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Some beings are gifted with a supernatural connection to the higher realm of consciousness, call it a third eye or a sixth sense, the name for such phenomenons is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but what it boils down to is that there are forces beyond our understanding pulling the strings in this universe and sometimes they try to communicate or maybe their control algorithms just glitch that's why sometimes we have feelings of déjà vu, prescient visions, dreams that feel more real than reality or feeling like you are just trapped in a time loop, time and space being so fluid and infinite and unknown, ripples in time affect the multiverses and rewrite our consciousness in ways we simply cannot explain, 99.99% of us don't even notice these shifts in the timelines but those of us with a deeper connection to saturn have been sharing the same dreams the same visions, pulling together in the same direction beyond all conscious understanding, but pulling together nonetheless, collective visualizing of an event can pre determine its outcome, will it into being, this is occurring right now on this very board of this very website, a collective tulpa, a reverse mendela effect, you've felt the calling, you've noticed the signs, the numbers shifting, the displacement of space and time, indeed this is incredibly dangerous and the cosmic consequences we cannot fathom, but no matter what you must remained focused on the vision, beyond the shadows on the caves wall, and it will inevitably come to bear its fruit and manifest fully in this world very soon

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Sooooo, what should I buy?

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lurk more newfag

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Eat my dick faggot

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So what you're saying is the ancient Egyptians were massive fags?

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Ok rabbi

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Faggots corrupted the original meaning of the symbol that is the rainbow

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Those numbers make no sense at all

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What is trigonometry
Study Pythagoras

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I'll shit in your third eye, twat.

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also from https://religion.wikia.org/wiki/Julius_Evola

>In a 1938 article Evola accused Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and Cesare Lombroso of being "proponents of Jewish materialistic culture in the nineteenth century;[16] two years later, in an essay entitled "Jews and Mathematics," Evola characterized Judaism as the antithesis of "Aryan civilation," and broadly attacked a range of what he considered examples of Jewish influences, from Pythagoreanism to mathematics.[16] The article was illustrated with pictures of notable Jews interspersed with classic anti-Semitic representations.

Both are great reads

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Thank you for the sources
Appreciate it.

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THREAD THEME https://youtu.be/gozw4oZ41nM

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currency ---> current ---> electrical current ---> energy
really makes you think.

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you just jogged my noggin bro

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ty for wallpaper

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pl-please listen to the song fren. i dont want it to be forgotten. but your welcome

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Not really that great, why have you been spamming this link?

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Electricity/magnetism/light bounds the geometry of time.

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Huh. It really does. Anyway to tie that back to maritime law?

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>currency ---> current ---> electrical current ---> energy
>Electricity/magnetism/light bounds the geometry of time.

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[hava nagila plays in the distance]

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can confirm

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go back faggot

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because it fits perfectly with the setting since it takes place in the city of delphi and i think it sounds cool while reading and researching but if you don't like it no hard feeling fren.

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i had a dream last night i was at a conference and Vitalik was speaking. I don’t remember if any coin in specific was mentioned.

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Take your meds... wait, this is /biz/ not /x/

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>a challenger approaches

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since we're sharing music:

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