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This shit is going to heights you couldn't imagine. This thread will be filled with marines but also so many that didn't take the chance to buy in to life changing opportunity. This is Bitcoin at dollars. This is an actual product that will change the world in ways bitcoin did but only so much more. When you think 5 moves ahead, of where technology will be in 10 years. People will neck themselves over this chance they missed, it's sad honestly. I want all of you to make, all of you who have invested their time in trying to find the truth, the answers to what is going to play out.

You can call me delusional, or a shill, I truly don't give a fuck. Buy Link, buy ETH, and even still buy the winning Bitcoin (BTC breaking 10k soon). These 3 are your tickets to your next generations upper class. They are going to truly change the world in ways that can't even be processed by 90% of the world today.

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Wtf did I just read.

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nice gets, but seriously, there is still time friend. Don't fuck this up for your kids.

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I’ve been imagining $1,000+ for three years.

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I’ve been buying BTC, ETH and LINK for the last year. I’m fucking pumped.

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ari juels will be taking a sabbatical leave and joining the chainlink team

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Thanks OP! We're all going to make it frens

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I am excited for the world when we are all sitting with our stacks on the mountain top, with each Chainlink moving for 300,000+ in 10 years

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Bitcoin is Layer 1, it's the oil of our future. Eth is layer 2, right now it's undervalued, seeing the ETH 2.0 demo on cell phones, holy fuck, it's now undervalued x10. Chainlink is Layer 3, and the first REAL solution built on that layers abstraction. It's so fucking early, the nerds like me who have been here, lurking, learning, and truly absorbing all of this space over the last nearly 10 years can see this. I am actually surprised how fast LINK is moving because it means people in this tight group of understanding know, and they aren't going to let BTC or ETHs 100x happen again without them. The fact that the devoted are already this invested in it means by the time the fucking normies go all in like 2013 or 2017, the supply will be next to nothing for LINK.

Combine that with the advent of general 1000+ node aggregator contracts where the general public will earn their "staking" rewards not even realized yet. Holy fucking shit.

I am so far beyond shilling this shit. I already know my future. At this point, I just want the people like me who are technology focused, self learners, ones who dig, who want the cutting edge, and who yearn for the future possibility to not fuck this up.

The future is so bright when it comes to this crypto generation. Were going to completely transform the entire globe.

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Mein negro

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joining the chainlink team full time*

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Elon doesn't even know what's coming.

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> corona virus
> gay chainlink epidemic

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Only buying 1000 stinking linkies will probably be the biggest regret of my life.

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Elon could add 10x to his marketcap by directly integrating Chainlink smart contract insurance claims into the Tesla autopilot OS and become a middleman beteween end user and the insurance company. He is the type to do it too.

We have only scratched the damn surface.

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Just shut the fuck up and kill yourself already.

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$1000 truly is FUD. Once you accept this fact, and truly believe in it in your heart, you will /make it/.

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>I am so far beyond shilling this shit.

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Please get a life, there is real life going on outside, stop talking shit here. You're probably the same "I'm so excited for you kids!" Poster... please just go have sex or something other than making larp posts here.

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it's either that /biz/ has succesfully brainwashed me into some schizo link cultist, or this really is the ticket to freedom we think it is.

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think of me before you kys tripnigger :) not because of link, just because of other things going on in your life

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This the only material you get left these days?

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decent attempt at a troll, but your not going to stop me from bringing in the rightful heirs to the next billionaire class.

Get fucked tripfag

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it's just that unlike pajeet coin #552 there is actual tangible value in link. only time will tell if there is real adoption or it will end up just another failed project.

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Sorry, if it didn't happen already then it's not going to happen, I'm going to live as long as I possibly can to spite all of you, everybody around me, and the kikes. Get used to me you fucking niggers!

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i dont have 10 years of time dude. if this shit doesn't moon by 2022 im selling everything

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>This the only material you get left these days?

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This person is only here to distract you. Read >>17148970
and then re read it.

Seriously consider if you want your life to be better or if you want to waste your time just hating people you've been convinced are the source of your problems.

Learn, read, dig, and make the right choice.

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>Seriously consider if you want your life to be better or if you want to waste your time just hating people you've been convinced are the source of your problems.

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We've literally been over this a thousand times. Just shut the fuck up and let it moon.

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I'm a high school drop out GED holder. If I can make the connection between chainlink and the next step of blockchain technology without 4chan spoon feeding me,then most other people should be able to as well. All they need do is DO THEIR OWN FUCKING RESEARCH YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING DEGENERATE MORONS, JUST READ YOU FUCKING NIGGERS!!!

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Did you ever think your apathy with general education and your ability to understand the shift Chainlink enables coincide? Why be so negative?

Instead why don't you focus on bringing people like us into the fold so we can make it and make actual change in the world instead of just being miserable pricks?

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I only have 1100 LINK. How fucked am I?

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obv not him but i've been shilling LINK and refuting fud since mid 2018

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do whatever you can to 10x that without ruining relationships or becoming homeless.

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Because it's like a broken fucking record with you guys, and no one cares about you guys. If people cannot make the connection on their own then they are not going to make it, period, I've told several people that know about blockchain about it, and they are just not spiritually equipped to make it with LINK, it's that simple.

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You are the worst person and Tripfag on 4chan, unironically kys 17 year old loser

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Until what price point?

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Weird how you weren't shilling this when it was $1.90... hmmmm...

