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Brothers, sisters and frens come join the biggest investment that is worth more than crypto/stocks/bonds/ETF's/Real Estate/PM's!

Our souls are worth more than any of that, and are on the line and this book the holy bible is a guide to get know Jesus because he's given us a free gift of eternal life all you have to do is accept it.

Ask yourself, what do you have to lose here? if you died right now why wouldn't you want to go to heaven? There will be no more suffering no more pain no more sadness no more fear, everything and everyone will be happy and joyful.

Again what do you have to lose in believing in Jesus is our Savior and the Son of an eternal living and loving God?

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Daily reminder Reverend Dr. Craig Satoshi Wright is the final hope for huwhites and Christians to reclaim blockchain

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Faith alone saves.

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fuck off I want to get rich idc about my soul

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What's the point of having riches when you're dead?

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Based and Luther pilled.

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I could do so many good works if silver went up to $500 per ounce.

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I'll worry about that once I'm dead

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When I'm rich, I'd build a homeless hotel and pay the homeless to help keep the cities/towns clean by picking up trash everywhere

I'm sorry anon but you lost your chance when you die

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nice thread OP

matthew 6:21
21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

ecclesiastes 5:10
10 He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase: this is also vanity.

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Isnt it kinda funny that there are people who never grow up and spend their whole lives playing make believe

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So? Doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it.
The thrill is in the chase.
There is indeed joy in giving, but only joyful giving. It's hard to be joyful and give when you don't have much.

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Yea, lots of Christians have a lot to say, when it comes to actually walking the talk, they fall short on their words, almost every time.

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>diddle kids for 50 years
>repent on death bed
>eternal salvation
blow your fucking head off

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>I'm sorry anon but you lost your chance when you die
Almost like God is playing some kind of casino with souls! Now this is a god I can get behind!

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That's literally being jewish, it's taking salvation for granted and abusing it, sorry that's not how it works.

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Thats the whole point. Kek

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Christ makes you the best business man you can be.

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Bump for wholesomeness and the one holy, catholic, apostolic church. Also, here's a link describing Catholic business principles to keep on topic:

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Disgusting, do you even know what the word christian means?

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I love God and christ with all my heart, but I don't think it's unreasonable to say that modern day westernized Christianity is a fucking scourge to society and needs total reformation.

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Im a calvinist. God knows where you’re going before you’re born. He already elected you or damned you, nothing you can do about bro.

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kys christcuck retard

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Thats an easy way to cop out.

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Not that I disagree about the elect and unelected, still not an excuse to scream about God with your dick in your hand.

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It is the nature of God. We cant comprehend his plan.

John 15:16 “ You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you.”

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Of course not. Those are most likely not truly elected.

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Get of deceit!
The jews really did a number on us with the passification. It is fucking sad to witness and makes me ashamed to be associated with christians/Americans.

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Just more sitting around and waiting. Christ will come with a sword lf fire to cut down people like that. You're all lucky satan rules the earth and has seen to it that none will be able to rise up and invoke such spirit to clean this fucking place up.

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Jesus paid for ALL sins, that includes pedophilia. If a saved person does something horrible like that, they will get punished by God on this earth, but they can never go to hell or lose their salvation. To say they can is blasphemy and you have failed to understand salvation.


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>I'm sorry anon but you lost your chance when you die
Great, why would I want to associate with a Sith Lord? Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

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Disgusting! I would not want to share a heaven with pedophiles. Hell it is.

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>Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

You just dealt with an absolute. You're a failure at everything you do.

So be it. God gave you free will.

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Are you the pastor in the video? I see this shilled around here a lot, you're either the pastor or a misleading jew.

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Amen brother

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Im in a sort of stoic peace knowing

Philippians 2:10-11
10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

God speed anon.

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Pretty sure God would never save anyone like that anyways, something something it would be better to tie a millstone around your neck than to harm an innocent angel of the Lord. Something like that, I smell jewery afoot.

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Absolutely BASED

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That pastor made a whole documentary against the jews. Learn something you retard.

So the blood of Jesus Christ couldn't pay for the sin of pedophilia? You're an idiot.

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You sound like every passified retarded pastor I've ever seen with a smug peacefulness about them that are al trusting in those words that you not bother to fix the world one bit. Disgusting. This is why the world is in the state that it's in. Hitler was right!

