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What the hell happened with Waves? What the fuck did I miss?

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lol "women"

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>ari jeuls
>who the fuck is this
>falling for marketing optics

get the fuck off my board curry nigger

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WAVES has been under priced for months. Neutrino is a game changer when it comes to stablecoins. 14% annual roi on usd-n staking.

That rate shits on all the other stablecoins. So as Neutrino grows (right now its at $2 Million issued) Waves price will rise.

Imagine if physical silver could account for all the USD printed. it would be worth like $500 USD per ounce.

That is what WAVES is doing with Neutrino.

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This, what the fuck is wrong with OP?

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mad stinkies get out.

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>left: millionaire genius
>right: literally who and some thot

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