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Take off your shoes, grab a drink and get comfy. We're in for a wild ride!!

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That ID. Sir Gay is with us.

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Comfy over here sir

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Fuck it lets go

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That ID is the sound sirjay makes when he eats a juicy burger from McDonald's

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Still pumping

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I only have 5k link. I’m. It going to make it. :(

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Chainlink colors

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it's ok anon, i only have 3k and i'm happy with my stack.

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>Getting excited over a 5% pump when 3/4 of Binance is up 10-50%

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Lol its dumping like fuck hahahahahahah

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But we're not even at 3 yet?

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i just got 1k with my tax return last night.

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Pamp it

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Ah got it.

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im from thailand and i love you too

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it's not about the gain itself, it's about what it represents

have fun with your "moon missions", you're definitely going to be extremely rich, and soon!

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$4 EOB

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please enlighten all of us as to what a 5% pump represents

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I only got to 5.2K ...can I join?

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i got debt to pay off. should i sell some of my linkies to pay it or just continue to get raped by APR while holding my linkies?

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$3 was a meme resistance level that crumbled immediately

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nothing anon, it's just a temporary pump, just like with your chink scam shitcoins. It's going to dump to 10 cents soon.

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same spot
continue the ass rape anon

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were all gonna make it

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This is it boys. We're all gonna make it. Just imagine quitting your job and doing whatever you want.

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also caesar shifted by 777 is B kEK NqkK

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Don't sell your link yet. You're not the only one.

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ugh, but just the thought of wiping my debt clean sounds so good. I would still have my make it stack as well

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HA! yeah right!

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Show benis

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based Thomas

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i will fill my gf with semen and become a stay at home father aka professional NEET

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Buy more right now

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hey fags, I hold link but I don't really go on /biz/ everyday

is there a reason it's been pumping these past three days?

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Target $5.

> OG advice here

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Oh look it’s dumping already you fags

Sub $3 you go again

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the question is why didn't it start pumping last week with the EMINET, 25 price feeds & now etherisc announcements?

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In the same boat bros. Not fucking selling.

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is the link % return higher than the APR? (likely yes), then hold.

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Are 1000 coins enough to retire comfortably? Should i buy another 1000?

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no i sold my 1k stack at 2.76 in july and didnt buy back in

i dont have any money to buy back in.

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not everyone is supposed to make it son cheers for the bags tho mate

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Why did you do that
that was retarded

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3.5k reporting in, I’m just happy to be here with you guys

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that was a pretty good sell though, you had so many chances to buy sub $2 since then

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It's time for this shit to really start happening. I'm ready.

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I have 1500, How does 1 million dollars sound? Enough to retire from wagecucking if you invest right. 250k is enough to retire and build small cabin home with shed if you like living a frugal lifestyle in the woods with a chicken farm and cheap foods. Of course this means living off solar panels, and being very frugal like eating out only once every two months.

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happy to be here with u gentlemen

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>Of course this means living off solar panels, and being very frugal like eating out only once every two months.

Now that is how a misanthrope like myself ought to live

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If you have strong hands. May need to hold a little longer then people with bigger stacks

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You held a 1k position in the fourth industrial revolution and dumped it for change.

Why anon...

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I called it, anons: >>17123557

Next comes BSV, then 5 digits. The excitement of this too shall pass.

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You called... that Chainlink was close to $3? Because it was? Wow, you're a fucking prophet.

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You can’t get a 0% interest CC for the time being? Lots of banks have 12-18 month offers you can do a balance transfer too. I have the means to pay off all my debt right now but I just keep rolling it over on 0% so I don’t have to sell any Link

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By our modern standards it is very lower class but having meat(deer), bread,eggs and clean water in the medieval ages would be royalty. You can run a fridge off and everything you need in a cabin off two roof mounted solar panels. For water just use giant plastic barrels. It's good to live somewhere where it snows because it's free water you can fill in a rain barrel for clean water. You can even make filters out of charcoal and cloth if you are paranoid.