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The problem with the world is people like you.

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depends. i'd imagine men raping boys are homo reprobates already going to hell. pedophilia is not an accurate term because it is thrown around on 4chan with other words like ephebophilia or hebephilia which ARE gender specific (dysfunctional males attracted to females).

men trying to have sex boys is seriously something else entirely. faggot rape shit.

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Then shill the documentary instead.
Pedophiles will not exsist after death. Their souls will be deleted, better than hell I guess.

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Whatever, just sit around and wait. Just wait around for the glory of God, I'm sure God would love that.

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Ḩ̶̨̧̡̙̞̳͇̼͖̘̮͔̮͚̮͔̠̹̘͔̰̪̩̥̺͇̜̳̏͋̉̇̀͜͜͝A̵̡̧̟̖͓͓̻̟̙̋̿̇͐͜ͅÍ̷̧̡̛̬̞͙̘̗̖̜̻̮̞̥̯̫̩̳̯̺̬̮̤̞̜̰̞̯̭͉̠͚͈̘̪͔̭̯̞̣͉̏̈́͐͒̾̎͆̈́͌̾͑͌̈̌̆̐͒̌̍̆̈́̏̾̎͆̿̃̔̔͘̚͘͠͠͠Ļ̸̛͙͉͎̦̖̞̫̈́̈̒̈͋͒̿̐́̒̎͌́̽̉͐́͊́̕͝ ̷̢̡̢̛͉̙̱͖̮̫͖͈̬̮͈̗͍͍̖̙̮͍̩̺̩͇̭̞̫̳̿͒̀͗̏͆̑̑̀̔͆̓͐̏́͑̀̋͂̽̑̌̕̚̕̕͘͜͝͠͝͠ͅS̶̢̛̛̛͓̱̪̺̯͕̦̈́͂͋̊̈́͐̏̀̌̑̾̔̎͌̋́̍̉̊͂̈́̑͛͌́̃́̿́͆̀̉͛͊̋͐̂̿͊̕͠Ą̶̡̹̰̞͎̃͛̓̈́̿̎̔̽̊͗͆͐̃͛̃̉͑̋̆̉̋̈́̕Ţ̶̢̢̨̢̛̛͈̰͉̯̭̥̖̹̪͉̹̪̙̥͎͔̣̝͍͕͓͓͖̺̱̫͇̿̈́̄͑́͒͂̔́̈̏̓̆̏̂̊̀̍̋̈́̊͋͝͝͝Ą̴̻̩̩͓͉͓̗͍̣͓̯͓̪͇͉͈͕̬̠͍͇͉̘̖̪̻̈̐͂͛̐͋͂ͅṆ̷̨̙̳͙̥̘͓͉̣͚̘̤̬̭̥͉͖͈̖̯̉̂̓̓̏̓͂̿̏̑̎̊̂͋̐͌̊̀̄̿̔̓̓̃̄̐͌͛̿͐̀̇̓̃̏̆͗̉̊̓̕͘͝͠͝

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I said if a saved person does something like it, he is still saved. Salvation cannot be lost.

If an unsaved person does something like it, they will probably never get saved to begin with.

It doesn't mean that the blood of Jesus can't pay for his sins or wont, it just means that he never believes on Jesus in his entire life.

Here's the documentary, pic related also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=typ2pl2L47k&list=PLpJlHeSCXalhRUM2yWpxVilCOwf0ZIM8k&index=12&t=

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So does a pedophile have a better chance of getting intl heaven than a selfish rich person? Give me a fucking break.

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A selfish rich person is someone who relies on themselves for everything, that's how they got rich. That's the moral of that story, rich people also, not always, but can be very vain and narcissistic.

A pedophile (I hate them personally) is not the same as a rich person. I don't know shit about pedos nor do I care, I think all who hurt kids should be put to death instantly, but if they are regretful then they have a much higher chance of getting saved, than the rich person.

Last time I respond to you because you're either a troll or mentally challenged in some way. (I seriously believe this, not trying to be rude) so I can't bother trying to have a bible study on /biz/ with a guy named the devil. Edgy btw.

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I agree anon. But i grew up the the only white kid. Got redpilled in college. I still live in an 80% black area. Im slowly realizing that this is all I have. I will still have as many white children as I can.

