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There are anons RIGHT NOW selling LINK because of entry level fud and hired pajeet fud crew threads. I'm not sure whether to laugh hysterically or cry in empathy to these retards falling for the dumbest 110 IQ fud.

If one of you retards is lurking and reading this thread, understand this. There will NEVER be an opportunity like this at least for the next 20 years. You already made it, all the scenarios that took place in your life have landed you on a Japanese basket weaving forum that is obsessed with a blue cube and its endless possibilities. What remains is your destiny. Will you sit idle and let narcissistic fudders dictate your actions or create your own vision of the future?

The choice is up to you, blue pill or red pill understand this; your life will never be the same again.

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It's no fud fren, it's real. But you're right, there will no be another chance.

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fuck your shitcoin
i am priced out i am gambling on other low caps to make it, which worked for me in 2017 (lost it all tough)

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Y-you’re proud of that trade? You sold your beggars link stack at $2 because you’re a fucking retard or what?

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Sounds like you have a case of Homo; Hatred of missing out

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I don't know what link does, or how it works.
I make such a low salary that to be frank, if I gambled 10% of my salary on link I wouldn't care it became worth nothing tomorrow.
2000 dollars? Oh jeeze, how am I suppose to buy a 2001 japanese sedan now?
I'm not selling anytime soon, the gains aren't worth it and the loss wouldn't matter.

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kek + check

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it aint 2017 anymore
no tweets causing pumps
no negroes with their spreadsheets
no stickers on skateboards
no normies
absolutely no wall street bonuses
no shitcoins will pump, and McAfee will eat his dick
LINK is your last chance
you know it, but you're too proud to pull the trigger
so you'll lose

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