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Kek this

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>Because it's like a broken fucking record with you guys, and no one cares about you guys.
speak for yourself
you've still got a lot of growing up to do

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And just like that BTC >10k again, guess whats next.


Been in since April 18

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>>>17149553 (you)

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Depends on your goals really, do you want to make enough to be financially independent yourself, or for your next generations as well. You could ask the same question to the people who understood Bitcoin in 2009. You could have got out in 2013 and never worked again, you could have got out in 2017 and your kids will never work again, you could get out in 2020/21 and your grandkids could grow up with a silver spoon too.

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fuck off deluded moonboy.

You're just coping with your piece of shit life with hopium instead of opium like non-autistic losers your age.

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>The Devil !!y9pM1O7kKh0
you are what you think

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> t.

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Not trying to be a jerk, just tired as hell, it's been years, just everyone shut the fuck up and let it do it's thing, we don't need more " I'm so excited for you kids " type posts!!!

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gets ruined on filth, don't buy, your kind deserves poor

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why did you (you) me retard I am anti-shill

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I have 5k link, but your retarded
>dude were gonna be so rich we'll have a small nation named after us
is so fucking gay. enjoy your favela.

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Bullshit. Source?

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i am 20 years old in 3rd year of uni, i have 36k chainlink. I can prob go to uni for 3 more years, will i have to get a real job or will i make it before i graduate

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yeah im thinking this is some based ass shit you're posting anon

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You will make it before you graduate, but will you still choose to graduate is the question. Will society still be financially solvent is the bigger question.

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Dude you really don't get it yet then. Look at BTC, transactional, thats it. ETH, transactional but also siolo'd application layer. Chainlink is the evolution of ETH to make it real. It breaks the silo. Information from any source can now be used to settle smart contracts or in turn be used to cause effects through a trustless system. This kind of technology has never existed. If BTC is 10k and ETH is 220 and Link is 3.40, it's a person who can see where this is going's world. The values are inversed. People finally understand the value of Bitcoin and it's at 10k USD per fucking coin, with no signs of stopping. ETH should be even higher and LINK even higher than ETH. Even if you don't believe that to be 100% true, the current value economics of this token are so undervalued its insane.

Let's say the token economics of LINK never reach the levels of Bitcoin, the base use case brings it within a much higher cohesion than what it currently is.

If Bitcoin allows settlement, and ETH allows smarter settlement, LINK allows real world settlement on top of both layers. It's trumping both in utility out of the gate.

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im a philosophy major so it doesnt matter haha

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We're so early, it's not even funny.

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If were larping now imagine what you’re going to think replying when it’s $10, $100, $1000

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link is approaching 100k wallets and teenagers, femoids and Mexicans on Twitter and reddit bought in and post about how they will be millionaires

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You're right, it's not funny at all! Still have to work, still have to put my dreams on a shelf while the deterioration of my youth accelerates. I'd say its the opposite of funny.

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Those are wallets filled with 10 LINK and yeah maybe in 5-10 years they will be pretty happy if they have iron hands, but let's be honest this is crypto.

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that doesn't mean jack shit.

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>just tired as hell
tell me about it

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Hopefully there's not much stopping time between now and those prices, once things take off there's no going back.

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It means time to sell dweeb

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Welcome to being early, your the crazy loner until the consensus swings, but when it does, fuck are you glad you trusted your intuition.

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Well I am in the opinion it does say a lot. I have seen social media sentiment about IOTA, Antshares and ETH before they went 1000x and it was different much more low key

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That means we will do 1,000,000x +.

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your ID is +3 Boys to cock

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I'm so upset that I only have 4.7 ETH. It's too late to buy now.

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Yes, people I'm close with think I'm insane for believing in the ideas that I do. I have completely given up on trying to show anyone ant sort of truth about the nature of our world, for now. You're right fren, >>17149553 I have a lot of maturing and things I need to work on. I might not even be able to live long enough for all these things to unfold, time will tell, it's up to God, I'm just a little pissed about everything, I wish I'd have learned about all of this a while back, the answers were there I qas just too dense. I could have already been rich 100 fucking times :(

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Good post, it;'s true. To really understand the value of LINK and even ETH, BTC etc as a whole you need to have seen it.

You have had to take the time to see the memes, to have done some digging, to have tried to expand your thinking in ways the general public are not thinking,

When you see the big picture, interlaced from all the happenings of the world, and seen how these things can be morphed and evolve, you can see what this space is doing.

It's a game changer. If you thought Trump or brexit was big, just wait for what Crypto will do in 10 or less years.

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It's not that late anon just go all in LINK, stick it onto a hardware wallet, and forget about everything, crypto, this site, all of it. Unironically go have sex after you do all of that, sex is great, especially when it's with someone you love.

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Sounds like digital Jungianism

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I have 2.5 BTC, 128 ETH, and 3200 LINK, am I invited to the yacht party?

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You just might make it

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no. but your fiance is

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> don't let them gwt away

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Almost 8 billion people on this earth

You are one of 100k out of 8 billion that holds link

Truly so comfy

>> No.17150391

only if you sell your linkies before they crash and buy ETH

>> No.17150410

pro tip

>wants your link

>> No.17150459

i'd be tempted to buy in at $2

>> No.17150474

all air out of your mouth

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> t. Nolinker

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i-is there any hope for me bros?

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Sell all the shitcoins and all in link on the next retrace

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10k EoY

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