ. :)

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Yes it makes sense. Eth goes up a lot and people sell for BTC... Then Eth falls on btc pair, but btc rises since many corns were taken out of circulation (ethereum profit), so eth wont fall on usd pair. Then Eth rises again and boom!

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Logrithic scale shows ETH at 10k to 30K at next ath. ETH 2.0 is coming out. Staking is this year. JP Morgan is now getting cozy with ETH NOT xrp... The writings on the fcking wall, ffs... Die poor of you can't put one and one together... were going to to top with or with out the fudders.

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It would need the equivalence of $700B dumped into it.

Though its possible, improbable in the near future

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If ETH hits 10k I'll be a millionaire so I hope so, but I doubt it. Tbh I don't see it going past 5k. I could be wrong though.

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LOL, and when is this next ATH? 2065?

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That would be like a $3 trillion market cap for Ethereum, that ain't happening by 2021, no chance in hell

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The math doesn't make sense for $100 eth, lmao

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Then you're better off not holding cash m8

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ETH 2.0 is supply and demand squared.
The demand goes up, as the supply is locked away to collect dividends.
The market cap could moon to trillions, if it cuts into gold's market share as an SOV.

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pretend eth follows exactly like btc did.... 1k+ in 2013, then 20k in 2017. Seems unreasonable now but perfectly capable of happening, even if it's based on nothing but hype again. It'll crash once more and more normies will get burned, but the beat will march on

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I see your point but there were way less projects in 2013 for funds to dump into. Now there are a million shitcoins all competing with each other. I don't see ETH ever having a higher cap than BTC, and if ETH is 20k that's like a 2 trillion market cap, BTC would be higher than that, on just those two alone. I'd be a multimillionaire if it happened, but realistically it ain't happening.

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>Now there are a million shitcoins all competing with each other
so what's gonna happen when everyone realises they are shitcoins? either leave the market or dump into a top 10 shitcoin

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New ones will emerge. Look at 2017. The shitcoins have multiplied like cancer since then. It's getting worse, not better. Absolute shitcoins even currently occupy the #3, 4, and 5 spots on the market.

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people like you are fucking retards. marketcap means nothing, it's an abstracting. Before you even think about saying 'marketcap' in a sentence, substitute (price times supply), and then your statement becomes nonsensical. Oh X can never have a price of 30k because that would mean a marketcap of 30k x supply.

All you need is one faggot to buy at that price. So many faggots like you were saying the same retarded shit in 2016. People repost it all the time. The truth is people like you will miss the highs.

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oh yeah 10k eth is definitely plausible, fomo hasn't even started yet, this is just shorts getting rekt... btw thanks shorts for the cheap eth and you blowing up your accounts, see you in my office

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let new ones emerge while actual coins with good technology silently moon. almost all the coins in top 15 are dogshit and i am going to shit myself laughing when everyone realises it

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>He doesn't know about inflated marketcap
>He think we won't easily x10 previous ATH in the next bullrun

You've a lot to learn

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> raw milk $10
mfw how cucked are burgers

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how does $100,000,000 sound?

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people said the same in 2013 with bitcoin at 10k lol

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with staking and defi locked up eth, yes.

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If it even hit 5k we'd all make it

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Based and high IQ pilled

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btc doesn't matter anymore. It might still go up because it's vintage, but it doesn't have a use.

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I've been seeing this with staking.

Can anybody explain it in simple terms?

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Don't forget that soon the ETH used for fees in transactions will be burnt as well.

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Noob detected

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Wake up, zoomer. You’ll spend your shitty life sucking on bitcoin’s tit

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your btc will only be usable through eth soon fags. Otherwise get used to your $50 transaction fees again

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In Canada raw milk is illegal.

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The math has never made sense, Anon

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so 8 eths will be able to buy me a new car? Nice

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buying worthless shit with money
never gonna make it

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I pay 3$ for 5 liter

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The 10k meme is only for reddit so that they miss the top. 9k is the target. It will crash to 1k from there and stabilize at around 3k. Note that this is the final bull run for Ethereum, since issuance will go down to 10% of what it is now and stay there, without halvings or any other modifications in future.

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You thibk the eth market cap will reach 1 trillion? No it fucking wont thats an 8th of all the real money and an 80th of all the broa money in the world

4000 could MAYBE be possible

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30k. 3 tril market cap? Yeah im thinking thats literally impossible

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i can only afford 7

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see >>17216480
marketcap means jack shit, stop being retarded.

