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I'm writing a bot for finding the lower marketcap, bottomed out coins on binance. Will share it with you idiots once I'm done.

Does anyone know how to get the name of a coin from the ticker? e.g. get "arpa-chain" from "arpa"

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How are people able to run bots on exchanges in the first place?

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How does that have anything to do with my question? I'm not writing a bit to trade for me, just run some analysis

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Matching table in the database?

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usually you have a json file that maps names to tickers... dyec?

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To stupid to scrape HTML but thinks he's going to be the one person to ever successfully predict the market with a bot.

You guys really like losing money

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yeah op should start with the woo classification of coins he should sort categorize his coins to degens and oscillators because degens ave no bottoms they just go lower and lower.

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>scraping html

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I was assuming the worst that there was no published API and the sites like coinmarketcap we're server side rendered. Would be par for the course in this shit show "industry"

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Yeah like I'm going to write a list of 300 pairs manually and keep that up to date

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ONLY jim simons can predict the market.

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only sane person in this thread.

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