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Has link even reached $5? Call me on the tele when it hits that key number, until then I'm not even batting an eyelash

>> No.17124158

see if you can get another card with an intro 0% APR intro balance transfer deal. Then you can skip 18 months (usually) of interest ass rape

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Not this time this is it

>> No.17125177

Here comes four dolla

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FUD. 10 end of week.

>> No.17125251


4 dolla tonight
10 dolla end of week
1000 end of year

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youve said this for three years straight

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plz no dump again

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Thank you based Sirgay.

With love,

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43 linklet here, I'm excited for you guys, remember me when you all make it

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>he hasn’t seen the iceberg pic
little do you know you too have already made it

>> No.17125508

You'll still make it.

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Will Link survive the incoming next great depression?

>> No.17125523

Alright I’m curious. What pic?

>> No.17125529

i could only afford 2.5 link wish me luck guys.

>> No.17125560

How does two Class-M planets sound?

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theres another one, dont have it tho

>> No.17125569

Better then paying 35% of my minimum wage per week for a defacto i had for 11months, thats for sure.

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u cope
u cry

>> No.17125597

Still going. This is some 2017 shit right here

>> No.17125619

>thinking anything other than tangible assets (munitions, gardening equipment, food stores, tools, etc) will have value in a real depression/calamity

Even your gold and silver are pretty useless. Only thing that matters is securing the means for self sufficiency.

>> No.17125620

Yeah this is the best pump we’ve had since google and coinbase
There’s nothing quite like a legit crypto pump. I chase this high every single day and when it happens it’s fucking heaven

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The only reason why I don't follow chainlink is because it's been clear from the start that sergey does not know what he's doing. He saw that airdrops work here and he decided to promote it, so he came up with an idea on the fly and went with the first name that came into his head. Then he recruited his buddies and started fudding every coin here in August, September and October of 2017. Afterwards, not realizing that he went in way over his head, he decided to promote his shitcoin as much as possible. By some miracle they launched a halfass mainnet that could have been coded in under two months, if they knew what they were doing. Sergey has never had this much money in his life and so he's blown through pretty bad, including paid promoters and marketers. Afterwards, he's been dumping realizing that you can't really build much on ethereum. He tries to delay the thoughts that's he stuck and realizes that he can never deliver. So ultimately his goal is to just wait it out, keep the crowd waiting, keep them biting until maybe Ethereum improves then have the infrastructure or maybe known as the first crypto oracle company, either way he's kind of stupid and not as smart he portrays himself. A boring and uninteresting individual, he is ruthlessly cut-throat and morally ambiguous. He just isn't a good person and his been notorious since his high school days for getting into schemes way over his head. Except this time it's in the millions and with real people's money.

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but most importantly
u buy

>> No.17125668


u right

>> No.17125707

I love ou beautiful bastards. Fuck all you FUD faggots

>> No.17125804

You guys remember that whale who sold all his link for pnk? Let's point and laugh at him

>> No.17125900

Except that we accumulated below it for 20 days

>> No.17125992

Ill make sure to keep some fries at the bottom of my mcdonalds bag when i throw it out the window of my lambo while driving over the bridge ull be living under

>> No.17126034

kek based

>> No.17126081

Shit going to x 3 by EOM

>> No.17126218


This would be nice


>> No.17126335

i sold half my stack a few months ago for fucking RSR somebody rape my stupid fucking face with a concrete block

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>> No.17126354

>still has half of his stack
At least you'll be able to afford rope

>> No.17126391

I'm just happy to be here with my frens

>> No.17126410

>decided yesterday to sell all my link for better crypto
>2 day waiting time to transfer from vault to wallet
>still profit from this pump

wew lads I learned my lesson im not selling

>> No.17126419

Any anon not still buying this weekly no matter the price this year is a retard

>> No.17126440

That's fucked, what country are you in?

>> No.17126454 [DELETED] 

1k eoy

Suck my dick
Check my trips

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It's all real

>> No.17126496

Normally I'd stay up all night for this shit but I'm sick as fuck. You guys are the best, hope y'all have the big gains and I wake up to an alert saying chainlink is up 50%

>> No.17127375

Bros I dont have much link, should I sell now while I can turn a profit then buy more when it dips or should I hold

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>> No.17127414

we are down to Two Fiddy by tomorrow

>> No.17127456

dear God please I hope so

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>Accordind to Deutsche Bank
I stopped reading here.