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should i sell my 1.5k worth of boomer rocks for eth and try to get in on staking?

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good joke boomey

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We don't know. I don't think anyone thought 1k ETH was possible

It's a hell of alot more possible than $1k XRP, lol

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>hurrr durrr pooled staking doesn’t exist

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>he thinks he needs his own node to stake

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kek i meant as a start to accoomulate. thats easily 5-6 eth

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Same with Tachyon Protocol, the Bitcoin Halving news is making a positive impact on a lot of altcoins, especially those with very good use-cases.

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>poorfag cope
you will literally have to own your own ETH to stake you morons
ETH2 isn't a compromised DPOS shitcoin

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>without halvings or any other modifications in future.
yeah, because, you can totally and entirely conclude this, top fucking kek. How fucking stupid are you? You don't know the future, there could be another bullrun for ETH, there could be further modifications, stop being a close minded, confirmation bias fucktard.

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coinbase kraken binance etc will support staking... what, you think that put r&d into staking infrastructure for their customers to stake scam ieos and ETH killers?

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Double Digit Shitcone

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Yes. Number of users must go up 100x though.
There are at most several thousands daily users right now, so 100x should be easy once it scales (~10M daily users).
100M daily users - price significantly above $10k, $100k possible.
1B daily users - ethereum becomes internet 2.0. Insane moon scenario - price per eth significantly above $100k, $1M possible. At this level of adoption it becomes such a trusted source of value ether starts to replace local currencies.

I'm not sure about getting to 100M daily in this decade, maybe in the next one, but 10M? Sure.

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Say that to my face fucker not online see what happens

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That would put the market cap at $1 trillion.
About as big as the current largest companies in the world, 1/4th of m0 dollar supply and 1/7th of gold market cap.

Not unreasonably but it SHOULD take time and on boarding hundreds of millions of users...
So in a reasonable market, maybe in 10 - 15 years.

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ETH is an oscillator. After BTC finished it's main bull cycle and rests at between 100k and 150k ETH could easily hit .1 satoshi and be worth ~10k USD.

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"People have stopped investing in Amazon because now there's a million penny stocks sucking up all liquidity. I don't see Amazon ever going to 2,160 dollars, that would be a market cap of 1,084 TRILLION dollars, bro..."

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>leave coins on exchange forever
you meant the moronic kind of "pooled staking"
sorry sweetie I only talk protocols, don't care what your bucket shops are up to

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Saying market cap is meaningless is middle-IQ material. Market cap is a useful metric to compare overall crypto currency values, both on against one another and one vs. itself over time, if the supply is not fixed. So saying 3 trillion marketcap is unlikely is a fair statement, stacked up against the fact that all of crypto has never had a market capitalization of 1T, and currently stands at about 300B.

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$500 at least

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Altcoins like...?

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that would be fantastic

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By the time ETH hits 10k what will 10k be worth?

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You pay extra because they need to pay insurance for when someone gets sick or die.

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>ETH mining rewards plummeting
>Staking reducing circulating supply
>Staking producing income
>Achieving adoption exponentially
>Future of decentralized agreements
>Platform for a decentralized internet
>Already has multiple scaling solutions in place, about to add more and never stops researching (each solution compounds the benefit of others)

$10k is FUD

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If you can tell me how milk and ethereum have anything to do with eachother, maybe I'd believe this.

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What will happen with the BTC price when it's finished? up or down? Any realistic predictions?

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staking reducing circulating supply is another bad and retard tier argument. It does not reduce the supply of the token.... it reduces liquidity somewhat, but that cuts both ways. It's easier to pump, but also easier to dump.

The argument of 'circ supply goes down so price goes up' is fucking ridiculous and only used by normies who use coin marketcap.

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circulating supply does go down if tokens are locked up in staking, are you retarded?

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A1 sauce up your b hole

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wtf this guy really doesn't give a fuck about appearances.

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>Platform for a decentralized internet
>Most nodes on AWS and Google Cloud
This guy doesn't fuck

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19k-21k in late 2021 early 2022 same as btc

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A lot because of deflation

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Yes, next runup ETH will be anywhere from 3/4k-10k+

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As an amusing thought experiment, imagine that Ethereum is successful and becomes the dominant financial system in use throughout the world. Then the total value of all the currency should be equal to the total value of all the wealth in the world.

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I think he means if ETH is 10k the $ is in even deeper shit than it is now.

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