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Good Evening /biz/. I run a niche apparel company that does a majority of sales through Instagram. This year I really want to put my soul into it and become a success. I've just about broken even, but I'll need to create more product to continue growth. I am the only person involved in this, so I do absolutely everything. I tend to bounce around different things that need to be done, but I recognize I could use some organization in my brain to help give focus to my efforts.

I spent the last hour creating these "pillars" for my company. Under sales are things that cost me no real money and add value. Under overhead are things that cost me significant money and are necessary for growth and expansion of the brand. Now tell me if the division of pillars between sales and overhead is stupid because there is alot of crossover and gray area between the two.

Also if anyone here has done something similar I'm all ears and I'll leave contact info if anyone wants to get in touch.

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Honestly, study accounting for like a full year because you're just too far off for me to really help here.

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this +1

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This isn't about making an "anatomically" correct accounting model but more of a visual guide for areas to focus efforts. I've take basic finance class in college, just never had to apply them.

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