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it aint over yet

>> No.17127822

I’m here to give a little bit power to blue hexagon. Here we go

>> No.17127840

>blog chains
based retard

>> No.17127903

i have a feeling we're never seeing sub $3 again..

>> No.17127921

Link will be 5$+ eom

>> No.17127972

It hit $5.08 on cuckbase pro nufag

>> No.17128466

Its not the big pump anyway so get better fren. Its just warming the water for bigger stuff in few weeks. BTC hasnt even broke 10k yet.

>> No.17128478

Fren I am afraid it will not be under 3 bucks ever again so you might want to buy in rn. This is the dip.

>> No.17128514

I never sold so i dont need to buy back in fren. But that other anon didnt need to stay up when sick to watch i felt.

>> No.17128636

why are you guys so gung ho about Link? what makes it so special? price barely moves in years! what is highest Link market cap can achieve realistically? I think 100B?

>> No.17128695

sold a fifth of my stack at 30k sats, gonna buy some more on a contraction hopefully

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>> No.17128726


>> No.17128749


bad move?

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Get well brother

>> No.17128775

It’s going to $4. We’re going to test ATH against usd.

>> No.17128796

it's hebrew for 1k eoy

>> No.17128880


>> No.17128952

are you still alive bro?

>> No.17129043

im not all in link so i won't be jumping off the roof any time soon if I take a loss on this

>> No.17129088

Eoy and goy are only one letter apart, oy vey!

>> No.17129099

It's altseason, this is the right time to do it diversify your portfolio, I recommend Tachyon Protocol #buyandHodl because Tachyon Protocol is a hidden gem

>> No.17129154

this is the right time to do it diversify your portfolio, one of the best is Tachyon Protocol #buyandHodl that's why Tachyon Protocol is a hidden gem

>> No.17129421

dumping upwards?

>> No.17130329

aaaand we are dumping

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Is 100 a suicide stack?

>> No.17130450

4 USD is the top, don't forget to sell this time.

>> No.17130471

This is the top. Sell now before it goes to 2.50

>> No.17130478

No thats a chump stack

>> No.17130542

We need more acummulation before $4. Pajeets are selling

>> No.17130660

This bull trend will end at about $90
Trust the plan

>> No.17130701

1000 is a suicide stack. 10000 to make it.

>> No.17130715

If dubs 300€ into chainlink

>> No.17130730

time frame?

Q sent me

>> No.17130783

Don't get cocky boys, it's all just numbers on a screen. That being said, yeeeee

>> No.17130788

suck my dick
-real Q

>> No.17130952

Up for a month
Flatline for a month
Up for a month
Moon for a month

>> No.17130988

Can't wait for the $3 waiting room to open back up

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File: 564 KB, 1000x1000, CD9E71D9-E162-45B4-9C32-1AC60474A952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17131021


3.5 ceiling and drop to 2.5

>> No.17131031


>> No.17131054


>> No.17131093

how many LINK do i have to get rich in a few years?

>> No.17131099


>> No.17131136

1k suicide stack, 10k link to make it

>> No.17131145

What would 3k Linkies do to my life in 2025

>> No.17131176

it will give you a shot at starting that crazy idea you have in your head that no one else belives in.

I for one want to open my own lounge.

>> No.17131194

Are the jannies here? it'd be nice to have complimentary bj right about now while i'm waiting.

>> No.17131213

too much,I'm poor with 30k dollars to invest 50% I put it in BTC, 25% LINK, 25% ADA

>> No.17131224
File: 20 KB, 300x300, 52DF93BB-009B-430E-A0A8-2903D9976C92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At what price do we start shilling to Reddit? $10, $20?

>> No.17131234

Never u fking retard

>> No.17131239

How does three thousand Australian dollarydoos sound?

