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What did the Chainlink website meaned by this?

Is Google working with Chainlink?

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welcome to /biz/. enjoy your first day here.

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This has nothing to do with chainlink

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Does this good???

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Inb4 discord trannies short circuit and spam fake

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the fuck am I looking at?

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I can t belive it. I can't believe /biz/ was actually right

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chain.link updated page

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Nothinburger. Priced in. Ctrl+F "chainlink" results: 0. Google? Literally who?

Chainlink is such a scam. Enjoy the 700k dumps stinktards.

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Yes does is good

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AHHHHH they removed swift top kek, it truly was a fake it til you make it scam Jesus Christ

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Allen Day was the guy who helped setup chainlink nodes for that bigquery demo. His name is in that Google Cloud blogpost

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Checked. It’s over.

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>News comes out
>LINK dumps
>Logos get removed
>LINK pumps
I guess it makes sense...

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Nothingburger. Priced in. Literally dumping right now. Buy mobius sir.

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No wonder he was so quiet next to aaron wright. They hired him to avoid another lawsuit for copyright infringement.
it all returns to nothing

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Do I need to SELL?

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Didn't someone larp about this happening? Like two days ago

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lmao what a fucking scam shitcoin.

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they unironically removed the logos and the price goes up and you are bullish ?

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Yes me, I posted about this Chinese crypto thot on Twitter announcing a Google partner with link, linking some no name crypto news source. They all said it was bs.

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>the pure desperation and reality warping cope of the eternal nolinker


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Literally nobody knows what you mean by "remove the logos" means in your dumb schizo head. Yes they would remove logos because they fear a lawsuit then lie about a Google partnership with Google's logos, great brain you got

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>Google posts blog about chainlink
obviously random bullshit
>larp account says google is happening

fucking retards.

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Logos are still up on SmartContracts site...maybe they are just going to a cleaner look? Who knows

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>what did he meaned by this?
>does this good?

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If they removed it (actually condensed it) because of >muh lawyer, they would have already removed it on smartcontract.com too you mongoloid.

Please keep writhing and seething for our entertainment.
Don't like it? STINK

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They chose bsv
T. Knower

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clearly an oversight by an incompetent team. or have you forgotten the "chingrish" that was the original chainlink web page?

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How do I use chainlink to send payment information to gold bars?

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says the tard that saves thumbnails

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This is where we are now. It's not Chainlink that's partnering with Google, it's Google that's partnering with Chainlink. I'm so excited for us guys.

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synthetix tokenizes gold with a XAUUSD price feed that is brought on chain by chainlink

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Chainlink has outgrown them

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what smart contract decentralized defi oracle onchain/offchain web3 provider based blockchain solution will synthetix use to tokenize gold?

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Nobody actually knows what SWIFT is. They just have a banking protocol that's old and sort of exists but they're literally whos otherwise. Much better to have currencies there to signal that you can convert to any bank and any currency.

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nigger what are you talking about

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> Avivah
Nice we got kosher milkies on board

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It's google USING chainlink. Just like most comapanies don't partner with HTTP or google, they just use them.
The standard. You just win.

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the only thing they're using is linkies' mouths to dump 70k loads

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It looks a lot more cohesive now, hopefully they'll change the ETH, BTC and Hyperledger logos too
t. graphic designer

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Google is going to buy Chainlink. Simple as.

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I'm talking that SWIFT are literally whos. Some nobodies that all banks just happen to use. I mean if you google "SWIFT" all you get are pictures of Suzuki Swift. All of it. It's not even a good car.

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Does google buy from binance or where? Is google one person or who is the one who buys the links for the company?

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PAXG or some bullion trader API

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Chainlink is going to be worth more than Google in 5 years. Sergey knows this and isn't selling shit.

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Google make call to mr ranjeet in secret google HQ in new delhi. From there mr. shekelstein is notified of linky order. Mr shekelstein spread his ass cheeks and drip linky straight to google in silicon valley. Mr google first bathe in linky then push them into pc and upload to blockchain where real sergey consciousness await to border control linky to see if real linky or not

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This, it's all still up https://www.smartcontract.com

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