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I actually don't feel anything. I have 50,000$ worth of crypto (mostly LINK) and have no income and no other savings, looking for a job or education opportunity right now. How are you holding up bros? Do you realise the gains?

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i swear link just makes people schizophrenic and depressed.
what the hell did i invest in

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Lol you might as well kys now. Your life is nothing but shitty decisions.

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Are you me? I'm about to sell a couple thousand LINK to make rent for the rest of the year so that I can pursue my projects without distraction.

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But dude I had like 5k to invest and thanks to biz I made almost 10x. Not bad imo just haven't found a good career for myself yet.
Yeah sometimes I just feel like doing nothing, I had this gig lined up, it was 4 hours of work per week but like 20$/hr and I didn't take it because it just paled in comparison to the crypto gains last summer. So weird.

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That's like $80 a week bro wtf

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maybe it's because you just know that you will make it and that's why you have no motivation to do anything but wait?

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To be honest that basically covers my rent almost

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