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My portfolio just hit the magical number. Should I sell it all for BTC and be done with this bullshit? What would you do? SV cucks need not reply.

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just imagine
when this gets approved in US
tick tock stinky

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And miss the link moon? Are you retarded?

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>selling LINK
Are you dense?

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with 21 BTC you are guaranteed to make it in a decade. or you could risk it on a LINK play. desu id hold just 10k LINK and the rest BTC knowing my retirement is assured.

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You should cash out most into Bitcoin, with 21 BTC you have a near guaranteed future, continuing to speculate on LINK has a LOT more risk. If you still want Link exposure i’d go ~16BTC ~5BTC Link. Definitely sell that other shit.

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the fact that you don't want to sell it all for BSV, shows how retarded you are and you should probably do the right thing and sell all your shit coins for the real bitcoin

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This board has become so much better with a simple bsv filter, my god...

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it only works for so long

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yes, put your head in the sand.

go back to r/retard, if you need a safe space


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This guy gets it. You electronic chuck e cheese tokens are going to be worth jack shit soon.

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US patent doesn't supercede patents filed in other countries or WIPO, Crag is really really fucking stupid...

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But this patent has been filed worldwide.

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can only give you my few cents. i was in the same spot a year ago at like 22 BTC and thought about it just like you right now, then btc mooned and i ended up with fucking 5 BTC worth of alts half a year later

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There's no such thing as a worldwide patent you stupid fuck

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You're a fucking moron. It has been filed:

>In Singapore
>With the European Patent Office.
>In Japan.
>In China.
>In South Korea.
>In Australia.
>With the World Intellectual Property Organization.
>With Tiawan.
>In America.

t has been filed worldwide.

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like this one?

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I'm still 100% behind link. for me it's just a question of risk management right now
thanks. I think I'll do a link/btc split. however, what makes people so sure that 21 btc would be a guaranteed future? do you see any scenario where bitcoin goes down but the whole crypto sphere survives making my split a stupid decision?
thats exactly what I'm afraid of. with QNT I definitely see this happening. However, I'm an OG marine (ICO buyer) and since my stinkies performed so well (even during the bear market), it'll definitely be hard to sell.

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no OP there is only one thing left to do


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>Patent on an open source project.

Thats how I know he isnt Satoshi. Its meant to have anyone with coding skills to be able to contribute. nChain is his company. He is trying to own what is a decentralized currency. That makes it centralized.

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>thinks patents matter for "distributed ledger technology" and "open source code"

fucking morons. all you dumbasses that hold bsv and believe craig wright.

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tell craig to sign a message for from the dam genesis block and maybe i'll believe him for once.

and you can't patent a blockchain that defeats the whole damn purpose..

BSV holders must have a room temperature IQ


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