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HOLY FUCK. Between this and the fireside chat, are mixicles nearing completion?

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repost second image, OP.

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Good God...

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is this steve jobs? i thought he died

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I didn't open the links and I've never read a single whitepaper in my life, but I'm so excited guys.

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Yeah chainlink sounds interesting, but also this thing called town crier yeah oh and also umm deco
Top kek he doesn't even know

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Wow that one feature announced half a yeat ago might be nearly done? This is surely worth a 20¢ spike!

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>ctrl + f chainlink
>0 results

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Priced in

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I know you are trolling but imagine actually not knowing the value of mixicles

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i knew something was coming up but didnt know the date.

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>this guy is a fucking clown who we mock ceaselessly until he says something that we agree with and then we'll hold him up as an authority

why the fuck do linkies do this? exact same thing with richard heart

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This dumbass doesn't know that town crier is chainlink.

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where can I read about the value of mixicles pls?

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What are archives?

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What in the hell is a Mixicle?

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Somewhat laughable for the Cardano community...this guy clearly has little understanding of what an oracle network truly is. The fact he casually states “yeah, well probably make our own in house solution” is a testament to this. You can tell they haven’t done any in house work on an oracle thus far, do they really think they can compete with an industry standard that has been in the works for 3+ years? Do they know what a network effect is? His last statement about trusting certain individuals for proper data transfer really shows he has no idea what enterprises are looking for. I guess it just shows you how far ahead ETH is in that regard

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>allowing private, yet auditable, use of real time data to trigger smart contracts on a secure, tamper proof public blockchain
Yeah its nothing. Dont buy any LINK.

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This was the funniest part lol, guy has 0 idea Chainlink acquired Town Crier. It will be glorious when he’s forced to bend the knee like the rest

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this. green id confirms

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imagine thinking you can find any usefull data in 4chan arquives amidst all the feces that is posted here on a daily basis

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Go to hell jidf

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Sounds like booger chewing gum in my language

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Fuck you faggot shills

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Mixicles probably won't be done in 2020

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Low IQ.

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This guy is such a fucking retard who won the crypto lottery and made some scam ETH killer bullshit that is nothing more than a whitepaper despite the fact he said he would be ready like 2 years ago. It is a grade A epic shitcoin. He just spewed complete bullshit nothing of substance and anyone who knows crypto knows this. He doesnt even know about town crier. This fucking retard is the epitome of he doesnt know.
>He doesn't know.

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god im excited for you guys

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If you don't want to put in the work then don't expect someone else to spoonfeed you. It's all there, you just have to parse (kek) it.

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congrats on this guys lmfao fucking losers

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lmao he isn't the first, remember iexec?

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Sergey has been hard at work on Mixicles for months! Pic related.

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The best part is how smug he is about his awareness of the need for a secure oracle mechanism

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what does it mean by this?

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Plato's cave is an allegory you ignoramus.

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>tfw streamlet

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No today is Aaron Wright and Ben Sherwin at some smart contract thing Idk remember the details. Ari/Sergey on the 18th and then OP's post is on the 20th I think

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Let their arrogance be the end of them. They will bend the knee and suck Sergey fat Chainlink’d cock

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you don't need mixicles or any of that shit when you can't fucking scale

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And here’s the smartest comment in the thread. Back to fudding for the lulz.

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How the fuck does OmiseGo still have the capital to sponsor this shit?

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Anons need anymore proof that chainlink holders are schizophrenic, homosexual Jews?

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Remember when IOTA announced the announcement of QUBIC or whatever and just casually said "yah it will have smart contracts and oracles and everything". I asked the IOTA bagholders if they understood how difficult oracles were to get right, and they all just rrreeeeeeed.
Any project that just says "oh yeah we'll figure it out down the track" is fucking retarded.

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Okay I signed up, got my ticket. See you faggots there.

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I spend a lot of time at Stanford because I lied to my family and told them I have a job so they get off my back about NEET-life. I just go to Stanford everyday and just vape and ogle the genius girls.

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Can I join you

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You don't need to scale until there's network usage.

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Start digging


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lmao at least you're in right environment.

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when $45 :/

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