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Look at those volumes. Just fucking look at them. You think this is sustainable? Where are the news? Where are even the rumors now? Why the hell would this be anything substantial this time?

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you dont know? how can you not know? you had almost three years to know....

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Cope:the thread

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I also truly care about anon's well-being, you know?

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flight insurance prototype

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>he doesn’t know
Don’t worry, I’ll toss you a few pennies as I drive by in my lambo

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>he doesn't know about Uganda

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If you actually had any idea you would know that Chainlink is already "top 5" in terms of awareness, real volume, attention, etc.

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Oh, don't you worry about me, I'm comfortably fine with my 10k stack I got way below $1 but still, LOOK AT THOSE VOLUMES?

Fucking blog post vs uganda news? If this is actually about flight insurances I can't fathom this shit?

But I'm one of those memetic converts so fine.

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honestly man its news like this that whales use to pump the coin. there literally is nothing happening with zero vol.

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>lower highs
>falling volume

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Bitcoin halvening is coming.

Price is gonna rise until then like it does before every halvening.

Just make sure to sell in time before it all crashes down again.

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Volume will explode End of Feb 2020
screencap this
big news

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This. Also, the jews/whales use link/btc as one of, if not their primary, pairs to pump. We dropped from 33k to break 9k like a week ago...but they hadn't come back with their profits into link until now. Might not even be fully back in yet.

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