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>he didn't buy silver

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Will 12 oz be enough to make it?

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In two years I'm hoping to have 1000 ounces of silver and 20 of gold

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Silver is the poor mans gold

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Hey rakesh

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Anyone in silver futures?

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Ah yes, not buying the worst performing PM for the last decade is a terrible decision.

Buy gold or short palladium, dumb faggots.

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I have a 1951 roosevelt dime yo

gimme my money

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Why? Has it moved?

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>silver is -0.09 from yesterday
yea, i actually dont like losing money personally

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100oz to make it

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>He buys "precious" metals

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I'd coom in her no questions asked.

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>DCAing into the bottom that's 40% or so lower than the current price
>not just buying the bottom

Not gonna make it.

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What if I coomed in her right before you?

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Anon, I...

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I would drain my nuts down to the last drop, then somehow continue COOMing while still in her

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why buy silver now? the stock market is still going strong.
its when the stock market starts going down that we'll see the normies jumping to silver.
i have 200oz in 1oz coins, will probably put 90% of money i'm saving into silver so when it jumps in a few years i can double my money. but honestly why rush anons lets see if this crypto turns some profits first

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Mommy gib ass milkies

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Is 98,000 ounces enough to make it? Dumb fucks

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You'd coom in 3 strokes, don't lie.

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>imagine having your daughter turn into an internet whore

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>can’t eat silver

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You can, just like you can eat Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and other metals

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Actually I did, and it's done nothing.
If I had bought LINK or ETH or even fucking index funds instead I would have my mortgage paid off.
Don't fall for the silver meme lads.

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I'd fuck her right in the asshole to teach her a lesson!

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Have you even read what you posted?

What does it say? Go on and tell us.

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Zero strokes. I'd be cooming before, during, and after.

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