>> No.17131262

How is link still so low? It's like stealing at these prices

>> No.17131267
File: 493 KB, 589x2244, 1559167360577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My linkies stay stinky.

$35 by March

>> No.17131274

>not taking advantage of useful idiots to further your own means

>> No.17131295

pretty bad tbqh senpai

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bumped only because i wish i held link

i have no link. i'm just watching everyone else get rich. i want to fucking die

>> No.17132552

We are going to 1000$ you retard. It’s not to late to get rich yet.

>> No.17132560
File: 81 KB, 885x960, fghgfhhgf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay i finally bought 500 near ATH today...

it can dump now.

>> No.17132566

extremely based

>> No.17132617

Literally the single most retarded comment I think I've read today. Good job, yeah it's "like stealing"
$30,000 for a suicide stack is stealing you jabroni (not serious)

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Guys can someone source the meme that's similar to this but far more epic? Cheers

>> No.17133031

Oh shit thanks for holding my bags bro. I only swung a bit of my stack.

>> No.17133080

>having a ticket to a million dollars bare minimum
>selling it for the price of a used honda civic with 250,000 miles on it

You done fucked up, anon

>> No.17133090

link will never get to $1000.00 100 max

>> No.17133102

If you hold long enough you'll have like 430,000 bare minimum

>> No.17133285
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Damn I thought I had it...this one is alright

>> No.17133331

Target next week?

>> No.17133368

t. newfag

>> No.17133372


>> No.17133630

>sell all my link for better crypto
top kek

>> No.17133669


>> No.17133713

I got paid 2 hours after the pump to 3 dollars. I was gonna buy 300 more. I only have 1k. That was massive. I thought it would drop and waited
It at 2.30 now. Wtf do I do. The fomo is strong. I don't want to be emotional. Fuuuiuuck what do I ???

>> No.17133740

3.30, sorry. Fuck I hope it goes below 3 dollars again.

>> No.17133765

Some of this is solid but imagine thinking that XRP or XLM will facilitate interbank transactions instead of just a digital USD made by the Federal Reserve. Wake the fuck up, the value is already all in USD why would it leave into some shitcoin?

>> No.17133766

It's gonna dump, fren, be patient

>> No.17133798


>> No.17133824

Here is a tip nigger. Never fomo for any coin or opportunity. You only make trades profitable for you. Let the price come to you not the opposite.

>> No.17133846

Based thread. Any non-link thread is cringe at this point

>> No.17133936

does link only follow bitcoin?
wondering if theres any point of me converting all my bitcoin into link.

>> No.17133948

But when you can and as much as you can as frequently as you can. That’s all you can do. Don’t time anything and don’t have feelings of regret.

>> No.17134308

Read the white paper and use your head faggot.

>> No.17134473
File: 216 KB, 1830x349, 1521635023410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is your (you)

>> No.17134506

trouble with link is its weak and can't stay up

>> No.17134559


I'm going to go on a 3 month bender in Las Vegas where I have orgies with porn stars and strippers every day. After that 3 months...meh, maybe go on a quiet vacation somewhere like the Colorado mountains or a remote Polynesian island or something and just think about what's next. Get the hedonism out of the way first.

>> No.17134567


I mean even if it just hits 100, that's complete life changing money for me. Hell even 50 is complete life changing. If it hits 1000 obviously I'll be more happy.

>> No.17134853
File: 70 KB, 1080x720, 70121809_529025907908447_1449646681433811643_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like I remember reading that exact post.

>> No.17134871


>> No.17134884

Holy fuck

>> No.17134905

Any Link under 10 bucks is a steal. I'm a poorfag wagie and I'm still be buying. You have time.

>> No.17135591

>not all in link
lurk more new fag

>> No.17136117

>unironically asking this question

>> No.17136222

That pic looks so comfy to me for some reason. The weather looks great in that pic, it's probably some comfy upper 60's temperature. The floral pattern on the dress also evokes a comfy feeling.

>> No.17136350
File: 83 KB, 1125x1472, 82E067DF-8D89-4753-8F27-448B00F2685D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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