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>suicidal thoughts are back

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Don't worry anon, we will all make it with crypto

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on a serious note though, we will all make it anon just keep on swimming

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I've never had a suicidal thought but I'm broke and neet AMA

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Do it or don't, no one gives a fuck. There's plenty to life, even if you're not super rich, and just because you didn't get in super early into internet corn like a bunch of spergy retards here, does not mean there is not plenty of opportunities to make some decent money for yourself. Just try and take it easy, and take care of yourself anon.

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Whats with the contradicting start and end

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Either kill yourself or help yourself faggot.
It's not hard to do either, it's harder to just sit around and mope and hold your stinky weiner while you do nothing.

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I'll make this super fucking easy for you, either buy LINK of silver or both to make life changing gains, going to take a while but it will happen, if you don't listen you can keep sittinf around jacking it to tranny porn and living off your disgusting sugar momma all you'd like, don't sit around and mope though, GO DO SOMETHING!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO FUCKING GET SOMETHING DONE!!!

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>tfw only porn I jack off to now is women getting fucked in front of the camera insulting the viewer while the dude is pointing the finger at the camera
Can I ever come back?

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