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WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!

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There is an anon in the other thread saying Sergey just confirmed Barclays and AMD to his team as we speak.

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a wa di bombaclat dat be

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get the fuck out of here with that larp

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dead cat bounce. means nothing

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Mfw this meme is getting it's meaning back.

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Cope: the post

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What thread?

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don't worry about it, it was a fucking larper

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Dear completely retarded person, nothing matters, that happens in a day. It may go up or down. What matters what happens in a month. You probably know it too, just being an imbecile

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Strap in. Tonight.

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peaked out, now it comes down

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come on... go up you fucking nigger

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What is your major malfunction numbnuts? Up 40 percent in one month. Alongside the rise of BTC of course. But still, what the fuck do you want??? A miracle? Go play the lottery then.

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would be nice to stop being rangebound

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I'm getting island vibes mon

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Numer go up

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It’s true
It hurts every time because I just hope we can break through

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Break through? Making almost 60% percent win in not even one month with BTC and Link is not a breakthrough to you? I am glad I don't share your vision then. Shut the fuck up.

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Barclay's were confirmed in 2017 and AMDs only use would be to provide more TEE hardware of which Chainlink already has plenty. Literally priced in, in other words.

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>go down $1.50
>go up $1.50
It's not a gain it's just a bore.

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Show us everything you did with the gains you made anon, surely you put them to use?

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What a demand! Whothe fuck are you to demand things? You show me who you even are, you pleb

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seethe more poojet and kys

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He spent it all on drugs and alcohol... not much to see here, move on.

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Is it too late to hop on the link train?

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