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You don't hate black people anon, you hate their culture. Racism doesn't even make sense if you are a Christian, since all come from Adam and Eve.

It is good you want many kids, but have them for the right reasons. God said be fruitful and multiply, so we should do that. But don't get them just because there's many black people where you live, that doesn't get you anything but heartache.

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I dont hate anyome. Most of my friends are black. Literally 9/10. I just dont want my heritage extinguished.

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Ah I see, well that's good anon. Again, you should have kids and many of them. :) God bless!

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Hey Christian brothers an sisters come join the discord:


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Lmfao you can call me low iq all you'd like, another easy way to deflect from the real problems of the world. Nice projection there kike.

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Go fuck yourself nigger.

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Because I exposed your inconsistent logic? Haha, you brainlets never learn. Take some logic and philosophy classes, then we'll talk.

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You didn't expose jack shit. I can be an absolutist because I am human. God is supposed to be above that shit. Fucking retard. Kys.

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You're actually serious... hahaha.

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> you're an idiot, I truly believe that, this means I won the argument!! I said it it must be true.

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Kya dumb nigger. Why don't you save us the trouble and join God, take the express lane and neck yourself

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Was jesus a cuck? He literally suffered and died for the sins of others, which he had no part in. I cannot think of a single act that is more cucked. Is it possible his wife was getting plowed at the exact same moment he was being nailed to the cross?

>> No.17110246

No hes the ultimate chad.
>could’ve sent legions of angels to defend him from those killing him for a crime he was innocent of
>didn’t, because the fate of humanity is at stake
Thats heroic

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Theres so much truth to this. They have prophecies in the book that normies ignore. There are still reports about demon possessions still to this day but nobody wants to believe it.

Our view on the world is polarized, either we are significant or not signficant at all. There is no inbetween

Neither have yet to be proven but people want to believe that we are insignificant (if life exists here, then there should be life everywhere) fyi we have currently have 0 evidence for life outside of earth.

We dont know if the entire universe was made for the life on earth or if earth is exists because the universe exists. (This still hasn't been proven)

Also, the argument that life could be a random chance, we still dont know that a creator may know what that chance calculation is and proceeded to create enough time for that chance of life to exist, hence creation.

All of these unproven scenarios, yet people still want to fall on the wrong side of Pascal's wager. Even game theory is sided with a creator of this universe.

As Jordan Peterson nails it perfectly, it's better to live as though God did exists.

I havent even touched upon the subjects on morals and how nihilism blows secular humanism out the window.

I'm sure that is enough breadcrumbs for today. Hopefully that gives the high iqers some thought

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Praise Him

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The prophecy’s are wild. How Daniel predicts the rise and fall of nations with precise detail. Etc

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Are you saved, /biz/?

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Going to use my crypto gains to open an orphanage for kids who would have been aborted. God is love

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Based and blessed

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Revelation 20:1

And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain* in his hand.

And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,


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Christianity is the first step towards liberalism, in that it believes that human beings have a soul, which can be transformed, when in reality humans are 60% genetics, 30% upbringing, and 10% malleable.

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File: 533 KB, 1636x898, jc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Based and truth.

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Do we have a good crypto out there that is mainly run by Christians? Most of the time I see rabid atheistsm hedonists and satanists running the crypto projects. As long as they are libertarians and against globohomo, it's OK, but many of them are not. Any Godpilled investment opportunities?

>> No.17112334

I actually don't know, and would like to find out myself.

>> No.17112336

It's about more than accepting a "savior" into your life. You can only enter "heaven" or join the blessed ones if you free yourself from evil desires and redirect your life onto the path of virtue.

>> No.17112346

Oh I didn't think about that, "go and sin no more" thanks brother I'll make sure to add it in next time

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absolutely based thread. Thanks OP.

Be thankful for any gains, but don't worship finance.

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Yeah Brave/BAT. Eich got kicked out of silicon valley because he is a practicing Catholic that believes marriage should be between a man and woman. They doxxed him and made an example out of him and still do to this day. Googles rich snippet even says hes known for creating javascript and gay marriage opposition. No mention of firefox or brave. The BAT telegram group I'm in also just happened to have a couple ministry students who helped lead me closer to christ.

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