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What the hell happened to the middle class?

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building regulations and the real estate market.

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They didn't buy Link

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Your bed would smell like food

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I would honestly live in one of these. Looks really cozy and low maintenance.

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Oy vey tone down the anti semitism goy

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what is this and why is it being posted in multiple threads

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Spartan quarters. Looks comfy as fuck desu

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mass jewish institutional crime. 9/11, 2008, then a nigger fake president. No one has yet stopped the jewish crime spree, so there are tons of jewish judges, politicians and bankers committing institutional crime all day everyday

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Either you guys are asian or white people/weeaboo and you love anime.

You probably also have some sort of communistic tendencencies and big government providing these kind of apartments for worker drones to spent 5 hours sleep before leaving back to the factory.

No self-respecting, white man would ever settle for a small cuckshed like that, without windows, without a view. Only an incel or total asian anime weaboo would even dream for something like that: it looks like a prison cell with slightly more polished interior you stupid anime shit

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Incase you have not noticed most of us would consider this an upgrade.

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it doesn't need windows if it is missing two walls

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So I get you pee in the sink but where do you shower and poo?

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They're likely thinking it has good internet.

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In the US:
Devaluation of the dollar
Regressive tax system
Zero investment in public infrastructure / services

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This guy thinks

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Be your own shower and shit in a bag

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you left out the biggest one of all;. JEWS

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>Income tax, sales tax, property tax
>Inflation by Central bank
>Gold confiscation
>Wars sending the fastest, strongest and bravest off to die
>Infinity immigration
>Public schools, colleges, TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, textbooks and the government teaching lies

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>Increase in low-IQ immigration driving down wages
>Women in the workforce driving down wages
>Debt-based economy centralizing everything around credit
>Low-IQ minorities draining the public purse causing increase in taxes
>Boomer entitlements always edging on complete insolvency causing an increase in taxes

tl;dr Darkies, women, and boomers

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landlords increasing rent, no wage growth /thread

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you new?

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If it has an internet connection why do I need anything else? Like I look out of my windows now lmao. A stable connection, some good books to read and a nice kitchen set to cook my meals on is all I need to live like a king.

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why is there a gun but no toilet or shower?

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Good goy. Remember to eat bugs too when they ban meat products

At least you have your super comfy polished supermax cell

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Close. But the people in power who have looted the middle class stay in power by pandering to racism, xenophobia, and religion. Because people are easily manipulated into voting to their own detriment by fear mongering about immigrants to conspiracies about some minority class.

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>he doesn't know

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by some minority class you mean the jews who robbed merica in 2008 and are the corrupt chief judge in most courts

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>shitting in the sink
maybe the best part

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>At least you have your super comfy polished supermax cell
He says while trapped in a flesh suit.
Why does it make you so angry that anons could be happy with modest quarters that fill the bare needs of safety, shelter and warmth, nothing more and nothing less? You can keep your mansion or your ranch or your homestead, I don't mind at all.

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>don't try and defend yourself, goy. It's what those nadzees in power want
>oy gevalt why is everybody out to get us

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It has ventilation just below the bed

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There are redditors out there who are creaming themselves wishing they could live in an appartment like that
>tfw my appartment is pretty much like that

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Shared toilet/shower spaces

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They tried to deal with jews before. Didnt work

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Jews think everyone out to get them for good reason. Countless expulsions

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The Jewish agenda is to have a society where 5% of the population has all the money and power. And those 5% are Jews. Everything they promote is to destroy values, promote debt, and promote consumer culture.

Just put the pieces together.

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This thread is full of shitposting.

The truth is the recent large middle class is an outlier. Large wealth inequality is the historical norm and likely future.

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Always shylocks messing shit up. No wonder Egypt was so based before everyone else.

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This but they're just a synecdoche for a group that is only massively disproportionately jewish

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You forgot jews.

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>If it has an internet connection why do I need anything else?

Yeah, fuck privacy and self respect.

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Can confirm. I’d take it.

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Systematic upwards flow of wealth. Tax code incentivizes it, as does all forms of investing. Think of being poor being at the top of a mountain. Once you learn to utilize and grow money, more and more can be made off of it, as well as assets, and so it starts to snowball.

Thing is, it requires quite a bit to get that initial patch of snow rolling and the hill goes up before it goes down. I think realistically a net of 35k or more per year (after all expenses/taxes) is feasible. The number grows every year though and so do the challenges. Too many people in the workforce that don't respect themselves. So you have to be really humble and smart to make it past their positions.

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